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How to win at blackjack (21) with gambling expert Michael "Wizard of Odds" Shackleford

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Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviews Michael "Wizard of Odds" Shackleford about blackjack. Mike answers some of the most common questions that players have about the game, plus he gives tips on how players can choose the best games, use the proper strategies and take advantage of the casino comping system. Get more than 200 casino coupons and save more than $1,000 - Search for "American Casino Guide" on Amazon SUBSCRIBE for more videos: http://bit.ly/1G4l0xv Tips on Blackjack: http://y2u.be/5ki_92QrqfI Tips on Slot Machines: http://y2u.be/7Wkubf1PrWg Tips on Craps: http://y2u.be/7daSiVupvmY Tips on Video Poker: http://y2u.be/gLYQ3ZIowPA
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Text Comments (1600)
Dark Souls (2 days ago)
In Black jack u can be on winning streaks or on massive lossing ones sometimes win one lose one streaks regardless of basic strategy same with roulette
Anthony Kernich (8 days ago)
blackjack is luck
unitor699 (8 days ago)
after this i won 1000 dollars
Jason Howell (11 days ago)
Mike is not a gambling expert that’s not good enough.. he’s a fu$&@ng gambling GOD..
Uu McAdams (16 days ago)
Yea ok that automatic shuffler is rigged ... all u gotta do is watch “blind fury” starring Rutger hauer show u how that roulette wheel is rigged too.. adios
Ginger Slime (10 days ago)
Eppy Boston funny (22 days ago)
Never hit on 21
Love JD (25 days ago)
“Gambling expert”
David Hood (16 days ago)
Love JD *Gambing*
dan creech (25 days ago)
never hit on 16
Joshua Scott (12 days ago)
dan creech always hit 16
Gary Lu Productions (25 days ago)
Then save yourself some time and write a check to the casino.
of course (29 days ago)
the times I win even 50 dollars i just quit right there, thats usually when it turns ugly for me if I keep going
ImNotTheOne (30 days ago)
I need a link to that paper guide he had if someone could help a brotha
Dave Henry (5 days ago)
@americancasinoguide you say in the video that there is a decision card link in the comments section...there is not one
americancasinoguide (29 days ago)
Blackjack basic strategy cards are helpful because there is always only one mathematically correct way to play your hand. Keep in mind that the strategy can vary, based on the number of decks and the rules of the game. You can download six different FREE blackjack strategy cards here - https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/blackjack/free-blackjack-strategy-charts.html
Online IELTS Tutor (30 days ago)
This is a obviously as sponsored video. You can't win at BJ. They say the odds of winning are around 48-49% But those are the old odds, before the hidden card. The fact is that most players bust out in their first 20 hands The table has the hidden card and that is the gem that makes you more like a 20% underdog Since you don't know what you are going against
ShreD 1993 (13 days ago)
You have no idea what you’re talking about
americancasinoguide (30 days ago)
A basic strategy player will be playing at a disadvantage. The only way to be a long-term winner at blackjack is to count cards.
Walt Rutherford (1 month ago)
Im no math wizard, but it seems like the reason it would be better to have a continuously shuffled deck would be so that the basic strategy would remain more constant, instead of moving further off as the deck(s) dwindled down. Is that the idea?
Walt Rutherford (30 days ago)
@americancasinoguide yeah, but why is continous shuffling good for us? Or did I miss understand that part?
americancasinoguide (1 month ago)
Casinos like continuous shuffling machines because the game is unbeatable for card counters.
Andre Seah (1 month ago)
just love mike shackleford! and also u, Henry! hehe
I AM (1 month ago)
@ 8:03 the 3rd player & the dealer both hit & get a 21, but, the dealer took the players money, lol... :( The player just bets again!
whyfold now (1 month ago)
@Dr Ben Kirk Interesting. Sounds like a bad rule for the player, proof in point
whyfold now (1 month ago)
Was about to comment same. Good catch.
Dr Ben Kirk (1 month ago)
In some places (usually gambling houses not casinos) when you double down, you are betting that you will beat the dealer. A draw counts as a loss, got this when I went to a gambling house in Texas once.
Chris H (1 month ago)
Played maybe 3-4 times. I’m at about $4k Luck I guess
vukoje petrovic (1 month ago)
Started with 60$
vukoje petrovic (1 month ago)
I was up $1,280 after my little brother took my ID and killed it in roullete and blackjack lol he was 16 and lucky af 😂
Gary Lu Productions (1 month ago)
Even if you are counting cards, you would need to be lucky to be up that much (unless if you are playing high stakes or you started at $4K).
JB Dixon (1 month ago)
HI! 😀
Smug Smugly (2 months ago)
'Monkey' refers to any 10 at the baccarat table, 10, J, Q, K. Asians sometimes refer to it in blackjack as well, with the same meaning, but of course they wear SARS masks even in the casinos.
Andre Seah (1 month ago)
i always found that funny too, not the monkey but the masks, but one lady told me she just couldn't take the smoke and its kinda true everyone is chain-smoking in there they'd put the chainsmokers to shame
Edward Barraza (2 months ago)
A smarter gamble 😂😂 said no one
Roblox WorldLords (2 months ago)
people are here for playing blackjack irl. im just tryna get on the discord bot money leaderboard >;c
THEBULL (2 months ago)
The thing I was surprised to find out and he didn't talk about here is that the dealer is expected to bust (any player hitting on 16 or less) about 28% of the time. If you bust first you lose even if the dealer busts too. On some of those medium hands give the dealer a chance to bust. Other than that, doubling down is not always a good play, I play on a simulator and can't count the number of times on 10 or 11 i double down and get a 2. Unless you're ahead and can afford losing double, or unless you're behind and want to take a chance to catch up without increasing your initial bet, just hit as you normally would, if you win great, if you get a 2, you can hit again to get as close to 21 as possible. Also you aren't going to win every hand, impossible, you aren't going to lose every hand, impossible. Sometimes your fate is sealed before the cards are even dealt, you're going to lose no matter what you do, or you're going to win no matter what you do. So while "playing the math" seems like a good idea all the time, I advise playing feel, if you're at 15 and think a 10 is next, just stand no matter what the dealer is showing, if you think a 6 or under is next, go ahead and hit, if the dealer is showing 6 or lower, maybe decide to let the dealer bust instead of potentially you. Giving dealer chance to bust, possible win, you bust, no chance to win.
