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Paris Side-Trips

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Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | Side-tripping from Paris into the Ile de France, we indulge in the world of royal and aristocratic extravagance in the pre-Revolutionary playground of France’s elite. We explore Versailles, Europe’s palace of palaces; exquisite Vaux-le-Vicomte; and extravagant Fontainebleau, home to centuries of French rulers. We’ll also marvel at the glass and statuary of Chartres Cathedral…and dine like kings. | © 2014 Rick Steves' Europe Visit http://www.ricksteves.com for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe. Check out more Rick Steves’ Europe travel resources: “Rick Steves’ Europe” public television series: https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/video/tv-show “Travel with Rick Steves” public radio program: https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/audio/radio European Tours: https://www.ricksteves.com/tours Guidebooks: https://store.ricksteves.com/shop/guidebooks Travel Gear: https://store.ricksteves.com/shop/ Trip Consulting: https://www.ricksteves.com/travel-help/plan-your-trip-with-our-expert-consultants Travel Classes: https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/video/travel-talks Rick Steves Audio Europe App: https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/audio/audio-europe Rick Steves, America's most respected authority on European travel, writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.
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Sook Wilson (1 month ago)
I Have seen the Versailles twice, compared it to the Forbidden City in Beijing, it's mostly huge structure serounded with red walls with smaller garden.
Sanguinarium (2 months ago)
*"Some are born to rule, and the rest of us... just deal with it" Welcome in the USA ! No wait...*
Jayashree Gatade (3 months ago)
Rick this is well done. :) Thank you!
judy dennis (3 months ago)
Would love to take a trip to Paris that is Gardens and Palaces. 🌹🏰
D Walker (3 months ago)
Thank you
Chris K (4 months ago)
My wife and I with our two children (14 months, ~4yr) were fortunate to visit Versailles mid-may 1999. We rode theTGV fast train from Paris. The weather was perfect, no really long lines. We looked agape at unbelievable interiors; hall of mirrors, library, gallery of great battles, royal public bedrooms and on and on. We took a shuttle bus to the more private areas behind the main Palace to the Queen's Hamlet and walked the Grand Canal (made to look longer and grander through the use of forced perspective). We were shocked to find our double stroller was not where we were told to park it. And also shocked to realize we were literally the last one's there. Everything was locked up! So now we're panicking! We finally found a security guard and eventually the stroller! So now on the train and back to Paris - WRONG! We missed the last TGV train back so now what....? We were several hours from Paris with two little children and it was going to be dark soon! It helps to speak French to find out our options. As luck would have it my wife minored in college French. We hustled to find a bus back to Paris. No luck with an express bus. It's now very late afternoon and a long to get back to Paris. We finally found a local bus that was heading to Paris street by street, stop by stop all the way back. It actually turned out to be wonderful! We slowly made it back through these quaint little towns and were able to see the non-tourist "real" everyday people getting on and off with their packages. And real everyday towns. The children fell asleep and somehow we made our way to our rented apartment in the 11th Arrondissement late at night. Whoo...exhausted! One short note of interest, later that summer they had the worst rain/wind storm at least 100yrs. Hundreds of trees, uncountable foliage, bushes, flowers etc were blown and/or destroyed. This included Versailles, Paris, Chataux, gardens. Look it up! Late summer 1999. Part of our trip of a lifetime!
Felix Dunkel (4 months ago)
Times have changed. Fois gras is utterly cruel.
Madhurima Mazumder (7 months ago)
What is the music at the beginning?
Carole S (8 months ago)
I love Rick Steves' videos of his travels; regardless where he goes, makes me want to go there. Wish I could bring him along my future trip to Europe so his guidance would maximize the enjoyment of my travels!
Zoe Fang (9 months ago)
Louis Roi Soleil <33 My goodness I adore Baroque art <3
Mobile Oppression Palace (9 months ago)
Wasn’t Napoleon an earlier, French version of Hitler?
Jules Rodrickson (9 months ago)
Great video. Europe's best palaces and castles are in France. I travelled a lot all over Europe so I say this. Thanks Steves.
Mae Tabiana (10 months ago)
I wish that someday I can travel to Paris ❤️
Úrsula Hans (1 year ago)
Uau ❤❤
Ben Robbins (1 year ago)
You're going to seriously try to force bankers and financiers into being responsible for the French Revolution? You can't be that dense. The financial markets, such as they were, were unrecognizable from today. The average person never dealt with a bank of any kind. Only merchants, nobles, and royals dealt with banks, and they had a much, much smaller impact on the economy. The French Revolution wasn't caused by bankers and financiers, it was caused by overspending by the Bourbons, and their unwillingness to extend taxes to the nobility. End of story.
