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Aliens Vs. Predator PS3/Xbox 360 Review

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Review of Aliens Vs. Predator for the PS3 and Xbox 360! Awesome game! Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/femtrooper
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Text Comments (53)
jose silva (9 months ago)
voce é linda
orenges (1 year ago)
Only Pleb's like this game
noe mucino (1 year ago)
omg its Ripley
future_Tarzan (3 years ago)
Predator people are dumb. I say open the figure if you haven't already. Unless you're super serious about collecting, but it is much better to have it on a desk or something . :)
future_Tarzan (3 years ago)
Do you like the xenomorph because it resembles a penis? Cause I'm starting to worry that's why I like them so much. Lol
Krystal Carroll (3 years ago)
I'm more of a predator guy I wish I could play with you but I don't have a copy of the game I used to but it broke I'm planning on picking up a copy though
X3NOMAN (3 years ago)
Good review man, I play the console version like but i prefer the pc version due to the mechanics are balanced on the multiplayer compared to the console version
chris m (3 years ago)
Aliens Vs. Predator Damals für Atari Jaguar wahr es der Hammer zu der Zeit 1994 auf dem System neben Doom und Return to Castel Wulfenstein 1
Brandon Sirbaugh (3 years ago)
I have the hunter edition of the game for ps3. This is the game that brought me into Gen 7. I love playing this. The 3 campaigns are unique and different. plus pvp and survival is fun. I play this and aliens cm. ever since the patch for that, it made the game better. give it a shot. I got the collectors edition for $20 on amazon. my psn id Xenoslayer0
Clarissa Tear (4 years ago)
Lol $10 I got mine for £3.50
UFOANAUT (4 years ago)
are people still playing this ps3/online? I didn't even know how detailed they made the campaign story for the xenomorph.    if anyone is still playing this inbox me.   xenomorph army. 
UFOANAUT (4 years ago)
@Clarissa Tear :) whats your PSN?
Clarissa Tear (4 years ago)
I will be online
Justin Osborne (4 years ago)
I have no idea why there is not many copies of this game. But you'll find Aliens: Colonial Marines everywhere. 
Waseem Amin (4 years ago)
thank you man. i like when normal people renew it and not your high gaject bullshit Rewwers. with them its all about the money at the end of the day
melahuak (4 years ago)
U are beautiful hun, nice to see girls who know their games ;) add me on fb as mario gee and my psn id is melahuak lets play :)
Cesar Martinez (5 years ago)
I have this game for xbox360 BTW you are awsome
Cesar Martinez (5 years ago)
I have this game for xbox360 BTW you are awsome
TheBiGGestTutOrialS (5 years ago)
Chamele7n (5 years ago)
This one had the most fun alien gameplay for sure but I think the pinnacle of the series is still the marine campaign from AVP2. Extremely oppressive and spooky atmosphere. And yeah, Colonial Marines turned out to be shit.
KungFuZombie999 (5 years ago)
I just ordered this for PS3. Hit me up if ya want to play. I'll send you my name
Jimmy Will (6 years ago)
Lol I was not even paying attention to the game but her eyes are so beautiful I got lost xD
Chris Perez (6 years ago)
Hey lets play avp :-)
kiss my a (6 years ago)
You talk to much !
William (6 years ago)
I got this for 15 and it is the best game I have. I own assassins creed 3, Batman Arkham City, NFS, and more but this games multiplayer is the best I have ever seen. Also you probably played ranked instead of friendly but go to friendly match. I play multi so much. So much fun. Anyways the online is alive I was just playing yesterday.
ATR8088SPAWN (6 years ago)
i just bought it today $10.....hopefully its good
Logan Lawson (6 years ago)
@will martinez so were you disappointed.
this game sucks
Death .Watcher (6 years ago)
I love this game and surprised how it got bad reviews on gameing channels, its a very good game- it feels its 3 games in one but with little different story in each one.
KODmasta07 (6 years ago)
I was disappointed on Aliens: Colonial Marine not being close to how good AVP is. I did get to play it online, it's fun but gets kinda boring after a while. btw Aliens is the best one from the series, resurrection is not that bad.
postman79 (6 years ago)
Open it! :)
Will Martinez (6 years ago)
I can't wait for Aliens Colonial Marines ^_^ it's going to be amazing.
ForRandomResense (6 years ago)
i got it for free
filhofilho (6 years ago)
Hi I am Brazilian and I love this game, I played a lot by computer, but now bought a ps 3 and the first game I bought was this, do not speak English, I used google translator, kkkkk, wanted to know if it is very hard to find someone who plays avp online. Brazilian kisses for you.
Sclemtak (6 years ago)
Not back on yet. I will send you my ID soon as I am. You lucky sod getting to play Colonial Marines! I can't wait! You will not be sorry buying AVP. Awesome shooter regardless of what anyone says.
GrittyTuts (6 years ago)
mines NECROKRIEG (all caps) add me! just ordered a copy
GrittyTuts (6 years ago)
Just played Colonial Marines at Eurogamer! Couldnt get enough! Whats your Psn id? Im going to order AVP to satisfy me until 2013! my Psn Id: NECROKRIEG (all caps)
Loish Grande (6 years ago)
sigourney weaver
AVKnight5588 (6 years ago)
Good video review. I had to buy this game twice because it kept freezing up on me while playing as the Predator. I have the PS3 version as well. I checked the back of the disc and there was a small spot that I couldn't rub off. At first I thought it was just a fuzzy, but I looked at it closer and it looked like part of the disc was chipped off. Yet I was able to Play Marine and Alien missions with no problems. It was new from Amazon. I like the PS3 since the blu ray is scratch resistant.
Sclemtak (6 years ago)
This game is awesome! Just got the PS3 version for 5-quid at GAME UK. I used to love playing AVP gold on my PC until it was no longer supported by later Windows OS. Glad this came out. Looking forward to Colonial Marines on the WiiU mainly for the cool controller features. LETS ROCK!!!
Ricky Morales (6 years ago)
Well I prefer the PS3 than the xbox36o :) if any u guys have online in ps3 my gamer tag Is taker477 :)
eternallycool (6 years ago)
I prefer the xbox 360 compared to the PS3
g405t (6 years ago)
Would have been funny if someone dressed in the alien costume sneak up behind her! good video.
Predatorwarrior18 (6 years ago)
wats ur PSN username
wRongPaulSucks As (7 years ago)
Nice review but hey, I just picked this up from Steam for $2.99!
handletag (7 years ago)
I don't understand. You're attractive and you're knowledgeable about avp and first person shooters. Are you an angel?
Dr_Salt (7 years ago)
Damn that sucks. What about the player matches?
AVP Freak (7 years ago)
ya they are, even if there aren't it takes about 10 to 40 mins if your lucky lol, my last time i did a rank match i was waiting in lobby for a hour and 10 mins!!!!! ya for that long lol
Dr_Salt (7 years ago)
I heard the ranked matches are dead but people still play the player matches. Have you tried those? I was also thinking about buying this but I really dont know if people still play this on ps3. It should keep me busy till Aliens Colonial marines comes up.
femtrooper (7 years ago)
Well, follow me on my twitter @femtrooper and maybe we can all book a time to play it online!
AcidGlow (7 years ago)
It's a fun game online. I had it since launch
Alli (7 years ago)
I play on the PS3. :D I'll play online with ya if you want. ^_^
phoenixtears2006 (7 years ago)
I am going to find this game. If I find it for ps3 I would totally play it online with you!

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