muviki demki (1 month ago)
dude if you have 16 and dealer has 10, if he draws 7-10 u ll lose either way w/o chacne of standing back, while if u hit 1-5, u put urself at very big advantage against dealaer, so what u ve said "playing on the feeling" is opposite of rational logic. Good luck in casinos buddy
Gary Lu Productions (2 months ago)
That’s not a mathematically proven strategy. It will lose in the long run.
Brandon Sharp (3 months ago)
Is no one going to talk about how the dealer took a pushing hand at 0803. lol
Joe Aquilina (2 months ago)
Super Duper (3 months ago)
There's a way to win & not get kicked out. Learn how to count cards drunk. They will never know.
shantor100 (3 months ago)
bring a lot of money and try to make a little
medexamtoolsdotcom (3 months ago)
The title of this video SHOULD be "how to win slightly less at blackjack".
Finlay Gilbert (3 months ago)
no it shouldn't
OverLord (3 months ago)
Unbelievaboat is gonna see whos boss
askyamomboutme (3 months ago)
American Muscle (4 months ago)
There are two ways to win at black jack. Count cards or never play. If you count cards they will throw you out. You have better odds in the stock market.
Reef Crow (2 months ago)
Kiley Fox thats what the casino wants you to think lol
ShreD 1993 (2 months ago)
They don’t always throw you out. Sometimes they just flat bet you or say you can play anything else but blackjack
Kiley Fox (3 months ago)
I've made more cash playing blackjack than the market.
medexamtoolsdotcom (3 months ago)
Not really. It depends on how long you play. You actually have to play a long time before they throw you out usually, at least if you don't overplay it and walk out on the shoe when it swings negative. Sit there and take your punishment when the count swings negative.
Arrad (4 months ago)
What if you have 20, dealer is showing an ace, if you take insurance, you either get your bet back, lose half your bet (insurance, in the very rare chance the dealer pulls a 9), or win half your expected winnings
medexamtoolsdotcom (3 months ago)
The hand you have is IRRELEVANT. If you take insurance, whatever you bet on the insurance bet, is simply a bet on whether the dealer's hole card is a 10 or not. It would be the same even if it was offered if the dealer's top card was not an ace. It's just a "10-under" sidebet that is only available when the dealer's top card happens to be an ace.
Joseph Kegler (3 months ago)
Gary Lu Productions (3 months ago)
Unless if you are counting cards, absolutely never take insurance. Insurance is actually worse if you have 20 because since you have 2 10 cards, the odds that the dealer’s hole card is a 10 is lower. Also, do not overestimate the probability of winning with 20. If take the insurance and you either lose or draw, you are down more money than you could have.
switbird24 love (4 months ago)
I used to work at Casino as Cashier, sometimes l used to tell pple wen l cash them big winnings to go home but none listens 😂😂 l remember they used to say l want to Win More More Dumb enough they End up loose all the Money..... In casino wen you win just Hit the door😉
Harvey H (3 months ago)
I never had a cashier tell me what to do with my money. i"m not sure if that's a good thing or not. When I see the cashier, i'm usually done for the day. I like it when I see the cashier when I'm done for the day; rather than walking away from the table empty handed.
Arrad (4 months ago)
Yves YGB unfortunately I didn’t listen to myself and the anxiety and pressure got to me, went all in. Traded around nearly 1500 in an hour but won back all my money, made very stupid decisions but somehow got the better end
Yves YGB (4 months ago)
You are correct if you win often it is good to set a limit amount $$$ and if you have feeling that is good night. Then go HOME , the Casino will be there tomorrow. They are open 7 days in a week 24hrs. RULE #1 NEVER BET ALL IN.
Randy H (4 months ago)
do you know any people with the discipline to make steady profit over time? (ie knowing when to leave, knowing when to press, etc.) or does literally everyone end up losing?
jonathan bell (4 months ago)
The title is how to win at blackjack, so why do you keep talking about breaking even?
ShreD 1993 (2 months ago)
jonathan bell 🛎 he mentioned card counting which gives you the edge in the long run 🏃‍♀️
Antonio Osborne (4 months ago)
Just learning blackjack. Your video is definitely helping. Thanks and good luck
Jesse Parsh (4 months ago)
Thank you for pointing out that other players don’t affect your hands. I’m a craps player so I rarely play BJ but when I do I hear dumbass degenerates crying if someone makes a bad move. I explain to them that it doesn’t matter what anyone else does but they shrug it off.
nick 56 (4 months ago)
that kinda stuff happens often lol but I agree you are there to win for yourself not others
Gary Lu Productions (4 months ago)
Robo-Nut Basing your arguments just from one incident? SMH
Robo-Nut (4 months ago)
two of us at a table today. him 18, me 10, dealer showing a 6.... him hits gets and 8... me hit 5 hit 7 ... you telling me if he wasnt dumb i we both would have one
Shawn Vrolijk (4 months ago)
its thankful
TonesTheGeek (5 months ago)
I love how the majority of footage shows the player getting their ass kicked. Meaning none of this information guarantees an advantage, it still comes down to luck, if the dealer fails to bust or gets nothing less than a 20 for thirty hands in a row (and yes, I've actually seen it) that's just how it's gonna go.
