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IG : _liaadiazz dancing one dance she's colombian c; Follow me on snapchat mayte19ca follow my instagram share both my profiles for a follow back
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A Girl Named Hunter (2 years ago)
Is anyone else trying to learn this dance but literally cant because IM JUST NOT THAT HOT
warren n/a (9 months ago)
Yes you can..you can do it !
Blue Brick Wall (10 months ago)
gavi Yeah, from the neck down ...and the hairline up
Blue Brick Wall (10 months ago)
A Girl Named Hunter - Judging by your comment it appears maybe you're just not smart enough to learn it. Try getting treatments for autism and neurological disorders. ...then come back in a year or two and try to lean the dance. I recommend Calcium Disodium EDTA suppository form only.
Call me Debbie (10 months ago)
A Girl Named Hunter and you're a mother???? I feel sorry for the kid...
Corey 4130 (10 months ago)
A Girl Named Hunter cutie pie
Jack (3 months ago)
so beautiful.... i need her
BigMarv25 (6 months ago)
Girl you are fine, and you can dance. Don't worry about them haters.
obnoxious (7 months ago)
isn't this the bitch that poisoned her 5 year old son with salt?
Mirian Mrls (3 months ago)
Dustin Bateman (7 months ago)
No no no when she goes straight serious from laughing in the beginning and then the hips with that first hint of a smile after that... uuhhh Oh Lord Father God in heaven PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have mercy!! And look.. Im a Taurus Gemini mix and a life path number 6. So that means Taurus - attractive and committed. Gemini - social and confident but not cocky ( except for maybe a little bit sometimes and most of the time playful when being so). And life path number 6 - we are nicknamed The Romantics!
Mack Toner (7 months ago)
I’d fucking crawl through a river full of shit on my hands and knees with my mouth wide open just to smell her fart and like her ass
CSJiGSaW08 (7 months ago)
Looks like Sofia Vergara in teenage years.
Ee ee (8 months ago)
bro987 (8 months ago)
Lol it's normal to see latinas like this in colombia. Except this one lives in Florida. Colombians and Brazilians are probably the sexiest in the world if you like Hispanics that is. Like me! Hispanic women are top notch.
Jay Bird (8 months ago)
Lol that's my neighbor
turbo man (5 months ago)
U been tapping that or fapping that?
Tony Jablonski (8 months ago)
Latin American girls forever! This is such a nice relief from the stupid media trash of everyday politics in the USA.. thanks for the great video. Made my night.
Jose Carbajal (8 months ago)
I need more!!
Joe Kabam (9 months ago)
Anyone else wants to see her do the "Kiki do you love me" challenge?
Mirian Mrls (9 months ago)
Joe Kabam nooo
G (9 months ago)
Uuu baby
robke9999 (9 months ago)
Die draait er een wokkel van.
Blackout4500x (9 months ago)
Her hair her smile her eyes 😍😍😍
Stephen Vargas (9 months ago)
She baaad...lol
joeykong94 (10 months ago)
Travis Spiderman (10 months ago)
Damn girl I would merry you if I ever met you I swear your smile let alone that booty
jack mehoff (10 months ago)
and dem panties riding up.. so freaking hot.
RC Langlais (10 months ago)
Oye mamasita!!
POETRA MAIPAUW (10 months ago)
Her hips don’t lie
WPWW (10 months ago)
I cant stop watching this video
Jose Herrera (10 months ago)
Goya Jesus (10 months ago)
Latina woman stay winning
svckondeezNICO' nuttz (10 months ago)
*Bitch sit on ma face!*
purple haze (10 months ago)
imagine her riding your cock 😬
maa4747 (10 months ago)
I bet she is from Barranquilla
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster (10 months ago)
Large Pizza (10 months ago)
All Liaa's are amazing.
Impitch Foty Fibe (10 months ago)
Fuckin' attention whore
Mohican Star (10 months ago)
Would smash
Darrell Morris (10 months ago)
Chick's hot.
paul yancey (10 months ago)
Very pretty girl....looks shy and timid...
Delpiero Guti (10 months ago)
Me encantan sus rollos xd
ms1499 (10 months ago)
Well this is just bullshit. The world is unfair. Lol.
Richard Dawkins (10 months ago)
chengis khan (10 months ago)
Sure she colombian? Did you seen her geeencard? Any rachet slut can move like that cuz
chengis khan (10 months ago)
vieldox Mind shiit i guess id bust her down for sure tho
Mirian Mrls (10 months ago)
chengis khan she said on her Twitter and Instagram
ISYMFS Beast Kaaak (10 months ago)
Nice thong girl!
Mike McKinley (10 months ago)
Thank you, Lord
Johnathan Williams (10 months ago)
She not no Colombian. That's a white girl
JA CA (9 months ago)
Poor ignorant, Im from Latin America, 6,2 white with green eyes, you problably never leave your neighborhood, educate yourself.
Bruce Jenner (10 months ago)
Johnathan Williams watta dumbass !
K.O.D. - (10 months ago)
Johnathan Williams lmfao
Johnathan Williams (10 months ago)
Dustin Hamm exactly she caucasian. That's a ethicnic group. White girl. And life is not rainbow unless you homo.
Dustin Hamm (10 months ago)
White is not a nationality...get over the color friend. Life is rainbow.
