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Magic Arena | Mono-Green Stompy!

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orsettomorbido (11 months ago)
No, 24 is not a correct configuaration. The way MTGA works leads to three different choices in land distribution. 18 - 22 - 26. There is no inbetween, since the game tends to see more or less lands than that as the closest number to the actual number of lands. So, if you run 19 lands, it works like you have 18 lands.
Lightning Lance (11 months ago)
@ Tevaron: There's a simple solution. Instead of building the land base to fit the deck, build the deck to fit the land base. In other words: identify the most important cards for your deck. Then pick the number of lands that fits those key cards best, and then build the rest of your deck to accommodate that land count (you should run fewer 3+ or 4+ or 5+ cmc cards, depending on the threshold chosen, than you would in paper magic). This is how I think you should build your deck in paper too actually (key cards > land count & ramp & card draw & etc > rest of the deck), but it's especially important in Arena 1v1 because it means you can have the right number of lands for the first hand as well as for any mulligan hands.
orsettomorbido (11 months ago)
Didn't know the mulligan thing. Hm. Gotta go and read that thing again. Well, so far 18 lands worked wonder in aggro decks XD Good to know. Thanks.
Tevaron (11 months ago)
It's a big mistake to lean on that algorithm too hard since it only affects the opening hand (and only pre-mulligan) you draw lands the same as normal for the rest of the game. If you mulligan the algorithm doesn't even get applied. Best to just appreciate the slight variance alleviation the algorithm gives you and play with the correct number of lands for your deck.
Jason Freeman (5 months ago)
You are very humble I have just subscribed. I like the way you handled the defeat against the merfolk green blue.
tony prouteau (8 months ago)
That is completely INSANE !!! Stop STompy !!! STOP making Green Great Again !!! 13/13 trample turn 4 REALLAY-REALLAY-REALLYYY !!????? How you suppose to manage this with a bicolor Blue/Red SERIOSLY ??? YEah AM ALone with my Unfriendly Fire costing SIX MANA Turn SIX Facing 3 Ghalta SHIT, You Can only playing Control to have a chance too manage that SHIT too big too FAIL, And again you cannot manage a board like DIS !!! STOP DOING GREEN SHIT WIZARD OF THE COAST ! That'snt a fallout game with radioactive shit Dino blessing SO HUGE and to big that Green can stop 3 Color, Only Black and White have a chance to stop Green Waves, it's just insane and impossible to do a shit in Tornament, please stop stop that !
Yakuza Ronin (9 months ago)
any recommended m19 cards to upgrade this deck? looking for a nice green stompy to add to my library :)
Tevaron (9 months ago)
I have a video up with m19 in it, perhaps not the most up to date list but a good starting point! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB2Jo6OM3sY&t=2538s&list=PLBSa4p_W13TmK-OUarUSaUYKovx1LYhDZ&index=24
Ryman87 (9 months ago)
he could have won at 23:30
Danny Kurinskas (9 months ago)
thanks for showing the loss and means to counter this deck. but overall very strong set up
Tevaron (9 months ago)
No problem at all! I always show the games as they come- win, lose or no-show, it would take way too much time to do otherwise!
Erin Sy (10 months ago)
I'm glad I found your channel. you explained your decisions well and I like how you flashed cards you were referring to on-screen for those unfamiliar with standard right now.
Shuta Murray (10 months ago)
i signed up for Beta about 2-3 months ago. How long do you think until they get back to me?
Tevaron (10 months ago)
No for sure, I signed up in October I think and got in in January. Hopefully they will go to open beta at some point.
Andross TheRed (10 months ago)
I love dinosaur decks, would really like to see more <o
Cary Bronson (10 months ago)
I appreciate how you display a picture of the card you reference. It makes things easier for newer players who might not have every card in the game memorized. Totally not me, though. I totally know every card in every set ever. *shifty eyes* Seriously, though, I appreciate your style.
Tevaron (10 months ago)
:) thanks!
Derek Seaney (11 months ago)
Core set 2019 released gigantosaurus, five green for a 10/10. Worthy addition?
tony prouteau (8 months ago)
You'r a father for me, and your Esper is the Key ! I had including Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage in the deck and it work very well, thumb up !
Tevaron (8 months ago)
Glad to hear it! And your English is quite good, I have no problems at all understanding you :)
tony prouteau (8 months ago)
thanks a lot, you definitely making my day, I can't eating Dinosaurus' biscuit since this insane tornament, Your esper U/B control is very good, i'll try it, and sorry for bad english, i'm not native...
Tevaron (8 months ago)
It's okay, I completely understand getting frustrated! :)
tony prouteau (8 months ago)
Yeah ok, so i was tricked this way, but I only play against green game, it's trustly horrorfull, I see T-rex all over the boards, sorry for raging man...