John Isaac Felipe (9 months ago)
Ben Robbins bankers are also to blame
Deem M (1 year ago)
Ah, this takes me back to France and Paris, the cuisine, the wine the deserts!!! the culture.
Olive Primo Design (1 year ago)
The production of foie gras (the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened) involves force-feeding birds with more food than they would eat in the wild, and more than they would voluntarily eat domestically. Their necks and heads are squeezed as large metal rods shove food down their throats in an extremely painful process for the birds. I LOVE your show and all the positivity you bring to viewers around the world with your travels.. but it's unacceptable you are endorsing the torture of innocent animals by encouraging people to eat foie gras. If anyone wants to see the torture these birds endure just google image foie gras. In a world full of tons of protein options why endorse the horrible useless suffering of another sentient being. Would you want someone doing this to your dog or cat? Would you want your neck and head squeezed with a metal rod shoved down your throats pushing tons and tons of food in there after your full? Ducks and geese have all the same emotions as humans, dogs and cats. It's been scientifically proven all animals experience a wide range of emotions including pain.  Please have your editors review your content more thoroughly in the future, thanks.
peter tuann (1 year ago)
now that you mentioned quietness, you are correct, Asian restaurants are way too loud. I agree with the English, keep your voices down in public.
Annabelle Baca (1 year ago)
i love paris so much!!!
Yo Daddy 9999 (1 year ago)
France is so beautiful and Versailles just takes your breath away.
cl223 (1 year ago)
What a tool. Does only senior citizens watch his videos?
Blair Comptons (3 months ago)
Nope, 20 year olds who wish to travel the world and are also very curious about different culture, cuisines, and experiences also watch his videos. :D
Sheryl Benkosky (1 year ago)
Europe has become one giant city. So few unspoiled natural open spaces left. Human Overpopulation out of control.
Dito R.franco (1 year ago)
Ótimos Videos,
GGauche (1 year ago)
The opulence is breathtakingly arrogant! Great video, but not even a mention of the labyrinth at Chartres, surely one of its most interesting features.
stephen10 (1 year ago)
you have the best job in the world
Lance Burley (1 year ago)
Just looking at Charred Chapel.....I can see where St. Patrick Catherdal borrowed its design from.....
Chris Chiampo (1 year ago)
moviebod (1 year ago)
Foie gras really? Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a feeding tube. Just so you know. If you don't, then you should read about it. If you do...
Michael Evans (4 months ago)
I was happy with this video until they sat down to eat.😣
Ben Robbins (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure he knows and doesn't care, like most people.
Dawn Maclear (2 years ago)
Christian (2 years ago)
Monarchy is so much superior to democracy
Jennifer Lorence (3 months ago)
Dojocho (1 year ago)
yes its is so much better when you have a honest system like the US...we had a choice hillary or trump....both were on the same team...isn't democracy fun.....or how many bushes did we have and another clinton..out of 320 million people funny how they seem to alwasy be the same??????
NNEKA A. (2 years ago)
Christian and monarchy is controlled by mobs behind closed doors .. absolute power absolutely corrupts.. kings have absolute control power
Brian Ross (2 years ago)
Rick please it's pronounced Fon-ten-blow
Victoria Reeves (2 years ago)
Brian Ross
MD BROWNEL (2 years ago)
Brian Ross
naveen roshan (2 years ago)
Mr Rick steves i like europe the most i am very happy of your europe collection videos. Thank you sir and your term.for giving us this good videos..
Brooke Ethington (2 years ago)
I love reliving my Paris trip through this video!
Sook Wilson (1 month ago)
Same here ! Paris is always lovely in the spring. Too Bad he didnt cover the lesser known neighborhood in Paris. A famous movie " Paris Je t ' aime " will give you a feel of Parisian life today
Narata (2 years ago)
Me too! So many great memories. :-)
Mike H (2 years ago)
Rick...the bed at 13:05. Come on man.
Nguyễn Hoàng Vũ (3 years ago)
Europe is so rich in terms of culture, customs, music, and,.... so much more to discove (A man from Vietnam). Thank so much for sharing the clips.
Diegomax22 (4 months ago)
Thanks ! That's make me proud to be French and European !
R (4 months ago)
As does the east! China, India, Japan etc have wonderful ancient culture . There is much the east has given the world. Much older than the western culture actually, but of course its all so very lovely. East and west both 🙂
kobyjones (3 years ago)
Chateau du Pret? I can't find it online?
Marco Schwarz (3 years ago)
Great video document. I saw Paris at least 5 times. Fortunately my uncle lives in Paris.