ShreD 1993 (2 months ago)
No it’s a game of skill. He talks about card counting which will give you the edge in the long run
Dystopic (5 months ago)
8:03 what?? The guy that doubled and got 21 lost his money to the dealer which also got 21? Shouldn't it be a push?
americancasinoguide (4 months ago)
No. I explained that mistakes can happen and if you don't catch the mistake at the time it takes place then you will lose your money.
TonesTheGeek (4 months ago)
@americancasinoguide So your response to your son being robbed is that he should know better?
americancasinoguide (5 months ago)
You are correct and this was discussed previously with another poster. We noticed that mistake ourselves after the video had been posted. That was my son playing that hand and at that time he was a novice blackjack player. I explained to him that, ultimately, it is his responsibility to make sure that he gets paid when he wins, or that his bet doesn't get taken if it's a push. Dealers do sometimes make mistakes and the player has to point out the error or their bet could be taken, or not paid.
GalactiNaut (5 months ago)
Please somebody calculate the house edge on the "never bust" strategy.
Gary Lu Productions (4 months ago)
GalactiNaut Michael Shackleford did on his Wizard of Odds website. You actually can too if you run it through a simulation. It is about 4% which is about six times the house edge of six deck basic strategy.
Ja Na (5 months ago)
you want to win in blackjack? There is only one way and it is very simple. Do not gamble!!!
Commenter of Awesome (1 month ago)
Mathematically not playing would result in breaking even not winning
Erik Larson (3 months ago)
That_Dop3_One (4 months ago)
Ja Na lol
Jesse Parsh (4 months ago)
There’s always some dumbasses like you who’s on a gambling video saying not to gamble.
Randy Lahey (5 months ago)
Ja Na lmfao but gambling is fun
Joshua s (5 months ago)
Since card counting is relative to the cards left in the shoe, wouldn't it then be slightly advantageous to sit at the end of the table so you can see what comes up first, and factor them into your equation? I guess it could hurt just as much as help, but you don't know if they will shuffle before a hand but you DO know what came up that round?
medexamtoolsdotcom (3 months ago)
You are correct.... HOWEVER, 90% of the advantage of counting cards comes from varying your bet size, and you must decide on your bet amount before anyone at the table gets cards. But you are in fact correct, there is a TINY advantage to being the last one at the table to get cards if you are following a composition-dependent strategy, for instance whether you are not certain whether to hit or stand on a 16 against a 10 until you see all the cards all the other players receive, and if the first 3 or 4 players receive a bunch of low cards, you would be more inclined to STAND, while if they receive a lot of high cards, you would be more likely to decide to hit.
Dystopic (5 months ago)
@americancasinoguide I thought the first few players' decision could slightly affect the cards in the deck. Such as if they split
Jonathan Nation (5 months ago)
There’s a theory of 1st & 3rd base strategy.
americancasinoguide (5 months ago)
No because you make your bet before any cards are dealt. There are a few plays that could change based on what cards have been dealt but the cards dealt on one hand likely wouldn't change the true count enough for this to matter unless you are on a single deck or double deck game. So on one of those games, maybe but on a shoe game more than likely not.
sd2go (5 months ago)
WTF? One hand player doubled and got 21. Dealer pulled 5-8-8 and got 21 but took players money
4crazy kids (5 months ago)
joe stephens (5 months ago)
This guys on point. Basically saying you will lose long term unless you count the cards.
Jonny An (6 months ago)
You want to win? Then don’t do gamble, that’s winning.
Henry Chinaski (3 months ago)
That's loser talk.
Kalem St.Louis (5 months ago)
Jonny An just turned 18, played 5 hands of poker and won $400 and left. I’d say I’m a winner
Logan Naslund (5 months ago)
But im sitting in my complimentary hotel room at around 12 at night thinking how I wanna go down and hit a blackjack table u can’t stop me boss ;)
Ara Ara (5 months ago)
@Brett Abbott kinda,its like half full or half empty thing
Brett Abbott (5 months ago)
That doesn't even make sense
Kwan Holloway (6 months ago)
Now this is for anyone who understands the rules of black jack. If I'm playing electronic black jack and I as the player and the dealer have our own individual decks to draw from, would you still consider the game as a single deck strategy? I'm dealt cards from my own shoe and the dealer draws their cards from their own shoe. I would still use single deck basic strategy right? I'm asking specifically about the deck scenario. No other rules need to be known...
Princess Harumi (5 months ago)
That is how I feel and I would consider it single-deck, but I'd check the win and cash ratio before I start, also what the dealer considers the situation you explained, and if they offer that
Bunny dream (6 months ago)
Thanks for saving my ass in my math project
Dark Heart Symphony (6 months ago)
i could have sworn he said " Dont buy any books for Gambling " in the beginning
binaryboy (5 months ago)
He said don't buy books on betting systems. That's different from playing strategies.
Evan 208 (6 months ago)
So why would a dealer stand on 18 if the player has 19? He's already lost, so why not try for a 2 or 3?
Kwan Holloway (6 months ago)
The dealer has to stand usually at hard or soft 17 at minimum; so if they have an 18 they would also have to stand.
caesar4k (6 months ago)
because those are the rules, the dealer doesn't actually have control of what he/she plays because they're part of the "house." I believe most casinos make it so dealer stands on soft 17 or higher and otherwise hits. So if the dealer gets 15, they _must_ hit. If the dealer gets 19, they _must_ stand.
