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I'll be the very first person to admit that Bohemian style wasn't my jam. Until this week. I got a Facebook message from Cheryl, asking for help to edit down her 25+ year collection from her worldwide travels. Of course I loved the idea of a makeUNDER but I'd be lyin' if I said I'd never rolled my eyes at the idea of the whole bohemian trend happening right now (yes, its really trendy in 2016 decor). But then I met Cheryl. She is the true embodiment of what the Bohemian style is and she made me fall in love with her. Is that weird? I get one facebook message, visit her porch for an hour, and I'm sold? YES, YES, YES. Cheryl is beyond interesting, kind, funny, and WOWZA the stories she can tell from her travels all over the world. And she rides a bike to work and does yoga on the daily. She's a cool cat, and not following the beat of anyone's drum but her own. That's my kinda girl. Give boho a try, and watch this week's episode! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! More subscribers lead to even better content for you. Follow us on:: INSTAGRAM: @azaleastreetdesigns FACEBOOK: facebook.com/azaleastreetdesigns
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Text Comments (40)
Ferdinand Elisabeth (1 month ago)
Beautifull, how about rain,.. You have to take it all down..? Lots off work every day....
Tina Kearns (1 month ago)
Love, Love, Love!!!
Simple Honest Design (1 month ago)
Thank you TIna! Please share the channel with a friend! :)
Ultraviolet Morgan (2 months ago)
I love that you used things she already had.
Simple Honest Design (2 months ago)
Using what people own and incorporating it into their design is one of my favorite parts of my job!
Kate42 (4 months ago)
I'm sorry to say, I liked it better before they eliminated her things. I do like the sarongs hanging behind the bench, but, I really like it better the other way much better.
Riyanka Nath (17 days ago)
Exactly what I think
Jay K (4 months ago)
This was great. Everything came out awesome!
L Mc (5 months ago)
looks great... but you can't put a Buddha on the floor
LivingMindfully1975 (6 months ago)
Do a video on artistic minimalism!!
Simple Honest Design (6 months ago)
I'll see what I can do!
LivingMindfully1975 (6 months ago)
I like her home! I am a bohemian but I'm also a minimalist. I have zero clutter. I would rather have one large colorful painting instead of lots and lots of "stuff."
Simple Honest Design (6 months ago)
I would be the same!
maya Mh (6 months ago)
Here is perfect RUG for your bohemian Design https://www.etsy.com/listing/611219903/moroccan-brown-beni-ouirain-rug-vintage?ref=shop_home_active_1
Guinevere Pendragon (7 months ago)
Yeah that looks cute but it's not functional. It's not about designing for the camera shot.
Alexandria Summers (7 months ago)
When it rains, won't the hanging fabric get wet?
Simple Honest Design (7 months ago)
The fabric is pretty protected being under the roofline on the porch, but we also sprayed it with scotchguard to waterproof it just in case.
curli-lettey (7 months ago)
It looks so cozy, I can imagine how it looks at night with the candles lit.
Simple Honest Design (6 months ago)
Paige Meier (8 months ago)
I will happily take her leftovers haha. was put together well!
Simple Honest Design (8 months ago)
Thank you Paige! :)
Radha Das333 (11 months ago)
This woman is a true bohemian. All of these people these days don't have a clue what a bohemian or how they live. It's not about going to Home Goods or Wayfair and buying a bunch of new crap made in China.
LivingMindfully1975 (6 months ago)
I agree. And for me being a bohemian isn't merely about clothing and your home's interior but it's about the philosophy you live by and how you think.
Simple Honest Design (11 months ago)
Thank you so much! As long as people are still watching, I'll be making them :) New season starts in MAY!
Radha Das333 (11 months ago)
Simple Honest Design I am subscribed to your channel and really enjoy it. I wish you would do more videos like this. I loved it!
Simple Honest Design (11 months ago)
Thanks for the comment Radha! :) She's traveled the world and these things remind her of her travels and experiences. And you're right - she IS a true Bohemian! :)
Jasmine Brooke (1 year ago)
She needs to have a yard sale
monali2006 (1 year ago)
Looks ok . Doesn't look like designed by designers. She didn't have to hire you
Maria Farquharson (5 months ago)
if she likes it that is what counts. is Her house and her life remembered in all those things.
xr28y ge3fl1 (1 year ago)
Collect a bunch of junk and call it a name. Waste your life on materialistic trash, hardly anything to be proud of or memorable.
Xyrius D (7 months ago)
xr28y ge3fl1 she travels and brings things back that's very memorable. It's her life journey...
xr28y ge3fl1 (11 months ago)
Radha your bending up your karma. Making bad mojo, youll be kicked out of your meditation circle.
xr28y ge3fl1 (1 year ago)
How can anyone be bitter about trash? Its called hoarding by some. So your concept of Bohemian is about the crap you collect? Google it, Bohemian is about letting go of the materialistic rat race and living your own way. Its NOT about the crap you collect and hoard. Be honest, she is a Fake Boho.
NJ CAMOCUTIE (1 year ago)
I LOVE THIS!!!!So fun...i just opened my store https://bohoskies.com...Trying to implement the same Boho Chic trend..Check it out you may like some items
Love this porch, all those colors are fantastically fun!
Simple Honest Design (8 months ago)
Thank you so much! She loves color so I just used what she had. :)
Lindsey Stiegler (2 years ago)
Looks AMAZING!!!!!
Simple Honest Design (2 years ago)
Lindsey Stiegler thank you! :)
Bill Cannon (2 years ago)
Another place and another person on this lonely planet that I would Love to meet some day and get to know. What a great porch to explore! I imagine every piece has a story and where poetry abounds. Peace&Love!
Simple Honest Design (2 years ago)
Bill Cannon you would have so much inspiration here! Cheryl is one amazing gal

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