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Golgari Swarm Music Video (O Death)

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Behold the Golgari Swarm, officially the guild that creeps me out the most. Might be scary for younger viewers. -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Text Comments (205)
TerribilisScriptor (30 days ago)
feed the hungry, care for the sick, accept the scorned, never accept true death. waste not. want not.
Twin Head Dragon (1 month ago)
Ahh, little scavengers, you better hide. Your subterranean kingdom is GRUUL TERRITORY NOW!
TerribilisScriptor (30 days ago)
you better be ready to kill everything 10 times over but never come back yourselves
DekuBones 231 (1 month ago)
I get chills every time I hear this song
Chief Joseph (2 months ago)
I expected death metal.
Dual Morality (4 months ago)
For me, the one and only Golgari-related thing that freaked me out was the image and flavor text on the promo version of Abrupt Decay
Simple Man (4 months ago)
I can feel myself sinking deaper into the darkness of death and the rewards it holds. I love it
Max Ducks (9 months ago)
This series of videos has made me so indecisive about what color combo I’m gonna pick, especially when Ravnica rolls around again. (Jace had a vision of Nicol Bolas invading in the future. RAVNICA CONFIRMED!!! I just hope that my favorite plane isn’t destroyed by the monster that destroyed my second favorite. Amonkhet, I mean.
Rynnakokki (9 months ago)
Great work! Art of Dying - Gojira would've been cool as well
Hieda no Ajuu (9 months ago)
Ah, Black/Green. The colors of someone most precious to me. Though She lies outside of the cycle, She commands Death and celebrates Life in a way few beings of the multiverse can approach. And respected and honored by those of all allegiances. Her consort, a blue planeswalker. Her servant, an Abzan leaning white. Her boss, an Azorius, and her boss's boss, in purest red. Know you my Lady?
daneiltherat 2 (26 days ago)
Just-Some-Menace (11 months ago)
What I love about the golgari is that everyone is absolutely disgusted and afraid of them but can't deny that they serve a purpose. Much like death itself if you ask me.
Drass Ulgar (1 year ago)
My commander deck is Golgari. This makes me sad. Its edgy as shit..
Joseph Raus (2 years ago)
Fitting song, but doesnt feel quite right.
Fliits (2 years ago)
Death must have more patience than the people who are waiting for half-life 3 if he thinks he can wait for the golgari to die from natural causes
Craterfist (2 years ago)
Ask yourself, Golgari. Are you protecting the natural order, or cheating your wY out of it?
UltraStinger16 (2 years ago)
You guys live while excepting death to make others stronger at the same time correct? I have a deck similar to your ways, but not completely. Unlike consuming the dead, some of my creatures use them as a constant source of power. I call is LoE. The all mighty, destructive elemental named Lord of Extinction.
Jonathan Bristor (2 years ago)
Crater Fist In all honesty that's what golgari is its both at the same time.
Craterfist (2 years ago)
Sounds like a cop-out answer.
Jonathan Bristor (2 years ago)
Poor simple mortal, and that is why you cannot understand our cause fully. You ask us to pick between two of our undeniable destinies, in our world you don't need to pick, you embrace both at the same time with open arms.
the Urban tumbleweed (2 years ago)
Joshua Eckenreiter (2 years ago)
Death Apart of life when the moment and time is there.
Ruben Gerritsen (2 years ago)
Enter those who are starving and sick. You are welcome among the swarm when the rest of ravica rejects you...
TerribilisScriptor (1 month ago)
one of the best flavortexts to be honest
SageTheDragonFriend (2 years ago)
Meh. Other than creepy, crawly and absolutely frightening in their acceptance of all that is morbid, I don't really have an opinion on the swarm.
Mal Masque (2 years ago)
To me, this guild seems like a paradox. They claim that Life and Death are natural, yet they practice necromancy, which is a magic used to give life TO the dead. Is there something I'm missing or am I actually thinking logically?
TerribilisScriptor (1 month ago)
they use death to further life. they want to have asmuch life as possible. never accept true death always stay alive to be stronger and evolve. green and black bond over their respect for power and deep understanding of life and death. afterall undead life is still life even if in a disgusting state
UltraStinger16 (2 years ago)
I think its their way of embracing both at the same time.
Anthony Canizares (2 years ago)
the Golgari isn't evil but neutral they traffic in corpses, not souls .... okay sometimes souls, but almost never.