Andrew Kelly (6 months ago)
The odds would be so in favor of the house that no one would play
WI Security (6 months ago)
Evan 208 house rules, game rules, that’s just how it is.
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
Something else to watch out for even though I'll still play: Casinos that charge an ante for every hand of blackjack. It's not part of the bet. It's a fee. But still - - won 10 on 10 on a non blackjack? Really you got 9.50.
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
lotto that's different from the ante I'm talking about. That's just wtf to me cuz I haven't heard of a forced tip on a blackjack or at all at table games. The ante is because of how the casinos in Oklahoma (in my case winstar) handle some law. Ante exists on at least one other table game at Winstar.
lotto (6 months ago)
Yep. I remember I hitted a blackjack and the extra money I won, the dealer took it and said its for his tip. I was like WTF? so I left the table.
mvd3338698 (6 months ago)
At 8:05 the casino and the last player both had a 21 which =a push!!!
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
I wonder if that casino had a rule otherwise
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
mvd3338698 yeah what's up with that
Jules Vega (6 months ago)
Can u teach me how to win three hands of blackjack by hitting three times or more?
Kyle Owen (5 months ago)
Jules Vega LMAO red dead 2
Yves YGB (6 months ago)
Black Jack is a a math theory and Bust Cards theory game and the place where you have a seat spot 1,2 ,3,4,5, 6,7 makes a BIG difference. Poker and Black Jack game are difficult to teach. Black Jack is very different Game from 2, 3 or 5 Cards Poker Game. I have been playing for over 2 years. I play Black Jack / Poker twice a week . My Rules #1 always play small bet #2 Less people at the table better your ODDS #3 Always play the Side Bet. #4 Bust Cards Rule Excellent (Black Jack)
LX Stream (6 months ago)
Thats how I win playing Blackjack. A lot of people tried to influence me betting too high but I never fell in their trap. Thing is, i'd rather have any amount of profit after a blackjack session even if it's 1$ than trying to recover what I've lost. I've been playing Blackjack for 2 years now, even streamed some online. I made 14'000$ over the last 2 years. My rules are #1 Luck #2 Play with smart bets and vary them #3 Card counting can work but as we're not professionals we shouldn't be always be focusing on it #4 Play for less than 2 hours per session and try to avoid too many hands per hour. #5 Don't be too hungry for money, a small profit is still better than losing
Unfazed Media -iii- (6 months ago)
Back in the early 80's, I almost quit my job and moved to Vegas to play Blackjack full time. At the time, I would leave work on Friday afternoon, drive to Laughlin or Vegas from Phoenix and play with a set amount of money, say $300-$400. I set a limit for winning and losing before I started. Usually, if I doubled my money I would leave right then and there. If I lost, I would get in my car and drive home (obviously). So, during a stretch of about 4 months, I would drive to Vegas or Laughlin almost every Friday and WIN! It was amazing. I had a pretty good bankroll and was looking for a place to rent. Amazingly, when I seriously entertained the idea of moving there, I could not win at Black Jack for nothing! So, needless to say after a month of getting skunked, I shelved the idea of moving there to become a full time 21 player. I went back and played after that and had typical results, win some, lose some. A few times I won quite a bit, but other times I couldn't catch a decent hand no matter what (think Chevy Chase in Vegas vacation). FYI, that was back in the day when they had $2 Black Jack tables! Of course you could bet more when on a run. As of recent, I haven't had much luck at the BJ tables, $10 per hand can add up real fast or lose your bank roll real fast too.
Yves YGB (4 months ago)
HI Yes you can make money playing Carribbean Poker or Baccara. YES you can WIN if you are good in Math. ALWAYS SET A $$$ LIMIT Black Jack you have to play and watch what the Dealer has because you play against the Dealer 4 5 6 are the Bust Card . If you see a AS big chance the Dealer has Black Jack. The Dealer stops at 17. Poker you play against the Dealer Poker takes a long time to learn. BACCARA is a 50% 50% chance Game it is the Best ODDS game to Play. You bet on PLAYER 50% or BANK 50%. SIDE BET Dargon / Panda or Tie Card Game is Math Game: Baccara, Poker, Black Jack I have been playing for couple years and my winnings average $150 - $500 in one night. MERCI Bonne Soirée, Thanks and have good night.
Bartholmule Dirtbag (6 months ago)
It’s hard to teach card games. You kinda gotta learn on your own.
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
Innovative Power I disagree. I read and watched and learned about basic strategy and not to take insurance when I was getting into it for real money at casinos. Didn't figure that out on my own at all and played dumb at first.
Zar Heru (7 months ago)
towards the end “Absolutely not” but didn’t say WHY 🤷🏽‍♂️
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
Zar Heru if you look up basic strategy, while it may vary a bit depending on the rules of the particular table (and I'm not sure if the rules on 12 ever vary or not), you'll find that you DO hit on 12. In fact you always hit 12 *unless* the dealer's up card is 4, 5, or 6, at which point you stand.
secret angel (7 months ago)
what the meaning "soft 18" bro???
fijiandevil (6 months ago)
Soft 18 is when you have an ace and a number seven card. An ace can be 1 or 11 it’s called soft cause if you hit you won’t bust no matter what number is drawn next, the video is saying to draw another card is because he won’t bust and he is hoping for a 3, 2 or 1 to b drawn, his card will be either 21, 20, or 19. However he can get bad numbers as well and reducing his soft 18th to 17 and below and possibility of bust cause you have to draw maybe you got 15 and now you are forced to draw which may or may not cause you to bust.
jonathan ngo (7 months ago)
It is when the dealer draws an Ace and 7
unreal513 (7 months ago)
Haha did the dealer win every hand in the background?
Listener Canon (7 months ago)
Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 taught me so much.
