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Majel Barrett in The Lucy Show (1962)

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s1ep7 Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day The Lucy Show is an American situation comedy that aired on CBS from 1962 until 1968. It was Lucille Ball's follow-up to I Love Lucy. A significant change in cast and premise for the 1965-66 season divides the program into two distinct eras; aside from Ball, only Gale Gordon, who joined the program for its second season, remained. For the first three seasons, Vivian Vance was the costar. The earliest scripts were entitled The Lucille Ball Show, but all episodes aired with the title The Lucy Show.
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Jessica Pfeiffer (4 months ago)
Lucy should have had Majel in more episodes!😐
Aylah MacAnnadh (8 months ago)
What a wonderful lady. Trek wouldn't be Trek w/o her. Met her at a convention in 1989! She was just so down to earth specially when she commented making TNG was just plain FUN! Rest in peace, Star Trek's beautiful first lady!
Rob A (8 months ago)
I love Lucy but I could not imagine her being the voice of the NCC1701 Enterprise .. Majel's voice was perfect.
Marc Ziegenhain (1 year ago)
"I'm Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chacile of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. And who the hell are you??"
jess00821 (2 years ago)
Majel was so pretty and beautiful and her voice was so unique. Miss her!!
Drew Peterson (5 years ago)
damn, she was gorgeous
mreunome (6 years ago)
She reminds me of Eve Arden. I think she was beautiful as a blond . . . it was in an episode of Here Come The Brides and Star Trek.
bwc1976 (6 years ago)
Majel had the most awesome voice! And that hair color looked so much better on her than the blonde of Star Trek.
brun a barbarian (6 years ago)
Majel Barret >>> Lucille Ball!
tosandspocklover13 (7 years ago)
MAJEL BARRET!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! Love her!! :)
StoneKnivesBearskins (7 years ago)
It's Majel Barret-Roddenberry!!! <33333 OOH! I get to be the first to comment and the first to like. :D

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