EL_PATRON_34 (10 months ago)
That thong hmm cool colour
Mark Czaja (10 months ago)
pukeylukey199 (10 months ago)
I cant be the only one who done the head raise trying to see further down
Reign (10 months ago)
this is betwen me and u not the whole worldd
pukeylukey199 (10 months ago)
not 12 clues in the name, but yeah you really think 768,244 people didnt watch it cause shes hot? im don with you
Reign (10 months ago)
so you basically said i wasnt watching it for the choreography but you watched it cause you r a horny 12 year old
pukeylukey199 (10 months ago)
Reign and the thumbnail had nothing to do with it? Its human fucking nature lad, you are not in a religious cult anymore so grow thr fuck up
Reign (10 months ago)
i didnt know what it was, i watched to pass my time since i got no friends so fuck u
aj cook (10 months ago)
Just about jizzed in my pants watching her holy fuck she's hot!
Charles Bracewell (10 months ago)
Big Raf (10 months ago)
She needs to pull up her pants
Boss man1984 (10 months ago)
Big Raf you mean pull down
Leandro Pamplona (10 months ago)
no she doesnt.
Aussie✌🏾 (10 months ago)
Im in love 😍😍😍 what a stunner
Starbuck 777 (10 months ago)
bandido79 (10 months ago)
Frederico Xavier (10 months ago)
An Nofap was working pretty well with me...well fuck it.
Chris Dean (10 months ago)
Cringe af.
jack mehoff (10 months ago)
i could watch her all day and nite and day and nite and day and nite
Betterifitsfree (10 months ago)
Who was filming this, her mom? Show that ass!
Lucky You (10 months ago)
She is smoking fkin hot period
Gary (10 months ago)
nice girl,shitty music
thebudkellyfiles (10 months ago)
She acts like my poodle when he was trying to pass a peach pit.
Juan Ponch Man (10 months ago)
I think she suffers from the disease known by the clinical term "nohassatall"
dogzballz (10 months ago)
Omfg !
money weed (10 months ago)
Are you the actual girl in the video ☝🏻😰
money weed (10 months ago)
vieldox Mind 😂👍🏻
Mirian Mrls (10 months ago)
Well I said she's Colombian so ..
money weed (10 months ago)
vieldox Mind dosnt say if it’s u r not
Mirian Mrls (10 months ago)
money weed read description
Teo Volos (10 months ago)
So sexy
West Yorkshire (10 months ago)
I was hoping to see a Woman dance instead a get a Girl wobbeling ffs
Capta1n K2 (10 months ago)
Angelo M (10 months ago)
boombam1001 (10 months ago)
she was cute..
Richard Adams (10 months ago)
Spank that booty baby!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard_Ramirez worshiper (10 months ago)
Her face tho. Gross.
Steve O (10 months ago)
White girl got moves.
Mirian Mrls (10 months ago)
Steve O Colombian girl **
Jose Herrera (10 months ago)
So Hot
Loco Minyana (10 months ago)
Damn. ..sheeziz girl.
daniel zuk (10 months ago)
Te amo bonita
Maurice Griffe (10 months ago)
She would make good pornstar allright
Sam Rahmati (10 months ago)
money weed (10 months ago)
Girlfriend goals ☝🏻❤️😍
ron l (10 months ago)
Nice little titties.
Avoidance Technologies (10 months ago)
"I thought they died on motorcycles"?
boogieman 48 (10 months ago)
Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
JLR (10 months ago)
Ruckus 161 (10 months ago)
Typical tart.lol
Ö. Faruk (10 months ago)
fap fap fap
Jamack Black (9 months ago)
Bruh me too,lol I had my vr goggles ob
warren n/a (10 months ago)
Jason Voorhees (10 months ago)
Luis Arana Reategui (10 months ago)
...es una mi amorr...
E rock (10 months ago)
Wow. Another thot dancing
Paul (10 months ago)
what a little mover love the hip moves such naughty thoughts
halouxy (10 months ago)
I wanna put a baby inside her.
Bennie Dobbs (1 month ago)
I would tongue punch her fart box and suck the fart out her booty and light it while blown ut out like a dragon ha
bossfan49 (10 months ago)
Beautiful girl but horrible taste in music.
Black Prince (10 months ago)
She needs a big black dick slammed in her.
Bernan Galean (10 months ago)
Got the stiffy up.
UBAD2 (10 months ago)
Why do white girls try sooooo .... hard to be getto and emulate the trash black culture. Be proud of your own heritage being white and pretty.
daniel zuk (10 months ago)
UBAD2 amen to you
Mirian Mrls (10 months ago)
UBAD2 Colombian ***** not white
vickiee lee (10 months ago)
she's cute
bigkiwial (10 months ago)
Wow, pretty girl!!
R G (10 months ago)
warren n/a (10 months ago)
Leo Vi (10 months ago)
Did no one really catch the pink thong sticking out.. really mothefuckers..yall just gon let me be the only one here...😐🖕
Cameron Angel (10 months ago)
The Dickies make it hot
Eugenio Tapia (10 months ago)
Bikini next time !
Ken Rascon (10 months ago)
What stupid girls do for attention
Joe Rivera (10 months ago)
Ehh.....not impressed
Lucy (8 months ago)
Joe Rivera nigga get out
Mystic Mac (10 months ago)
Joe Rivera didn't even bother reading your reply...you mad bro?
Martin (10 months ago)
Yup kids just overrate any half-decent girl these days lol
Joe Rivera (10 months ago)
antigonish63 Lmao you know NOTHING about women. This girl has an A cup, with a padded bra to make them look bigger. You must be like 14, because your understanding of women matches your insults. Called me retarded....wow little bro...fill your sippy cup with warm milk, and peek at your brother's Playboy stash that's under his bed. You just may learn something...and don't worry about what happens to your special purpose. It's quite normal..
antigonish63 (10 months ago)
Joe Rivera If you think this girl is “flat chested”, you’re not only blind, you’re retarded.
NOKTURNL69 (10 months ago)
Too Sexy for words
Ark Yoder (10 months ago)
I don't know what kind of dance that is, but I like it like that.

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