GangeHrolfr (5 months ago)
is there blackjack in RDR2?
Patrick Malloy (7 months ago)
What do the amount of decks matter if you arnt counting cards?
Gary Lu Productions (4 months ago)
Pat Malloy More decks actually increase the casinos advantage because the odds are less likely to change.
mesa480az206 (7 months ago)
If you have a 12 stand on 12 ?
Merv McDonald (6 months ago)
Casinos slots
DragonPupEclipse (7 months ago)
@Leo WaltersHit on 12 against 2-3 and 7-ACE and only stand against 4-6
Leo Walters (7 months ago)
mesa480az206 stand on 12 if the dealer has a 6 or lower. Hit if the dealer got 7 or higher.
CHIRAYU PATIL (7 months ago)
Educational gambling 😓
Deeken Wheeler (7 months ago)
For Red Dead Redemption 2 purposes....
taydizzle412 (6 months ago)
I learned from the first one lol
Ozzman29 (6 months ago)
MarkMorbidity (7 months ago)
Omar hello Tahiri (7 months ago)
He forgot to tell him to quit the tables when idiots playing
Gary Lu Productions (5 months ago)
He said that they don't affect your game.
ram dat (7 months ago)
He's telling us to hit on 18 when dealer shows a 10. He must work for a casino...
Gary Lu Productions (5 months ago)
If you have soft 18 and the dealer's upcard is 9 or higher, it is worth it to try to get higher than 18.
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
Thomas Wilcox...and the ace counts as 11 of the 18
Thomas Wilcox (7 months ago)
secret angel soft 18 is when you have 18 with an ace and other card/cards
secret angel (7 months ago)
what the meaning "soft 18" bro???
peace for all (7 months ago)
He said on soft, listen before you talk
Mystic Productions (7 months ago)
Just watching this for the entertainment.
Tre Benjamin (7 months ago)
A very subtle tactic is to play the table minimum for a couple hands after you win a big hand the worst thing is to win a big hand then lose a big hand right after if you lose a table min your still up lose another your still up but losing three or four hands in black Jack just means you have bad luck so I usually start big if I win or lose I go small next hand and I work up a little after each loss but if I lose four I walk no matter what. losses per hour is a big thing
Henry Gonzalez (7 months ago)
It's the basic rules of the game that give the casino an advantage. Remember, the dealer is last to act. If you bust, you lose, no matter what the dealer does. That's the edge. So why the hell are people told to hit on a 14-16 ?? I always stay and I win a lot more than I lose doing that. If the dealer already has a twenty what’s going to save you? 6547 will and two just tie. Make the dealer bust
Gary Lu Productions (4 months ago)
Do you know why casinos are still making a lot of money? Because people like you think you know better than proven mathematics.
Tre Benjamin (7 months ago)
it's not good to anticipate cards but if allot of tens have been delt out that means allot of bust cards are coming
Vaddix 99 (7 months ago)
marin gheorghe (8 months ago)
Good job
Epicvoid (8 months ago)
Shuffler saves time? Seems like it still takes a while to take the lid on and off.
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
filosophia22 they don't take the lid off normally during play. They just drop used cards in the chute in the back. I think what you saw might have been a dealer loading the machine or demonstrating it or something maybe. The casino may change out the decks sometimes though, not sure.
john somerville (8 months ago)
obviously works or got paid from casinos how do u think he getsvfree coupons to give out
CoolBlue Games (8 months ago)
Why am I watching this I’m 13 😂
Aztec Warrior (7 months ago)
Hey...we play black jack at home. Good to know how
Crazy captain Tacos (8 months ago)
Lol same
flyingeagle357 (8 months ago)
coolblue: Because you have no friends?
greo909 (8 months ago)
Dealer here, the amount of dumb plays i see if staggering. You do need some luck (whatever that means) bit you should stick to these rules. Only thing i dont do is split 8's on tens. Usually goes 18 18 and dealer flip over 20. Better to surrender if you can or just hit and not lose double the money.
Doug Lee (8 months ago)
filosophia22 One hand doesn't mean you are right or wrong, but how the hell did you have 14 and 18, means you were stupid and stayed on 14vs 10. As far as the dealer giving advice, there is a reason why he is dealing and not playing.
Epicvoid (8 months ago)
A dealer said I was wrong for splitting 8s over 10, but I ended up having a 14 and 18 vs dealers 17, so I came out even. If I stayed with 16 I would have lost and if I hit I would have busted with 22.
UltimateBargains (8 months ago)
Mathematically, you are wrong. Psychologically, you are right.
Clarence LeFort (9 months ago)
Pegasus 2 count is the best.
Chris Baker (9 months ago)
Csm game = unbeatable game.
Roger cammack (9 months ago)
lol... "dont ever buy strategy books".... then he promotes his strategy book :)
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
To say that better, when they dismissed betting systems, they didn't mean card counting and don't seem to call it a betting system.
Daniel Goodman (6 months ago)
The thing to avoid is betting systems. The only arguably useful one is if you learn to vary your bets based on information you gain by counting cards.
Joel Nilsson (9 months ago)
If you quote someone, please quote them. Jesus.
americancasinoguide (9 months ago)
Watch it again. He said don't buy books that promote systems. He doesn't promote systems.
ArmchairQB (10 months ago)
"How does this work?" "Uhh..well the answer is very mathematically dufficult." If it's too hard to explain, why are you in a video about explaining blackjack?
Gary Lu Productions (4 months ago)
I bet that if it takes a long rocket science calculation to explain a simple strategy, you would be interested in hearing it.
