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The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)

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Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out more episodes from The VICE Guide to Travel here: http://bit.ly/1id8igT VICE travels to West Africa to rummage through the messy remains of a country ravaged by 14 years of civil war. Despite the United Nation's eventual intervention, most of Liberia's young people continue to live in abject poverty, surrounded by filth, drug addiction, and teenage prostitution. The former child soldiers who were forced into war have been left to fend for themselves, the murderous warlords who once led them in cannibalistic rampages have taken up as so-called community leaders, and new militias are lying in wait for the opportunity to reclaim their country from a government they rightly mistrust. Hosted by Shane Smith | Originally released in 2009 at http://vice.com Produced by Andy Capper Follow Andy at http://twitter.com/andycapper More from Shane Smith: http://www.vice.com/author/shane-smith Follow Shane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanesmith30 Check out the VICE Guide to Karachi here: http://bit.ly/Karachi-1 Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (52607)
President Donald J Trump (54 minutes ago)
Can we send those white supremacy / white-nationalist extremists to this country if they are tough enough. Let them show Africa how tough they are. Can we send them to this country? I guess no
Avoid This Compmay (5 hours ago)
What happened when tge un left? http://www.yoursalso.com/faith/
Brandon N (5 hours ago)
Money talks.....
its almost like they are animals if you think about it, we go document and study their actions, my dog is more civilized than these fucks
pablo cerdá (13 hours ago)
un documental crudísimo, muestra los aspectos más devastadores de la guerra civil de Liberia... impresiona mucho lo de comer carne humana, las violaciones de niños, espeluznante!
Jason Morgan (15 hours ago)
10:53 Walton’s t-shirt
trayboy214 (15 hours ago)
He needs to run for office tbh
BadPilot (16 hours ago)
Damn this makes me appreciate my life and where I live....like I'm lucky as fuck
Rock Stone (17 hours ago)
I don’t know how Africans think have they lost human emotions. It baffles me how there’s so many people so sick that they would consider eating human
Keith McNeill (17 hours ago)
Everyone who wants a civil war in their country should watch this video. It could easily be as bad as Liberia's was, and possibly far worse.
Nolstapi Grimur (21 hours ago)
Lets import thousands of liberians to Europe. They're not muslim, so they can adapt to european culture right? ;)
꧁Âiko Emica Saito꧂ (22 hours ago)
Osama bin laden imposters
꧁Âiko Emica Saito꧂ (22 hours ago)
Why would they beat children just eat chicken with watermelon and purple kool aid
꧁Âiko Emica Saito꧂ (22 hours ago)
General ass nude is fucked up
Chantl Mcclary (1 day ago)
I love vice literally puts out the best content that's both entertaining and informative I can honestly say that I never leave vice without having learned something.
RecklawTheAmazing (1 day ago)
Idk how to feel about butt naked
Lukas (1 day ago)
43:02 “I wanna do some african stuff” *drinks water*
Amerlad mad (1 day ago)
the west likes to think that they're saviors. but in reality, they caused all of this, the UN is useless, and even does more harm than good... not that does any good.
Amerlad mad (12 hours ago)
+Samael IT WAS VERY DIFFERENT before colonizing you should read up on some countries histories.
Fdour (1 day ago)
how do you get there ?
Fish water (1 day ago)
I wouldnt drive into the one of the worst slums in the world, at N I G H T.
Mr Fabulous (1 day ago)
Ive never seen anything this crazy
Cynapenguin 12 (2 days ago)
This Country is too far gone
Macari McCollum (2 days ago)
General Butt-Naked sounds like Big Shaq
zethala1 (2 days ago)
How high am i
Brazy Cinco (2 days ago)
50% illiteracy, 70% women raped & 80% unemployed are figures unheard of. It's madness in Liberia
KingJugganaut19 (2 days ago)
Africa exploited
KingJugganaut19 (2 days ago)
I wish they would of killed the colonizers like they kill their own during the civil war.
William Murphy (2 days ago)
Open the gates of Europe to African immigrants said Angela Merkel. All cultures are equal said Angela Merkel. What could possibly go wrong asked Angela Merkel.
Isaac Clarke (1 day ago)
Diversity is a lie. It never works and here is a great example of what this brings to wonderful western nations. France and Spain are a mess due to these roaches.
Big Steve (2 days ago)
world War 3 featuring 1 country
Janos Revill (2 days ago)
Wow man crazy how others live 🙄
swaggy swaggerson (2 days ago)
mans got real white clothes tho
We know how to fight and how to survive. Power to my people.
