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Trendy Rubberband Hairstyles On Natural Hair

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel!! For these styles you will only need a couple rubber bands, edge control/ gel of your choice, and brush, and ponytail holders. These are quick and easy styles to spice up your basic buns and puff balls. Social media Twitter- exclusively_sa Instagram-exclusively_sa Snapchat- sabear0323 Business contact [email protected] Like, comment, and subscribe!!
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Text Comments (157)
Mervin Evans (17 days ago)
Looking neat
Gmfk Jdjj (28 days ago)
So pretty😍
Courtney's World (1 month ago)
your so pretty 😍😍 thanks for the hairstyles
Kookie bae (1 month ago)
I just tried this hairstyles and their so cute, lol thank you.☺☺☺
Ray Ray (2 months ago)
Imma be poppin at school tmmrw
Theonly1 Aniecya (2 months ago)
I did the first hairstyle and I got a lot of good compliments.🥰🥰🥰
JJ Samuel (2 months ago)
Cant wait to do the 2nd one
DIVINES WORLD (3 months ago)
your hair so long new subscriber thx for the turtorial love your edges😍
Arianna Breedlove (3 months ago)
Omg your so pretty😍😍😍
Makari_Lani Catholic (3 months ago)
Your hair is super pretty with your natural curls. They popin!
BabyMimi Ishere (4 months ago)
That's my song!!!
Allee Roronoa (4 months ago)
My hair’s this length but its no where near this shiny looking. You’re so pretty.
Mike Hill (4 months ago)
I think it looks better with one ponytail
Nedly (4 months ago)
brazy !! (5 months ago)
I did the last style, I love it!!
Katelyn Alexander (6 months ago)
I seriously don't know how to handle my hair
NIYA COLDEST (6 months ago)
I miss these videos
Maudeline Pierre Louis (6 months ago)
Imma do my hair like dat for back to school
realprettyyy k (6 months ago)
for the first style you can take the end of the ladder twist and put them in a Bantu knot to curl it and place your hair in two Puffs and take out the Bantu before you leave it's really cute 😘.
said Anfaoudine (6 months ago)
té magnifique trop stylé té cheveux
Leyah Bea (6 months ago)
Love your tutorials. Tried this one today for church and nailed it ! Can’t wait for more 🙏🏾🤗
MYA (6 months ago)
I have the same kind of hair as u but a little bit longer and curlier so this is perfect! Thank u! I will try these hairstyles out😊
Khanilia Gordon (6 months ago)
same, whats ur hair type?
MYA (6 months ago)
You're soooo pretty😭
gummy bear (6 months ago)
u are so pretty😍❤
hileila billings (7 months ago)
I need to try one of those hairstyles
monique karanja (7 months ago)
Cherry blossom (7 months ago)
Lol I’m the type of black girl that can’t do cornrows it’s so hard! ( to me) I’ll do it for this tho!
Alexandria McCoy (7 months ago)
Thonyan Smith (7 months ago)
Your hair is beautiful...... And the hairstyles are really good😍😘😍😘👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Yallknow Jaay (7 months ago)
Somebody helpp !!! Wats the type of hair called when no matter how much gel you use your haor still isnt shiny?
Nyia (5 months ago)
love hates me (7 months ago)
Super cute & easy. Thank you!❤
Nandi Henry (7 months ago)
She used a toothbrush to smothen her sides,so cool.
Jamia Muhammad (7 months ago)
so helpful. thank you ❤️!!
Zebria Craine (7 months ago)
Ur r very pretty 😍😍😍btw i subcribed wish my hair was that long what's ur secret to long natural
Jada B (7 months ago)
What kind of product does she use?? Please reply??!!
Lyric Central (7 months ago)
Pepe The Meme (8 months ago)
That arm work tho.😂
lifeof munarr (8 months ago)
what if your hair is 4c and short the struggle is real🤕🤒
Gabriela Carvalho (8 months ago)
kevii lewis (8 months ago)
Where did she get those hair bands 'cause they're VERY strong 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Mariee Jaay Tv (8 months ago)
Jada and Jaya TV (8 months ago)
i did 2 of these styles n i loved it!😊 , lovee uur Channel 😘 .
Marinela Neves (8 months ago)
very good
Madison Dummy (8 months ago)
I finnally found my hair typeeee😭😭😭😭 buhh 😍
Akealah Andrews (8 months ago)
Cute hairstyles
Tammy Osborne (8 months ago)
Whats This Song
Ahmaya Collins (9 months ago)
What your music
Kasumichick2772 (9 months ago)
Gorgeous hair!