GB and PG (9 months ago)
You need to retake English before you throw stones.
vanillaoreo251 (10 months ago)
ArmchairQB lol he meant too difficult for the audience. It would be a waste of time explaining advanced statistics to someone like you
David Whit (10 months ago)
Nobody is ever hitting 18 against a 9, come on now, really? Lol
Gary Lu Productions (5 months ago)
"Super unlikely you get above your 18" Bruh, it is more likely than you think that the dealer will beat you if the upcard is 9 or higher. Since your 18 is soft, it is worth it to try to get a higher value.
Irfan Keklikci (9 months ago)
if you hand soft 18 and then dealer hand 9 or more than , you hit
David Whit (9 months ago)
Jokerizbadass now that makes sense, dunno why I didn’t think that. Although you assume the dealer has 19, I prob wouldn’t hit it. Super unlikely you get above your 18. I’ll take my chances on dealer busting
Jokerizbadass (10 months ago)
David Whit I think it meant soft 18
Brian Gray (10 months ago)
the card says hit on 12-16 when the dealer is showing a 7-A. with a 12 you have 10,J,Q,K, 4 cards that can bust you so 9 cards wont but when your at 16 the percentage is really bad you have 8 out of the 13 against you. so depending on the cards I see on the table I hit or not, either way you got a lousy hand your dealing with
Chris Baker (9 months ago)
Read playing blackjack as a business there is two pages on the player gain or lose by hitting 12-16 vs different dealer up cards.
David Ekstrom (10 months ago)
His book consists of "The odds don't matter. The End"
Tivian Govender (10 months ago)
Was believin him..til he started talkin about where u sit..other players being worse.. and full or empty tables...Is he cooked??????????? Obviously that matters!!!! If people do stupid things on the table...everyone gets fucked...............And if its an extremely filled up table it wil be ridiculousy hard to win! And where u sit will matter, if theres shit players on the table..
Gary Lu Productions (5 months ago)
Other players are as likely to help you as they are to hurt you.
ThePollyPeanut (6 months ago)
Lets say dealer shows 6 and all stands except for last guy on the table who has 14. He hits and busts with a 10. Dealer then shows 16 and gets a 4, he now has 20. All players gets fucked by the last guy. BUT, there is no way of telling what is the next card to come at any time, unless you count cards. What im trying to say is, there is no reason to believe the next card for the guy hitting on 14 wont be an A-7. The cards are random, some situations player calls will fuck you and in some situations they will save you. All in all, after 100.000 hands with the same people on thes same table, the players with you wont change your odds of winning.
Chad K (8 months ago)
of course the actions of other players can effect your game on any given hand. but for every time an idiot player causes you to lose, they will cause you to win. When's the last time you ever heard of somebody thanking another Blackjack player for making a retarded move that allowed you to win??
Canal L (9 months ago)
Of course what others do matters it's a card game. But it's totally unpredictable so don't care about it. If more players/bad players actually had a positive impact for the casino they would hire people to play bad and you would see all BJ tables full with bad players. That obviously doesn't happen because it would be a stupid waste of time and money because again, the influence of previous hands in future hands is COMPLETLLY UNPREDICTABLE.
Derek Chatham (9 months ago)
What others do absolutely matters .
Jokerizbadass (11 months ago)
What is the right strategy when you have a 3 card 15-16 against a 7-A?
Nitish Joshi (7 months ago)
Sip your drink and get off the table if you lose
Chris Baker (9 months ago)
The book says hit 16 vs 7-A vs a 7 it is not close always hit. Vs a 10 it is close and you can stay if the deck is short on 5's.
David Whit (10 months ago)
Jokerizbadass hit 15, 16 is your call. I feel it out but usually stand. Whatever you do, either always hit it or always stand it. Consistency is key.
G Host (10 months ago)
Jokerizbadass depends on the count
D L (10 months ago)
Jokerizbadass hit
Gitti Gold (11 months ago)
Wieso ist die Überschrift in deutsch ? englisch quatscht der Mann ?
dronified (11 months ago)
Don’t buy any book he says. Yet he tells us to buy his book....
duncan kent (10 months ago)
droneified exactly
americancasinoguide (11 months ago)
He says don't buy any books that promotes gambling systems. His book doesn't do that.
Karim Lebbos (11 months ago)
A good gambler should know when to walk out the door
Canal L (9 months ago)
That's the most important lesson in gambling and one of the most importants in life
Spenser Hawk (11 months ago)
In Vegas, it's becoming increasingly hard to find 3:2 tables. Almost impossible on the strip. I did manage to find one at the Stratosphere with a completely empty table. It was a dream come true. That said, I understand about amount of time played and comps, but personally I don't care about getting two free buffets. I want to win cash. Whenever possible, find and empty or nearly empty table. And forget card counting with a CSM. In fact, forget about card counting period. Stick with the chart. Even still, luck still plays into all this. Casinos will always have the advantage and very few people make a living from this. In other words, bring in as much money as you're willing to lose.
americancasinoguide (10 months ago)
To get a better understanding of why you should not play 6-to-5 blackjack, read this article - https://www.americancasinoguide.com/blackjack/why-you-should-avoid-6-to-5-blackjack-games.html
D L (10 months ago)
So you get an extra 3 dollars for a blackjack... How often do you get blackjack in a night? After a few hours youre only up like 15 bucks from a 6-5...
Spenser Hawk empty table is very bad, here in Europe, if you playing alone on the table, you should play 2 hands. And this not good for my bakroll.
Nicholas Walters (11 months ago)
I see what you mean. I've played Blackjack at one of the games nights I used to go to and we had to deal with all sorts of cards but too bad no money could be won. Is it possible to get lucky when you visit Vegas?
Justin Hayward (11 months ago)
I have seen bad players hit when they had 19 getting 29. The dealer shows 15 the next card is a 6. If the bad player stayed the dealer would have gotten 25 and busted. So yes other players and mess up the game.