Spash _ (2 days ago)
This is what the whole world would look like without white people
Isaac Clarke (1 day ago)
All the more reason to secure the borders in America and hopefully Western Europe does that as well.
City Eastwood (3 days ago)
Hard to believe Liberia is a shithole.. all you America haters should go live there for bit! See how good we really have it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
vipul jha (3 days ago)
Yesterday I complained my father how pathetic is my life because he didn't bought me a bike and my friends have sports bikes. Today I feel privileged living in capital city of India enjoying 4G internet and eating Subway Burger.
timothy bryant jr (17 hours ago)
Subway doesn't make burgers
kidd winkwink (3 days ago)
Kai (3 days ago)
So the reparations have already been paid to TRUE freed slaves...appears that the Democratic party does not know about this..interesting indeed
Tennek Trey (3 days ago)
The poor monkey
james ludan (3 days ago)
is it hard to find a nice B&B in this area? how much should i expect to pay?
Austin Pond (3 days ago)
Has it changed much in 7 years?
Greg Tyrone (3 days ago)
Cross dressing cannibals, and they wonder why they are called shit hole countries. :-/
Yusuf Ceesay (3 days ago)
Damn so sad,,they have to kick his ass ,,what are they fighting for ??killing innocent kids drinking there bloods,,shame on you general big butt .😞😞😞🙈
Link Helix (3 days ago)
Resident Evil 5
QsLz_Rouge (3 days ago)
I’m on lsd right now. And this shit is so mind opening fuck.
lilahdog 568 (4 days ago)
In a police station in the red light district looking for general Bin Laden and there's a monkey sounds like a movie title
MIKA MÄKKINEN (4 days ago)
Ww1 never ended all the time there ist a war political,Military,and all that. We never Stopped war and we cant
spr 209/415 (4 days ago)
10:55 gotta represent!
Annie Victor (4 days ago)
Imagine being among one of the cannibals and you're about to die, your friends will be looking at you like "oh you are gonna be a great snack"😂😂
Jack Pearce (4 days ago)
Low 4th 4
ll7429__ 5882 (4 days ago)
“Vice guide to travel”
Andries Maila (4 days ago)
I really do like general butt naked. I wish he can make crusades around the Africa not only to spray the word of God but also to proof that change to better future is possible
Andries Maila (4 days ago)
General Rambo can be used as a tool to rehabilitate more and more ex war participants. And i love the transparency in him.
SkullCrusher117 (5 days ago)
Anyone here after watching the Dangerous World of Comedy?
the warner channel (5 days ago)
"Hey, Bin Laden, how are you?
Alex B (5 days ago)
Those women in the church were all so so beautiful oh my gosh
magnifecent1swagg (5 days ago)
These people have the right to give up all hope but the chose faith in god even in the midst of continuous suffering thats the most powerful thing ive seen
Layne Ellis (5 days ago)
The reason they are praising with him is because he repented of all his sins
KingM (5 days ago)
Damn, kids fighting wars and smoking heroin. Kids over here playing fortnite after school. I am very entitled to live in my developed country.
Wash Burn (5 days ago)
If he choses to suffer or die rather than go back to his old ways it would indicate that his conversion was based on a real experience.
Ana Beam (5 days ago)
okay but uhhhh were these people not briefed at all about the culture or language?/// I'm dead lmao
Ana Beam (5 days ago)
Taxprep User (5 days ago)
where is God in all of this?
Joe Dirt (5 days ago)
Lmao Butt naked kill Tupac
Vasu Khandelwal (5 days ago)
This video made people patriotic about their country.
Ramsey Bolton (5 days ago)
Hey at least this place doesn't have white privilege and racism... Literally the heaven on earth!!
Vlad Alexeev (6 days ago)
It all reminded me of our Russian knyaz Vladimir who had hundreds of wives, raped women on arrival to town and was a pagan man - this cult has human sacrifices, although it is unknown if he participated in sacrifices himself. He then converted to Orthodoxy as his grandmother became Orthodox Christian in Byzantium and he let go all of his "wives" leaving only one and then he baptized Rus and converted it to Orthodoxy and creating Russia as a state
Unknown unknown (6 days ago)
Would they be better working my field or eating each other or fighting wars and flee to Europe ?
Unknown unknown (6 days ago)
Ewwwwwww dirty rats in the streets
TheALbibo (6 days ago)
This pastor (earstwhile general butt naked)will rot in real life..law of karma will strike him..
