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How to Look Good In Every Picture | Get MORE Likes on Your Social Media Photos

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Text Comments (758)
Derick eve (2 days ago)
Why even guy is Scratching? ✌😶✌ i even notice on interview. What is meant by that? It's only done by gay.
Wegahta Tewelde (25 days ago)
ዘረባ ኣብዚህካ ዓርከይ
PhyoPaing Khant (1 month ago)
Really hurts like hell when I'm ugly af and watchs this
QaXhi JuTT (1 month ago)
Starts at 1:25
Javier Cortez (1 month ago)
I'm unsubscribing your channel
Chaitanya Chauhan (2 months ago)
This guy looks good laughing. Well that made me laugh.
Mark-Ass Brownlee (2 months ago)
discount alpha??
Rospisev Канал (3 months ago)
Excellent online marketplace for buying, selling paintings. Come on in! http://artf.in/0hmO5A
Fiona Young (3 months ago)
great advice on pics!
Cookie Mak (3 months ago)
How do I find my pose
GQ Rugged (3 months ago)
Great Tips Playa!. I'd like to add a few 1. Be doing something you like. (Drinking beer doesn't count) 2. Make sure you see more of you than the background.
itsLincoln (4 months ago)
Aww he w's a lil bit shy.. but in 2019 here he's as energetic as an athlete.. 😂😂😂
DARKSHARK (4 months ago)
i look cringey as fuck its like a rap
Eagle Eye (4 months ago)
You still look ugly bro...
Bass The Aceist (4 months ago)
School picture day, I got an embarassing photo of myself with my head tilted at a 60° angle, neck pushed over, and shoulders were looking HUGE. To top that all off, I gave out the FAKEST smile, as if i were seducing the camera while trying not to blink. End of the story. Never taking pictures EVER again. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bass The Aceist (4 months ago)
OK, it wasn't 60°, but my head was tilted like I was ABOUT to dodge a bullet. I looked like a fuckin' pedophile 😂😂
Gaming With Drockk (4 months ago)
Just get a new face or take alot of off gaurds because its nothing you can do if your ugly!
Alex Hmung (5 months ago)
"and the 4 girls that watch my show" lmfao but aye ya'll should follow me @alxh.png
Ki ara (5 months ago)
Ok I knew about the natural light thing because I did notice that with my pictures vs. Having the camera flash on
Ashutosh Yawale (6 months ago)
That's a lame watch. Hit like if you think the same.
C Dev Dani (6 months ago)
U r awesome bro
Hoàn Lê Văn (6 months ago)
it's worth 1 dislike and unsubscribe.
Justin Posadas (6 months ago)
Don't be shy show what you are!
Kareem Ehab (6 months ago)
The problem is that I look good but in pictures I look like shit
Dazz2K Dazel (4 months ago)
Me too
Love ka feeling (7 months ago)
Madhar chod
epic forward (7 months ago)
You are not ugly......... You are just poor
Shax (7 months ago)
step 1: look like me or your fail
Pengi444 Gt (7 months ago)
I think my face is to ugly
Shadowfox RE (8 months ago)
Rajdip Dey Sarkar (8 months ago)
U r not ugly U r just poor
MOB Lynch (8 months ago)
my profile picture is dope as hell. I always keep updating my pic and I keep getting heaps of likes. XD
Vivek Dhanka (8 months ago)
Very nice video bro...
mr Hotshots (9 months ago)
Stop trying to sell us five dollar watches be a real man and get yourself a Rolex
Btterthanyu (9 months ago)
You talk for 20 minutes and explain for 30 seconds
Vivek Mishra (10 months ago)
Video starts at 1:27
Childish Sadbino (10 months ago)
Catfishing 101
Muhamad Syamir Haziq (10 months ago)
It working
Armaan Islam (10 months ago)
Wow, your videos just evolved, I loved you then and I love you now Jose
EggyBoi (11 months ago)
Most importantly: Be rich
dank chicken buggies (11 months ago)
No one whats your stupid a warch
andrey mikheyev (11 months ago)
u lied to me about the window lighting thing. the picture with me facing away from the window looked better cuz u couldnt see me
Marlon King (11 months ago)
Thanks, but could have been summed up in under two minutes.
Damuel Denny (11 months ago)
nice vid dudeee
Najaire Thomas JIIMMI (11 months ago)
the four girls...thats really specific
M'Baku & T'Challa (11 months ago)
4:00 It's called the golden ratio
Hafizur Rahman (1 year ago)
Bro do a video about how do you roll your shirt sleeves..
Thunderous Devian (1 year ago)
Hey Jose Zuniga Maybe can you just talk about the fashion , I always see the fifth watches on your videos maybe can you only talk about it seldom, Because I've already seen it always.