TerribilisScriptor (1 month ago)
they also are advocates of eternal life wich is great. id take eternal life any day even if it makes me look like a corpse
Hidden Scorpius (2 years ago)
Joshscorcher, There's something I noticed about this video. In all other Guilds Music Tributes, there's the image of a "stone sword/spire" that is absent in this one video. I'm providing timestamps of the other videos for you to see what I mean (replaced elipses with a dash as to not timestamp this video): Boros: 2-34 Rakdos: 1-02 Selesnya: 2-29 Izzet: 1-51 Orzhov: 1-12 IDK why it bothers me this much, but I'd like to know why is this. Sorry for bothering you.
Hidden Scorpius (2 years ago)
+James Cook Thanks, but this question was already answered. As a piece of advice, always check a thread backlog before replying to a dead post.
Luke Ingle (2 years ago)
I love the song and images, it fits so well; Excellent work!
Ayasyr Omneuma (3 years ago)
Jacob Dominguez (3 years ago)
This vid is badass, great job putting everything together. ^^
Rob S (3 years ago)
damn dont know who the golgari are but these pics alone i can already tell that there a screwed up bunch
Monsieur Bobblehead (1 year ago)
They are actually the farmers of ravnica.
AB V (3 years ago)
"Depending on your point of view, the seal represents a proud guardian of the natural cycle or one who has sold her soul to darkness for eternal life." - Golgari Signet
Noble Six (3 years ago)
what is the golgari from they look cool
Noble Six (2 years ago)
I don't know but I would like one
Armageddon3035 (2 years ago)
+Noble Six there is the Rise of the Eldrazi set if that's what you are looking for. is it not released in your area?
Noble Six (2 years ago)
ok thank think there will ever be an eldrazi set here
Armageddon3035 (2 years ago)
+Noble Six Ravnica: City of Guilds, Return to Ravnica, and the Izzat vs. Golgari set.
Noble Six (2 years ago)
oh witch set
DarkPrinceLucky (3 years ago)
Straight up....i completely hate this guild. Not for cards or for colors or for meaning, but because i cant stand the undead and that supernatural stuff. Like to learn about it, but it can stay WAAAAAY over there.
filip4900 (3 years ago)
What game/series is this from? Seems interesting.
The Huntsman (3 years ago)
😐 and I thought Horror nights at Universal were predictable. they look like if the Hive from Destiny went green
Monsieur Bobblehead (1 year ago)
Mtg is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
The Huntsman (3 years ago)
that doesn't really matter because I couldn't care less
Jacob Bielski (3 years ago)
+UTubr NDgaMR Golgari, and all content from this part of M:TG was created and released years before Destiny.
Habeki (3 years ago)
Dude this fits so well. Nice call dude
peter burczyk (3 years ago)
Who ever thought that a guild meant to symbolize nature could feel so chthonian...
DarkEinherjar (3 years ago)
Ah, Golgari... Black and Green has always been my favorite color combination when deckbuilding, and Golgari not only has that color combination, but also focuses on my favorite MtG strategy: reusing stuff from the graveyard. I miss my MtG days... :'(
commander frostwolf (2 years ago)
reusing dead stuff is no use when its exiled or removed from play or forced bakc into your hand, or frozen, and thats why blue/white is hated
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
+DarkEinherjar Believe or not, but this song made me make a deck based about Lord of Extinction
blue cheese cult (3 years ago)
+DarkEinherjar Hey, they're making another Innistrad set.
Sharkboyok (3 years ago)
I think I'm missing context here what are they a guild in?
Monsieur Bobblehead (1 year ago)
Dey are de farmers uv Ravnica.
Armageddon3035 (2 years ago)
+Sharkboyok Ravnica
mildlymenacingmeem (3 years ago)
Did anyone else hear the same song in CoJ:G?
perfectly honest i think Golgari creeps everyone out, not just you. or is that just me?
WittyCrusader (3 years ago)
love this song
superdimentiobrolyX (3 years ago)
Here's a question sir Burner, do you intend to do non ravnican group tributes? The shards of alara or eldrazi for example?
runedragon1985 (3 years ago)
This was just downright creepy and terrifying, Firebrand. You did good. I just can't wait until you get to Dimir and Orzhov. I have a feeling those are going to be so much fun.
