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Please like share and subscribe to TrekTrendy for more worldwide travel vlogs: http://bit.ly/1WNqym8 On my way to Bangkok flying out of Hong Kong International airport I was lucky enough to sample the Cathay Pacific Pier Business Class lounge. I only had around an hour in the lounge prior to my flight, but I thought i'd share my experience with you guys! Key things are this is Cathay Pacific's flagship Business Class lounge, and my word what a place! Hope to experience the First Class lounge next time. Also I explain the situation which we were faced with, whereby we got given the opportunity to voluntarily downgrade to economy for a cash reimbursement. Hope you like it guys and as always let me know your thoughts in the comments. Music credit: Rock Angel - Joakim Karud
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Cool Breeze (1 year ago)
On a recent trip from the U.S. around the world in business class I sampled several lounges including Qatar's Al Mourjan and Cathay's The Wing and The Pier. Liked The pier the best...great food and ambience.
Aaron Explores (1 year ago)
Out of all the airports I have been to and I still haven't been to a lounge yet 😂 I really need this kind of treatment. Good to see you back!
Aaron Explores (1 year ago)
Trek Trendy nice one bro, yes I'm in Belgrade at the moment, moving on to Sarajevo in Bosnia tomorrow ☺
Trek Trendy (1 year ago)
I'll drop you a few tips on Instagram inbox mate, i have a few tricks up my sleeve! And yes, good to be back i've missed Youtube! Are you still travelling?

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