Trippie Gamer (1 year ago)
Ugh talk to much
Sleepy K (1 year ago)
Bruh I just knew he had a video on this
Ashka 17 (1 year ago)
Just looking his ears like bus mirror 😜
mehdi hossein (1 year ago)
When I compare your first videos on this channel with your new ones, I start believing that you were shy a few years ago... you've already said that in a few videos, but I just couldn't imagine...
Vina Lamine (1 year ago)
Vina Lamine (1 year ago)
I loved it
F Is my first letter (1 year ago)
How can I change the color of my setting to grey like yours
Rosemary Hofstedt (1 year ago)
Lol, four girls
taetae_ toffee (1 year ago)
Me looking good in pictures....YOUR FUNNY
Goutham Mohandas (1 year ago)
find a new face
kunal 17 (1 year ago)
Which camera you are using for photography ?
Ianxruzz Asdfg (1 year ago)
Dude everytime Someones taking a picture of me for some purposes i can't stop laughing
Jahangir Ali Khan (1 year ago)
You talk a lot ! Show some good samples man !
all of type (1 year ago)
kuttar baccha
Pop corner (1 year ago)
step1.kill yoursel step2.be incarnated with a good looking face.😷
Zurairy Zami (1 year ago)
First,u must not UGLY
lawnmower (1 year ago)
1. Get Galaxy s8
MissesKitty (1 year ago)
Suprisinging enoughAutistic people are really good at looking perfect in photos
Kumar Nikhil (1 year ago)
Hey bull shit first see ur style 😆😅
Kumar Nikhil (1 year ago)
Hey bull shit always don't introduce ur brands
KNIGHT STREAMER (1 year ago)
Fuck dslr ... Hail Mob Cams
Hindu Boy lay (1 year ago)
GuidelinePlus (1 year ago)
NICE https://youtu.be/TXNDzhAvWLA
Eshaan Karanth (1 year ago)
Nice video 👍
Eshaan Karanth (1 year ago)
Jose has a pose
shawal zainal (1 year ago)
Sample1 (1 year ago)
i look suicidal in every angle
Damikens (2 months ago)
vvvrath (8 months ago)
gilang panji (1 year ago)
Raizo Jay (1 year ago)
My fucking parents wants me to always face the fucking camera when i want to look at the view in the backround and pretend that it was a stolen shot
Raizo Jay (1 year ago)
Aaron (1 year ago)
Too much advertisement
R T kl (1 year ago)
What if ur ugly?
cute girl (1 year ago)
My problem is my face😂
Chubby Chu (1 year ago)
Hi I'm a girl and I watch your show :)
giorgos tseligas (1 year ago)
Out of those five rules the fifth is obviously the mosr stylish
nick (1 year ago)
Ryan N (1 year ago)
To take a good photo. You need to have two steps. 1. Don't be ugly 2. Have good clothes 3. Be rich.
heller1411 (1 year ago)
People realy need to get laid who watch this types of video's lol
Matthew Pugh (1 year ago)
With the rule of thirds, you really want to be at the intersection of the lines that split the image into thirds. Just like the girl in the example.
Na_ViGURD1AN (1 year ago)
Can Stop Talking Just Teach How To Be A Cool Guys
Prince Mahaseth (1 year ago)
contact me on 913913073 thanks, regards
Flori (1 year ago)
The final tip is amazing I can see the difference in a second. Thank you so much
Stiff Clause (1 year ago)
Remember this: you're not ugly, you're just broke
Reema Adeel (1 year ago)
4 girls that watch my show haha 😂
Jdr Drummer (1 year ago)
bro do trim your beard
Dark GTV (1 year ago)
I have no good sides
Manoj Singh singh (1 year ago)
can you please tell about a girl
Edgars Pavlovičs (1 year ago)
what if I look like a smeagul
MadMonkey (1 year ago)
those watches are expensive
Brenson (1 year ago)
Face gestures ====== expressions. 😂😂😂
w47willrise ? (1 year ago)
I already knew the rule of thirds, or aka The Golden Rectangle. I also knew about the sunlight.
E RG (1 year ago)
this guy has the funniest comment section seen on every video and I spend alot of time on YouTube
Abg Don (1 year ago)
well showing my teeth not going to work well on me becaue i got a tooth gap...can u help me how i can smile without showing my teeth? because when a people take my pitcure the usually ask me to smile,it only will be a fake smile hiding my tooth gap because im no comfortable with that...did u have any other option?
Klein Sven (1 year ago)
Where is this shirt from?:)
Kiko Bohol TV (1 year ago)
I love your videos

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