VentusSliver (3 years ago)
For a guy that hates swearing.....Man, look at these pictures
Itachi45481 (3 years ago)
good choice for the guild
XxFlaringFoxX (3 years ago)
izzet will always be my fav but this was creeeeepy XD nice job
John Kozloski (3 years ago)
My life for the swarm. May the cycle continue eternal.
John Kozloski (3 years ago)
Btw, if this guild creeps Josh out, I can't imagine how much Orzhov utterly disgusts him. ;D
ElectricOutcast (3 years ago)
very good video and I've not actually heard this rendition before but it fits
Daffyhat (3 years ago)
The Golgari are Black/Green? By Erebos, my favorite Colors.
Drakkari Lich (3 years ago)
Getting a major "cycle of life" from this guild, with the amount of moss and deadly natural beings, it almost feels like the more twisted end of nature.
xxx xxx (3 years ago)
How exactly is Golgari creepy? It's super fun! That and Orzhov.. and ... yea... if only i had friends to play with... oh well back to playing vidgames and forgetting about my life...
Grendock (3 years ago)
Spooky, this one gave me chills
superdimentiobrolyX (3 years ago)
Now I pray for dimir next. I'd settle for izzet.
commander frostwolf (2 years ago)
nah its a post office
ArchimediesMD (3 years ago)
+superdimentiobrolyX weird science (ooh)
superdimentiobrolyX (3 years ago)
Yes, I almost forgot. *knowing smile* the dimir are an old wives tale. Don't let me convince you otherwise.
Xien Tau (3 years ago)
+Lunacorva But if there was one, I wonder which song would be a fitting theme for the "Unseen guild". ;)
Lunacorva (3 years ago)
B Monk (3 years ago)
this makes my paint hand quiver. seriously, the art and song are inspiring
Mike_The_Felguard (3 years ago)
Once again great work Josh *light clap*
superdimentiobrolyX (3 years ago)
Really good song choice, never would have thought of that
Perkle the Torkoal (3 years ago)
The Deadbridge Chant.
Trent Vickers (3 years ago)
Charr (3 years ago)
Isn't that the song Silas Greaves from Call of Juarez Gunslinger sings towards the end of the game?
Fan of Most Everything (3 years ago)
The eeriest part? It is these creepy, fungus-covered necromancers who are Ravnica's farmers. They are the ones responsible for feeding the billions of creatures that live in and on the plane. When the entire world is covered in city, the only available farmland is underground, where no one can mind the undead workers. Golgari food's cheap and filling. Just don't ask what's in it, or how many times it died.
Ultimus31 (3 years ago)
This is really well done! I hope you're planning on doing the other guilds. Although it might be a bit hard to find a song that really captures the Izzet vibe. Gruul should be easy enough though, I'm sure there's a lot of good tribal battle music.
Havoc101c (2 years ago)
+Danny “Wolfblood Silvrani” Gravdahl Have you seen what Josh did for Izzet yet? :D
Danny Gravdahl (3 years ago)
+Ultimus31 Techno or dubstep for Izzet
Jmore (3 years ago)
Let it be known that I now less about Magic than I do about designing an airplane.
coolcat001100 (3 years ago)
You know, I've always had an odd bit of respect for the Golgari. While they are an unfortunate guild, they serve a necessary purpose for the good of all.
TerribilisScriptor (1 month ago)
thay also are one of the few people who realize that true death is inacceptable. under the manny layers of rott and fungus they are surprisingly transhumanist in this regard.
Max Ducks (9 months ago)
The Golgari make the food supply of Ravnica. They just use zombies as fertilizer. Just don’t think about it too much...
MTG Philippino (1 year ago)
coolcat001100 if you ever require sustenance, even in death, the golgari will be here for you
Jacob Dominguez (2 years ago)
Very well put Sean. The Orzhov guild should take a drastic turn the next time Ravnica comes around due to Teysa (along with Tajic) trying to rid the guild of it's current leadership and create foundation upon what what the guild stands for.
Sean Murphy (2 years ago)
They're the only black guild that isn't objectively evil. Creepy, unpleasant, and potentially destructive, yes, but not evil. Instead of seeing death as a means to an end, like Orzhov or Dimir, or a source of entertainment or pleasure, like Rakdos, they simply see it as part of life, one which is necessary for nature and society to function, and, like all the green guilds, they simply carry out nature's will.
TheRickMasterVids (3 years ago)
Oooooh this was cool heheh
leopard eye (3 years ago)
Not to sure about the song. Gogari are not just death but also life.
