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Uncharted Golden Abyss Case by Thrustmaster

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http://twitter.com/unkleEL You can find the case here: http://Thrustmaster.com Hey all I have been waiting to get this case for quite some time. When I first saw it I found out that it was only going to be released for the UK but then Amazon stocked it! Hope you guys enjoy so far I'm pretty floored about this case.
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Text Comments (21)
Joao Pedro (4 years ago)
muito massa cris
Fabian Levin (5 years ago)
I want it, but nobody is selling it 
Darren Neo (5 years ago)
Can you remove the padding or cushion in the case ?
AWESOMEONE (6 years ago)
Where did you get it cant find it any where
Zach Adair (6 years ago)
Or do u have a PSP with mgs portable ops would love to play PSP with u
Zach Adair (6 years ago)
Do u have an x360
Chef Danger (6 years ago)
This is definitely the coolest of all the Vita cases, but it doesn't offer near the protection of the Rocketfish vault case. I couldn't care less about aesthetics, I want protection. Vault case all the way.
M G (6 years ago)
i love uncharted forever
Nassim Oulhadj (7 years ago)
no game?
Jigsawdead (7 years ago)
you deleted about 300 videos?? or just privated?
shericeny (7 years ago)
are u get the two games that coming out for the ps vita today which one of them i want to know if i should get that real fighting?... well i think that the name of it.
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
@219garyind Yeah I just found out that Amazon has 8 of this case left..but I see screen protectors all the time..you can check Amazon for those as well as Best Buy if you haven't already..but yeah the CPP is out of stock pretty much everywhere. GameStop was a bad choice as the only place to carry it because they usually get a super small amount and they sell out fast.
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
@RsTheJuice401 thanks man!
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
@8bitEverything Thanks! Yeah it's a tad on the pricey side..but they do have one that's a little bit cheaper..different style but it's still a great looking case.
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
@219garyind no problem! They have a few good cases out there..I also like the one that looks like a sunglass case..looks like the First Edition Bundle case.
David Lee (7 years ago)
Cool Intro bro. Wish I had the cash for the case
TheJuice401 (7 years ago)
damn nice
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
@steamone06 Yeah I ended up doing the restore as well and I've been back at it like I never had the issue. I wish I would've known it right when it happened though lol..
steamone06 (7 years ago)
Hey geek u ever get ur near working I did had to restore my vita its a pain in the ass tho
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
@cobanermani456 Yeah could be better..more of a golden tint would make it better..but for what it's worth it's a solid case..I like it.
cobanermani456 (7 years ago)
Hmmm looks cool I guess but doesn't look as special as it should be imo

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