David duFresne (2 months ago)
Hmm played many years now and never seen that once. The strangest play is I saw a guy surrender a 17, I don't remember the dealers upcard, but I do remember it wasn't a 10. Of course I've seen people split 5s too many times to count. Splitting tens not near as much but from time to time.
Therealdropkick whitejr (9 months ago)
I’ve seen the dealer get 21 5 straight times
Drew Kjolberg (11 months ago)
Yeah I was playing blackjack at casino last night. The drunk guys next to me seemed to help but I guess it could of went the other way.
Kimmo Matikainen (11 months ago)
They can also save the game. "Bad" player can have 19 and take 4 when you have 10 and you get an ace. Thanks to "bad" player you got blackjack. All decisions made on the table have an impact until the end of the deck and not only for played hand. Maybe someone got blackjack four hands later and that would have not happened, if that "bad" player didn't hit at 19. In order to make that kind of conclusions, you need to follow all the hands in that deck to see if one decision by one player really impacted. One hand or even 5 hands don't change odds in a long run. If 10 000 or a million hands are played, then few hands are meaningless from odds and statistics perspective. Of course hand hand and one decision can impact you and your winnings or losses and that can hurt, but it is just a one hand out of millions of hands played every day.
Longzombiez 2 (11 months ago)
10:32 I kept money by taking insurance.guys I think it matters how much you bet if it’s over 500 or something close then don’t.
Derek Chatham (9 months ago)
Dont take insurance
americancasinoguide (11 months ago)
Never take insurance, unless you are counting cards and you know that the deck is rich in ten value cards.
brigitte gold (11 months ago)
Deutsche Überschrift und dann iss englisch
SmartCasinoGuide.com (11 months ago)
I think its great video, full of honest.
Mike EL (11 months ago)
I understand the first and the third chart, but what is the second chart for, and what are the white "r"s?
Alp Çelebi (10 months ago)
It is hands with ace
americancasinoguide (11 months ago)
H Hit S Stand P Split Dh Double if possible, otherwise Hit Ds Double if possible, otherwise Stand Rh Surrender if possible, otherwise Hit
Alan Jackson (11 months ago)
I don't agree on everything you're saying but I will say this. Winners know when to hit the door. I've seen fortunes lost by players thinking that pendulum is not going to swing back.
ssj994 (1 year ago)
Other players skill DOES MATTER. It affects odds
Red Chevy (11 months ago)
No. Other players unless they count cards AND are working for the casino cannot affect the odds.
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
The skill of the other players at a blackjack table does not matter. In the long run, sometimes their plays will hurt you and, sometimes, their plays will help you. In the long run, it doesn't matter what they do.
ssj994 (1 year ago)
I'm commenting as he speaks, HE IS FULL OF SHIT. Seat placement DOES matter!
Canal L (9 months ago)
@G Host yes they do if the last player hits and recives a 10 you lost a ten and if you recive an ace than you lost a BJ
fusionxtras (9 months ago)
@G Host but no one helps you either
G Host (10 months ago)
americancasinoguide seat placement matters to me. i like seat 1. so nobodies moves hurt me
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
You seem to have a lot of bad theories on how to play blackjack. If you are counting cards you might want to be in the last seat so you can see more cards before you make your playing decision. Other than that, seat placement doesn't matter.
ssj994 (1 year ago)
This guy is full of shit. Shuffle machines ruin your odds. He must've been put up to it by the casinos.
americancasinoguide (9 months ago)
You can't count cards against a continuous shuffling machine, but you can count cards against an automatic shuffling machine. Players need to distinguish between the two as they are different types of machines. If you are just using basic strategy it really doesn't matter which method is used.
Derek Chatham (9 months ago)
americancasinoguide he never responded. Typical calls someone out then doesnt stick around do defend ot
Kimmo Matikainen (11 months ago)
Shuffle machines would impact odds if played cards went straight back to machine and deck was shuffled after every hand. Then it would not be possible to count cards. If there is for example 8 decks and cards are shuffled at the end of the deck like it is done, my question is she same as guide's. How can machine ruin odds? Machine shuffles cards better than the dealer and ruins odds? When dealer shuffles cards, they are not shuffled well enough and you expect to see the same four card order in the next hand? You saw ace, ten, queen and king in a row in previous hand and you expect to see the same row of cards in the next hand if dealer shuffles? I wouldn't count on that, if this is what you mean.
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
You seem to have a lot of bad theories on how to play blackjack. Please tell us all your theory on why "Shuffle machines ruin your odds."
Don Charisma (1 year ago)
Sitting position does matter!!
Gabija Jamontaite (10 months ago)
As many people as many opinion.. Sad that there is any same one for all players but maybe its aa reason that 21 is so popular
Don Charisma (1 year ago)
maybe its luck but yes i am counting cards as well but when i look at the other players hands i can determine if i get a bad set of cards whether to keep hitting or stand, i also benefited from that
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
Are you actually counting cards? If so, then you will sometimes have to deviate from basic strategy. If you sit in the last seat you will get a lot of abuse from other players when you do that. When I counted cards I learned to not sit in the last seat. Yes, you will be able to see more cards, but I found it uncomfortable because of the abuse people would heap on you for not following basic strategy, even though my strategy deviation was required in that situation.
Don Charisma (1 year ago)
because it helps with counting cards , if i see everyone on my right getting 10s i can count cards and anticipate to see the dealers moves
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
Why do you think it matters?