Jacob Bielski (3 years ago)
+leopard eye Yes, but what makes Golgari stand out is that they're so much less perturbed and more accepting of morbidity than any of the other guilds, or most people IRL society. I associate this song with lulling acceptance and gentle chiding.
Guts Masterson (3 years ago)
+leopard eye forced rebirth and return to the void
Dan Kearney (3 years ago)
Golgari is actually one of the more unambiguously GOOD guilds on Ravnica.
Tnecniw (3 years ago)
Ehm... Golgari swarm? :O Which universe are we talking? I am confused.
TerribilisScriptor (1 month ago)
the golgari are great. they take in the dead and dying and grand them new life or protection from true death. they are full of liches and necromancers and feed all of ravnica with their farms wich are maintained by the reanimated dead from the city above.
Lord Sathien (3 years ago)
+Tnecniw WotC recently produced a tabletop board game ala Heroscape it's for 2-5 players and the text on the cards is vague enough to indicate that expansions are on the way.
Artistic Kamen Rider (3 years ago)
+Tnecniw I would be interested in a game like that, but I don't hold too much hope on that would be made.
Tnecniw (3 years ago)
+Artistic Kamen Rider I see... Heh, maybe they should make another TYPE of game in that universe, a RPG possibly? would be interesting.
Artistic Kamen Rider (3 years ago)
+Tnecniw One part lore of the card game, one part of using in game mechanics related to their color identity and related to said lore.
The Tao of Gaming (3 years ago)
very well done Josh, I like how you did selesnya(life), then rakdos(death), the golgari the cycle between. good stuff
Qliphothian (3 years ago)
My favorite guild.
drajk23 (3 years ago)
now that!.... was terrfying. i did not expect this to come up on your channle. but! it was beautiful none the less :D
FazexWeeb (3 years ago)
Corey Andrews (3 years ago)
I've got to say, this cover of the song has given me an even greater appreciation for the O Brother version.
Jaden Tamashi (3 years ago)
yeah that's pretty creepy
seanfall (3 years ago)
Are they in the 2015 game? On steam? Cause....that might get me to play it.
koshimeanime (3 years ago)
I tried the new golgari edh but I was not a fan, I prefer my semic elves deck
alaster boneman (3 years ago)
I have two of those decks they were petty good
Dragon Hero (3 years ago)
Not bad and the art it is the Nice : )
K4RN4GE911 (3 years ago)
Hmm, I'll watch this, but I have very high standards. *Supernatural version of O Death* OH NO!! You're meeting all of my standards!!
Habeki (2 years ago)
You mean Jen Titus - O death?
Jacob Bielski (2 years ago)
+Weew1213 I mean whatever version we're listening to right here, in Josh's video.
Weew1213 (2 years ago)
You mean Undetaker version?
Jacob Bielski (3 years ago)
+K4RN4GE911 Do you know the name of the artist who made it? I'm having trouble finding this on iTunes.
Teysa Karlov (3 years ago)
+K4RN4GE911 finally a Skeleton with standards and good taste.
10001vader (3 years ago)
Ah, the Golgari, my third favorite guild, after Izzet and Boros. I just love the juxtaposition between them and the Selesnya. That the horde of death obsessed, soylent black-green making plant zombies are, as a faction, actually nice people while the nature loving conclave has many cult like practices and rather alarming views on free will and the worth of individual lives.
Jacob Dominguez (3 years ago)
+Habeki that's what I love about Ravnica, it's so balanced in terms of social construct. Everyone has somewhere to go whether you have everything or nothing and they can indulge themselves in these aspects.
Danothyus1 (3 years ago)
nah man, its allright
Habeki (3 years ago)
True though I meant that the people of ravnica may not have a choice on what they get to eat so the "byproduct" of the rot farms might be what some are forced to eat because they literally have no choice. Sorry not trying to be a douche just providing an explanation of what I meant.
Danothyus1 (3 years ago)
well, no guild in ravnica is really "good", they all want to control the city on their terms.
Habeki (3 years ago)
+Danothyus1 Agreed but most people on Ravnica may not get to be as "Choosey"
Sugar (3 years ago)
100% honesty, not sure the is from, nor what guild you speak of. But, listening to the song is lovely. Then again, it's hard to fine a song I would hate. The lyrics are simple, the voice was eerie yet also gentle, like... well female death.
yoshihydra (3 years ago)
+Melody Rhymes happy to help:)
Sugar (3 years ago)
Thaaaat explains it. I tried learning how to play Magic the Gathering and just couldn't get it. Thank you. ^^
yoshihydra (3 years ago)
magic the gathering.