Devin Dixon (6 days ago)
Good example what mind altering drugs can do to a country.
SaltySybill (19 hours ago)
: what? So your saying the black race is the reason why all this trouble is happening? Are you fucking kidding me?
: (5 days ago)
Devin Dixon Drugs? Black people.
k g (6 days ago)
Like this is horrible, but I am sorta genuinely inspire by Joshua Blahyi having a change of heart and trying to make up for his crimes?
Jay Daillie (6 days ago)
Most of my boys would drain the blood of an innocent child and drink it *True*
Lucas Clifford (6 days ago)
Butt naked dude has better teeth than me
geekdiggy (6 days ago)
31:32 in all the madness of the world, there is a moped rider on a busy intersection in liberia, signalling a left turn. there is hope for us yet.
grace suzanne (6 days ago)
jesus the kid who smokes coke and rapes women is fucking crazy
GANGA SINGH Rathore (6 days ago)
Shane how can you walk so easily while having such heavy balls
Wiz Keita (6 days ago)
This is so sad Africans killing African
Jomari Detablan (6 days ago)
this is the type of shit you watch the night before exams
Lode Bore (6 days ago)
They sang right as you came to the house and his church thing happened on the same week you were interviewing him, sus af. Nobody else thinks that this is suspicious af?!
Maroosh Shooram (6 days ago)
These guys should be given a smartphone with Fortnite and Pubg on it.
Sketchbrothers (3 days ago)
they would use the phones as weapons and smack each other with it
BISK KJ (6 days ago)
ok VICe
nam joonie (7 days ago)
This is meant to be very serious but “general butt naked” gets me everytime idk yeet.
Darth Utah 66 (7 days ago)
I thought butt naked was in Uganda
Kiki Dimond (7 days ago)
Honestly, you guys didn’t have to zoom in or fix the camera on those corpses. That’s just disrespectful because again, if this was a more established country with white bodies, they would be blurred or not shown.
Ronnie Hill (5 days ago)
You're a racist.
TACnumb (7 days ago)
Why is it that Africa has been like this throughout human history
Not Africa honey, they are talking about Liberia
Jim Red (7 days ago)
while in some part of the world, people complaining about "misgender harrasment"
Kian Nik (7 days ago)
when I heard general bin laden I thought of Osama Bin Laden.
Punyr (7 days ago)
*eating a child alive* Just a perfectly normal day to me
EL Presidente (7 days ago)
Punyr woah dad pretty edgy
Bernita Parson (7 days ago)
Whats going on?? Whats going on is Sinners gave souls too he told you is needs to repent alk is part of the forgivness process that or he is pulling off the biggest con of his life
Bernita Parson (7 days ago)
Whats so funny???
Abhi Jit (7 days ago)
Today i have seen hell in real Thank you YT😷
Basin (8 days ago)
I must commend you guys for your bravery in going into these places, what you have filmed is horrific, I wouldn’t have the guts to do it, It’s really hard to even forgive someone who can open a child up and eat his heart, that is the worst sin, I hope by now things have changed but to me it seems impossible, where people are not educated, that is the key, That generation is tainted, it really makes me sick. It saddens me the reason for the suffering is all the evil, I hope to almighty Yah, things change for the next generation.
youth of india (8 days ago)
islam is a mental disease..
Z Yaq9 (8 days ago)
33:02 Butt Naked talks about the guy he saw which sounds like Muhammad (saw). He’s guided many people when they were at their peak of evil and immorality the same way he guided this man, and Allah guides who he wills. The general has definitely come a long way from where he was before! All praise is for God.
Dxvina Chvng (8 days ago)
are we just going to ignore 19:17 some guys carry around dead women’s private parts in their pockets??
Big Steve (2 days ago)
so out of all the cannibalism and child killing in this video you pick out genital mutilation 😐
Daniel (7 days ago)
y’all are basically gonna ignore *everything* about this video and how things are *all the way retarded and FUCKED UP* .
Dxvina Chvng (8 days ago)
okay just curious, how do these kids and people know English? I thought they said they didn’t have schools
MarcAnthem (8 days ago)
English is common there. It was an American colony.
Davon Otero (8 days ago)
50:10 Smooth ass handshake
Spongeboi (8 days ago)
ZULUL butt naked ZULUL
Papers, Please (8 days ago)
Stay in Liberia you Ebola infected white men
Rosis Ocis (8 days ago)
See? Religion fix everything

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