P Taylor (11 months ago)
have you tried Cartouche of Strength (semi removal as you use it on your big stuff), Rhonas's Monument (not bad pump and acceleration) and Rhonas's Last Stand (only one mana if you use Llanowar Elves)?
Tevaron (11 months ago)
I have tried those and was not happy with them, I liked Rhona's Last Stand the best of the lot, but since you only have 4 elves in the deck it just wasn't consistent enough. I quickly came to realize that gumming up the main-deck with removal, or cards that don't affect the battlefield immediately (like the monument) was the wrong way to go, better to jam more huge threats and just overwhelm the opponent. Once sideboards become a thing (happening on June the 7th I believe) then some amount of removal should certainly be in the sideboard.
Shaine Edwards (11 months ago)
OMG!~ How do you have that many wildcards????
Shaine Edwards (11 months ago)
Tevaron yeah... I'm not spending any money on this game. It'll be interesting to see how that affects the meta
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Honestly, spending WAY too much money so I can make these videos :)
Martin Torres (11 months ago)
Man, I missed good green just being mostly massive stuff. It's fun to play and was relatively easy-ish for me to learn how to play (back in the Ice Age days). Killer Bees, Force of Nature, Scaled Wurm - miss those cards.
Artemis Gray (11 months ago)
Ah ha, this is the kind of deck I'm aiming toward making and it did not disappoint in your video. Your narration is great and smooth-- you're clearly a quick thinker. Question though: The reason I don't have a deck like this yet is cause I find it very hard to get cards.. Haven't shelled out cash yet, but is that the only real way? I'd like to try a lot of stuff but it just isn't feasible. Any tips? Also, I'mma subscribe. You really caught my attention.
Tevaron (11 months ago)
The grind is pretty bad, I've had to put a fair bit of money into the game at this point. I'm hoping that the grind is made less in future updates for sure.
Tyler Brooks (11 months ago)
I'm soooo many wildcards away from building this deck T_T
TheWeekendGeek (11 months ago)
Its nice to see someone who really knows how to pilot a deck, ya did gud.
I am just a bit Kranked (11 months ago)
TheWeekendGeek it's descent piloting, but there were many mistakes and just opportunity missing.
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Thanks, I try (to greater or lesser success :)
Chang Hehao (11 months ago)
In game 2 at 21:35, when you swung with everything, couldn't you pump Rhonas with trample, assign 1 damage to the blocking creature, then rest tramples for lethal?
Christoph Hegemann (11 months ago)
I think you could've pumped the Carnage Tyrant twice for lethal
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Rhonas can't pump itself unfortunately.
Steven Secor (11 months ago)
I play this deck in standard. You forgot to mention that the Kavu plays around seal away
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Yup ;)
Steven Secor (11 months ago)
That probably why your not running verderous gearhulks either
Steven Secor (11 months ago)
Tevaron sorry I forgot about that
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Kaladesh block isn't in arena at this time unfortunately.
Tevaron (11 months ago)
yes that is true!
Drinkwithclass (11 months ago)
I only play mono-colored decks
alsween218 (11 months ago)
Same. But Ive been thinking of making a U/G Merfolk deck though. It looks pretty sweet ^_^
Daniel Martínez (11 months ago)
Hahahaha that combat celebrant xD good job im just suscribed
Tevaron (11 months ago)
wicek3d (11 months ago)
I came here expecting dinosaurs. Was not disappointed ;]
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Ah nice more magic gameplay. Hit that shit more +++
cxcookie (11 months ago)
Sweet deck!
Jaina Marie (11 months ago)
Love love love this Video Thank you!! 💖💖💖
mastarops (11 months ago)
Turn 3 Galta, I didn't think it was possible without Heart of Kiran. Nice Video - Subscribed :) 46:47 why sacrifice the merfolk? 49:03 and after LOL opponent just had everything :)
Zach Osburn (9 months ago)
I run a similar deck but I turn 3 ghalta using titanic growth on steel leaf champion
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Yeah sacing merfolk was a mistake just playing a bit to quickly should have sacced Khenra :)
William Mura (11 months ago)
@Tevaron, Simple but interesting deck, keep doing ! Btw, can you try a Black/White Mummy deck with some Duress and Divest in combo with Torment of Scarabs ? :D
Tevaron (11 months ago)
I don't like to make promises about upcoming decks cause often I just can't get them to come together properly, but I will try to look into it!
676870 (11 months ago)
tasty first like 100% like rate right there
Tevaron (11 months ago)
Thanks so much!
676870 (11 months ago)
676870 (11 months ago)
its amazing you have time to do this i have a handful of exams to study for
676870 (11 months ago)
awesome dude

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