Choco Milk (9 months ago)
Bruhh I remember when my hair was this length
Miss B (9 months ago)
Omg what song is this
Thomas Carter (9 months ago)
Look at Bae 😍😍
angxel. (10 months ago)
i'm going to try this
theyy love kaliyah (10 months ago)
You have nice hair 😍
gabriella grey (10 months ago)
what is the second song????????
Savannah Love (9 months ago)
You should do a hair care routine For every day😍
Rain Mnglna (10 months ago)
Yessss girl yessss!!!
Kisha Massaly (10 months ago)
Forever wishing my hair could easily be styled like yours, but the way my curl pattern set up.🤦🏽‍♀️
Courtney (10 months ago)
you poppin!
Derval Webb (10 months ago)
Omg your soooooooooooo pretty and l like your hair yesssssssss girl 😄😄😄
Nu'Rya Lacey (10 months ago)
Ayyeeee I got that same I sleigh shirt 💯🔥💖
queen Ryna (10 months ago)
Love the last one doing that in the morning
Efe Billy (10 months ago)
2k likes and 9 dislikes that's good
Iyana Hendrix (11 months ago)
what app do you use to edit your videos?
angela goldsmith (11 months ago)
The first hairstyle was my favorite but all of these I loved
‘ jayy linggg (11 months ago)
This helped me a lot .
71marshe (11 months ago)
Queen Aajaylah (11 months ago)
You are soooo pretty subscribe everyone
Khaliaa xD (11 months ago)
Mariah Davis (11 months ago)
Arielle Thornhill (11 months ago)
Yessss going to do this style🔥💕
mirrah conner (11 months ago)
love it
Ashley Vincent (11 months ago)
You’re so pretty😩😍and I loveeee your hair❤️❤️
Liana Spencer (5 months ago)
Aliciaa x (11 months ago)
Can you do a video on how you do your edges and more videos of you styling your natural hair please! X
*hot potato* (11 months ago)
You sleigh 😍
Kay Creations (11 months ago)
Today is my wash day cant wait to try these they are so cute❤
Tayy - got - VIBES (11 months ago)
now i know what hair style i can were
Nande Hardy (11 months ago)
These styles are beautiful ! .. Very creative too !
Candace Dais (11 months ago)
I’ve tried this style and it’s cute.
THEYADORE_ KALEI (11 months ago)
New subber.. this was rlly good bc my hair is just like ur !!thx🙃😁
Makayla Bass (11 months ago)
Love this video ❤️😍
Taleah Rose (11 months ago)
i love these ! ❤️
Nijah Petit (11 months ago)
Super cute 😝😍
Nicole Briceno (11 months ago)
oh snapppp i’m doing these real soon!
AKE TV (11 months ago)
your hair is sooooo pretty and i like your shirt 😂
Laquitta Graves (11 months ago)
Love the two ponytails look. Cute😉👍❤
Nessa.C (11 months ago)
Your hair is so beautiful just like you love you Sa😍 #20kgiveaway
Brattannia Hudson (11 months ago)
Ariel Monroe (11 months ago)
LivingasRisha (11 months ago)
Tried this one @5:12 😭 Didn’t come out like your’s did
Genesis (11 months ago)
Bay hairs on fleek 😍😍😩💕🤤
mariama kargbo (11 months ago)
I love this style yaaassss
Aaliyah Head (11 months ago)
Christmas Time (11 months ago)
I always bump to the intro😂😂❤️
adoree taaay (11 months ago)
Erika Washington (11 months ago)
This Was So Helpful, I’m Trying To Do New Styles ❤️ Thank Uuu
Boono Mena (7 months ago)
Erika Washington h
Lakayla (11 months ago)
How old are you?
raetro (1 year ago)
What hair type do you have?
Brooklyn Jackson (1 year ago)
Can u make a video of how u grew your hair so thick and long
Dannyelle Bailey (1 year ago)
Thank you❤️👏🏾
Alaysia Mapp (1 year ago)
I know this might be a weird question but what kind of toothbrushes is that?
ExclusivelySa (1 year ago)
Alaysia Mapp girl these are the toothbrushes i get from my dentist and this is an old one from months ago i don’t use anymore

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