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D-Day Beaches of Normandy Tours from Paris

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Created in remembrance of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, this unique one-day tour includes stories of extraordinary bravery and heroism at the most important sites of the dramatic landings: Utah Beach, the American Cemetery, Pointe du Hoc, and Omaha Beach. With round trip transportation from Paris and a delicious lunch of local produce, this tour promises to be educational, enlightening and truly enjoyable. More Info: http://www.citywonders.com/en/france/paris/paris-tours/normandy-tours-from-paris Contact Us: Rome +39 0683360561 Dublin +353 (0)18814400 Toll Free Numbers: USA & Canada: (+1) 800 358 1942 UK: (+44) 800 088 5556 Spain: (+34) 900 838 432 Hours of Operation: Daily: 06:00AM – 08:30PM GMT+1 01:00 AM – 3:30PM EST Full Transcript: Julia: My name's Julia, and I'm the City Wonders guide for the Normandy tour. This tour is unique because we get to see both Utah and Omaha beaches in a day trip from Paris. Woman 1: I thought the visit to Utah beach was great. It was beautiful. I was excited to be part of the day, to see that. Man 1: It's a humbling experience really to go to Normandy beach. Something that I think that'll change our life forever. Woman 2: I really enjoyed going to the cider farms. It was just quite wonderful to see the product and how they grow it, and the pride that they take in their product. Man 2: The lunch was excellent, too. It was just wonderful, and the restaurant was a very nice restaurant. Julia: So you can imagine what it was like on D-Day standing up there and seeing all the ships coming in all directions and all the soldiers. Man 2: Probably the most overwhelming thing for me was the visit to the American Cemetery. Seeing all those crosses and realizing the thousands of soldiers that died that day during that battle with Normandy was, just frankly, an overwhelming feeling to me. Man 1: The guides were extremely helpful and informative. They really did an excellent job. We really got so much out of the experience. And to think that our soldiers, our allies fought for us during World War II is really a humbling experience, and we'll never forget it. Julia: This tour's really special to me because my grandfather took part the D-Day landings, so every time I come here, I always think about him.
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Lil devil (2 years ago)
Rest In Peace for all the soldiers who died on that day

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