Max Payne (1 year ago)
question for American casino guide with your experience with blackjack CSMs are becoming more common could we soon see CSMs that are used for all blackjack games the big reason why I'm concerned is it will render card counting useless
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
Continuous shuffling machines (CSM's) are usually only used on low-limit games where the players are not very knowledgeable. Also, because the limits are low the casinos want to have faster-paced games to make more money. CSM's are not used on the higher limit games because the players don't like them and the bets are higher so the casino is making more money on those games even though they are dealing fewer hands per hour.
Billy Wray (1 year ago)
if basic strategy really worked it would not be sold in casinos, thats just common sense
prwhite1000 (1 year ago)
Basic strategy works great for the casinos.
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
Even if you play basic strategy the casino will still have an edge over you. However, that edge will be much smaller than someone who sits there and guesses about how to play their hands. There is always only one mathematically correct way to play any blackjack hand and using basic strategy will allow you to do so properly.
Nexus Achilles (1 year ago)
A smarter gambler is someone who quit gambling.
smokedout (7 months ago)
Well fuck you. What a dumb thing to say. I gamble because it’s fun to me. If I win then it’s a better night. If I lose o well. I will make Money.
Philosopher K (9 months ago)
americancasinoguide What’s the point in learning how to gamble professionally if ultimately you can’t win? Your making no sense. Even if you reduce house edge to 1% so what you’ll still lose? All you did was prolong the Loss. How can you make a living then? Selling ebooks on limiting losses?
Canal L (9 months ago)
@americancasinoguide yes maybe but in the end you will allways loose more than you win and only a bet strategy will help you to make a profit from the few hands you win
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
"Smarter Gambler" is not an oxymoron. It all depends on how far you want to take your knowledge of gambling. There are some people who make a living at gambling and I know a few of them. However, it takes quite a bit of learning and a sizable bankroll in order to do this. Unfortunately, most people don't want to take the time and effort to learn about gambling. They think all games are based on luck, which is not true and they won't make any effort to learn a good bet from a bad bet. Take a look at the game of craps; some bets have a house edge of around 1% and one bet has almost a 17% house edge. Don't you think it would be wise to learn which bets are the good ones? A smart gambler will take the time and effort to understand the game they want to play and which are the best bets to make. Most people just want to go to a casino and have some fun, but their money should last a lot longer, and they should get many more comps, if they learn to be a smarter gambler.
ZzMetroidzZ (1 year ago)
This guy must work for the casinos. Every move everyone makes affects the whole table. One inconsistency can cost you a big bet. Also, streaks are a thing George Mcfly.
slay (10 months ago)
Of course one "inconsistency" can hurt you. However, one "inconsistency" can also help you. Play enough games and you'll find the hurt/help percentage is 50/50. It's equally probably, it makes no difference.
ZzMetroidzZ (1 year ago)
americancasinoguide Most players cant afford the long run and going home and back doesn't count because the next 100 hands won't be the same as a 100 more if they could stay. I agree others can help and hurt though.
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
Bad players don't necessarily make you lose. Sometimes they help you and sometimes they hurt you. In the long run, it doesn't matter what they do.
X x (1 year ago)
First time I played blackjack was when I was 12 thru GTA San Andreas took me three years to learn how to fly a plane lol
J Mo (11 months ago)
Lancepants lol that’s where I learned blackjack too don’t remember black jack in San Andreas though I was also about 12
Lancepants (1 year ago)
I got into it through red dead redemption. Which is also where I learned hold em. Cheating in hold em was the best
DaSQuad gaming (1 year ago)
Johnny Rayo same here
TKD NWWIS (1 year ago)
Number 1. The odds are always in favor of the casino, thats the way the system is set up. Number 2. The house is betting it has more money in its cage than you do in your bank account. In other words. their bankroll is bigger and can out money you. That is why they watch whales so closely.
Gary Lu Productions (5 months ago)
TKD NWWIS In Blackjack, the odds do not always favor the casino. Card counters know when the odds are in their favor.
Shobhit Bhargava (1 year ago)
Wait. Haha you said books are a sham and end the video trying to sell on of yours? Basic strategy I suppose ;)
ev1lcupcak3 (1 year ago)
Shobhit Bhargava he is selling a book on information of the most popular games, information on casinos in the United States, and coupons..... not a betting system
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
He said don't buy books that promote gambling systems because they don't work. His book is not about systems and neither is our book - the American Casino Guide. You can see our book on Amazon, here - https://www.amazon.com/American-Casino-Guide-Steve-Bourie/dp/1883768276/ref=pd_sim_14_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TACS9X0GYSVRE1VGNCYQ
ERICK CORTEZ (1 year ago)
Wait he said don't buy books and other stuff, than he pushes his at the end lmao.
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
He said don't buy books that promote gambling systems because they don't work. His book is not about systems and neither is our book - the American Casino Guide. You can see our book on Amazon, here - https://www.amazon.com/American-Casino-Guide-Steve-Bourie/dp/1883768276/ref=pd_sim_14_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TACS9X0GYSVRE1VGNCYQ
Al May (1 year ago)
does the strategy chart work with online Blackjack?
Junior Jsn (1 year ago)
americancasinoguide .....I played online few days ago. I was in a situation where I put my last hand and I was dealt 8s . I couldn’t spilt cause I had no money. Dealer up card was a 10 ....I took a hit and bust with a 10 ...then the dealer other card was a10 . Did I made the right decision by hitting or I should have surrendered? Next is .... I was dealt 2s ...dealer up card was a 3 . I split...first 2 was dealt a 4 took a hit ...get an ace now I have a soft 17. I stood . I believe my next hand with the other 2 was a hard 13. I ended up losing both hands. Did I played that hand correct or I should have hit my soft 17 v a 3 for a harder total?
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
Yes. Just make sure that the numbers of decks used, and the rules enforced, are the same.

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