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Christian Dior ✰ Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

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Jaylen Taylor (1 month ago)
bravo John galliano
Cesar Pena (2 months ago)
This music remix is gross
MY T (5 months ago)
Jon Jon (11 months ago)
This is the most elusive couture show ever. I could not find a proper video with shots beside the water and with the original songs. I remember how my mom squeezed my shoulder when she saw 1:22 lol priceless
Yeeeeeeees!!! I've been searching for the original video (with original soundtrack) for ages!
feelmebeme (1 year ago)
Will we ever get with original music? i weep! Thanks for uploading. A classic!!
polevsh (1 year ago)
ok this is epic
Aleccej Kraftcoff (7 months ago)
👏😊Thank you beautyes cute!👏🌹👅❤👄🍒💎🌐🌈👏!
Tuan Nguyen (1 year ago)
I love this collection very much , the most fierce catwalk show and stylish dresses and of course drama
Bogdan Kolchenko (1 year ago)
For those who say, it is "awful" and that he makes "costumes" - you have to make more research in fashion history or at least know some previous subsequent events. It is awful, because one can understand that it was Galliano's second Haute couture collection, made without long-term right hand Steven Robinson and that this collection was the beginning of his creative fall (not because of his "depleting" talent, but because of the system's pressure, when he was required to do plenty of collections in accordance with time and to sell all the creations. The Master just did not have enough time to recharge his batteries, whereas he had to supervise all the aspects of the House of Dior). Awful, as some outfits are supposed not to be sold (it is couture - the laboratory of ideas). Awful, because it was made immaculate and the outfits are beyond perfection. As Mr. Galliano admits now, he was always pushing borders aiming to be perfect. Now he does the contrary and enjoys it (at Margiela). However, well-trained eye can catch the hems done with precision, the mesmerizing cuts and volumes, the prints influenced by art, which make the clothes wearable but not so easily accessible.
Zuri Chariesse (1 year ago)
Thank you for these words!!! You get it!!!! Fashion Design is a dying art form
Unwearable? Damn... I'll fucking wear the coat at 6:21 and rock it!
ImanniShows (1 year ago)
1:20 My favourte
ImanniShows (1 year ago)
A tribute to the artist Gustav Klimt
MaarLindvall (1 year ago)
galliano is fun to watch and photograph in editorials, but let''s be honest. he does costumes.
Aarron R (2 months ago)
That a pretty redundant statement. All clothing is basically a costume. We are all dressing up to fit some sort of stereotype of who we think we are. What you wear to church is very different than what you wear to school, the store, the gym, the club etc. they’re all costumes!
ROD Val (8 months ago)
couture is an art form and can express lots and lots of creativity and imagination, so if you wanna see regular, street-wearable couture, go watch chanel or fendi shows.
Sơn Nguyễn Xuân (1 year ago)
ordinary costumes can never reach the amount of technique put into this collection
Adriana (1 year ago)
it's Haute Couture. Isn't the same thing?
BEATRICE VIGANÒ (1 year ago)
where he did the parade ?
thebobby (1 year ago)
Love, Love, Love!!!
Sebastian Wendel (1 year ago)
Unglaubliche Gestalten aus einem modischen Parallel-Universum ...
ceciLOVEtaco (5 months ago)
Those good days when Haute Couture had designs....
cubicle (2 years ago)
one of the best collections i've ever seen
Harry Gerdes (2 years ago)
galliano is a genius
vikmegha (3 years ago)
MsPardaillan (3 years ago)
MaarLindvall (1 year ago)
she is probably not wearing costumes.
kgs42 (1 year ago)
Yes .... not his best. 'Interesting' true but a wrong direction .... a lot of plain ugly, uncongenial stuff. Even genius's can make mistakes.
ROD Val (2 years ago)
MsPardaillan you probably think fashion is supposed to be like Forever 21
Tim Blanks (2 years ago)
vikmegha (3 years ago)
...and your opinions about haute couture matter because??

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