Psyco Josho (3 years ago)
Yay, Golgari! They're my favorite guild right now. My current commander is Mazirek, and I can rock the worlds of my friends with his amazing aristocratic power!
Hi Dere OWO (3 years ago)
I like the maze's end.
GrayKnightable (3 years ago)
Izzet next please?
Joshua Knight (3 years ago)
masterjedi324 (3 years ago)
this should have played on halloween. great vid josh
Imagine if Galgori and rakdos merged,that would be a majestic sight to behold!
TerribilisScriptor (1 month ago)
golgari are too smart for the rakdos tho. they value living forever and plan ahead FAR to avoid true death at all cost
Red Reaper (3 years ago)
this has to be my favorite you done so far, the song does them justice. Can't wait to see what you do for the church of deals.
Charlie McFarlin (3 years ago)
Cool, the version of O Death that Supernatural used. I was always fond of that version.
Jacob Bielski (3 years ago)
+Charlie McFarlin Do you know the name of the artist who made it? I'm having trouble finding this on iTunes.
88Hyo (3 years ago)
favorite guild.
CouchPotatoCNPB (3 years ago)
Spoopy *One quick trip to the MTG Wiki later* Interesting history, the older crest seems more fitting
Lord Sathien (3 years ago)
+CouchPotatoCNPB WotC ditched the older design because they felt the whole "recycling" element didn't register to enough players, myself included.
Zakading (3 years ago)
Honestly, that music was almost too civil for the Golgari, considering that their job is managing the sewage, spreading viruses and making humus from corpses. The soundtrack for this sounded almost ceremonial, not like Ravnica's sewage and dumpster-divers.
The Tao of Gaming (3 years ago)
the golgari also revere life as well as death, they are all about the cycle of both.... that's why they are so annoing to play against, so much graveyard recursion ugh
Carlos Buchanan (3 years ago)
+Zakading They also farm a mass amount of food for the Ravnican poverty. Admittedly food grown from said sewage and corpses but charity is charity.
Daiyor Dragmire (3 years ago)
I'm liking these videos more and more. are you gonna make one for each guild? I'm curious as to which song you'd choose for Dimir.
Nelson Demifur (3 years ago)
This is creepy and I like it
FelixFalora (3 years ago)
We infest. We consume. We bring life anew upon your crumbling civilization.
Pluto Jerusalem (3 years ago)
Wait what guild I'm confuzzled
Pluto Jerusalem (3 years ago)
3393matthew (3 years ago)
+HippoPig21 it's one of the guilds from Magic the Gathering.
Jeffrey Park (3 years ago)
10/10 mate I prefer gruul tho
TARDIS915 (3 years ago)
He'll probably get there eventually.
Gingitsune (3 years ago)
my second favorite guild next to the izzet
Cole Weber (3 years ago)
You turned a already beautifully creepy song and made it creepier. Well done.
Sharp Kitsune (3 years ago)
While getting me interested into Magic the Gathering at the same time.
Kielian (3 years ago)
what is this a part of. you lost me.
Armageddon3035 (3 years ago)
+lunerblade13 Magic the Gathering
Rebel Umbreon (3 years ago)
Wasn't this originally from O'Brother Where art Though
The Tao of Gaming (3 years ago)
I believe the original was sing by "the incredible string band" but I'm not sure. my favorite versions of this song are this one and the one by Tina Chancey ft. Molly Andrews :)
Rebel Umbreon (3 years ago)
Huh, cool. I still prefer the BWAT version, but that's just personal preference, plus the movie's one of my favorites.
LegalAssassin (3 years ago)
Not exactly; the song is an American folk song. There`ve been several variations.
ThePotatoKing (3 years ago)
Umm...you're 3 months behind...
ThePotatoKing (3 years ago)
Also, SUPERNATURAL??? Dude...I have high high respects.
ExiledHero513 (3 years ago)
For the Swarm! *Still rather play Rakdos or Boros, but still wanted to make a Zerg reference*
Teysa Karlov (3 years ago)
this is cool as my first mtg deck was a Golgari one i first learned how to play by making my foes fear the swarm
Dracblader (3 years ago)
Long live Gruul

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