Bruce Burns (3 years ago)
Ajmal Shah (3 years ago)
wonderful versailes
Ajmal Shah (3 years ago)
amazing historical palaces in paris
Zac#TRUMP2016 (3 years ago)
I thought china was the richest
xenotypos (1 year ago)
"Richest" usually refers to GDP per capita. On the other hand, the nominal GDP (the "biggest" economy) at the time was just measured by the agricultural output, so a kingdom or en empire with a large population had logically a bigger GDP. Nowadays the biggest economy is tighly linked with power, it was more complicated back then: it also depended on technology, logistics capacities and prosperity. That being said, even today the biggest economies (USA and China) don't have the highest GDP per capita: countries such as Qatar, Norway or Switzerland for example have a gdp per capita higher than USA.
Zac#TRUMP2016 (3 years ago)
@Li ming Wow you wrote alot congrats
Zac#TRUMP2016 (3 years ago)
@Li ming Maybe China might not be the richest because there treasures were stolen 
Li ming (3 years ago)
China was already 20 times bigger with 20 times more people. So naturally it was richer. But per capita it was not, and historically have never been the richest. In Asia it was though. I love France and Europe and any of these small countries in Europe have more treasures and palaces that all China.  China had one emperor so one "palace"  the forbidden city and a few others. But Europe had many countries so many Kings therefor many royal palaces and so many castles and cathedrals and fountains and muséums... It's the best place to go in historical tourism
hawaiilorenzo (3 years ago)
*SHART* i wonder if that's the correct pronunciation... anybody know?
corisco tupi (2 years ago)
CNHabs (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot for the detailed videos! It helped me a lot for my upcoming trip!
Francesco Arellano (3 years ago)
Gotta repeat history...Off with their heads...
Bruce Burns (3 years ago)
+Charles And what are you going to replace it with , some boring Socialist Soviet type President , the Socialist Brits from the Labor Party decided to hand Britain over to whoever and pretty well the Brits have no rights in their own country , in time it will be a country who belongs to nobody and that nobody cares about , I witnessed the anarchy of the Communist Unions in the 70's when Britain was brought to its knees , bankrupt and an  outright class war , from the worlds greatest and richest and most influential power to begging for money from the International monetary fund , that's the price your nation paid by letting the rabble get control , I can only say thank the good lord that Britain set up the empire and in the modern era we had the Anglo sphere or we would have descended into another dark age with Hitler and the Soviet Union , the Brits should go all out to preserve every bit of there culture along with all the Europeans as there is nothing like it in the world , Europe is a marvel for all the world .
Francesco Arellano (3 years ago)
a fact my friend...One wonders!
Anabel Manco (3 years ago)
I like it so much! thank you very much!
Grace Serena Christie (4 years ago)
Also I have a degree in Divinity.  So actually the floors are crosses as are the windows and the mirrors are cross in designs.  And the ceiling it was not someone who decided just to paint people.  Now if you are clairvoyant you can ask God to separate the clouds to see the people and to show heaven which is drawn on your show 6:43 parts of the Hall of Records is shown on the ceiling there.  Yes you can see that all the time if you look up after praying a lot with angels around you.  In France they just painted what they saw.  All the churches had similar paintings...... the ceilings are not someone's imaginations they are real just seen by painters who work for Kings and Queens.  All of the white and the Gold it to make the Building more Divine for its purpose on earth as in Heaven to rule with a lot better advisers.... was the plan people don't know that it was only told to the inside groups.  As you see the mirrors are also doors.......
Link Lindquist (1 year ago)
Payhole Everdouche the
Dojocho (1 year ago)
all Orthodox churches have at the apex of the dome a image of Jesus christ...he is above all ..mary is usually high on the wall..but never above Jesus christ.
EEN63 (4 years ago)
Definitely one of my favorite videos thus far! Beautiful, opulent and absolutely over-the-top. I can't help but think of all the amazingly talented artisans and craftsmen that spent years creating such intricate and gorgeous architecture and decor! Such fabulous historical treasures!!!
Kyle Wit (1 year ago)
udrdoug If you hadn't said this, I would have tried to. This palace embodies no less than a hundred years of suffering. It is certainly "over the top"
udrdoug (1 year ago)
Don't forget how many died on the job and how many peasants toiled and starved while paying taxes to pay for it all. The Elite did not pay tax, a time the elite are trying hard to return to.
Tpz Elf (4 years ago)
"script, please" How cute, haha!
JALBE - Jennifer (4 years ago)
The upholstery in Napoleon's apartment is beautiful, thank you for showing it in great detail! I also want to thank you for the new uploads, I've been a fan since childhood and I love that the Rick Steve's team made the videos available on YouTube.The sites in "Paris Side-Trips" and the Château's in "France’s Loire: Château Country" have been added to my visitor's list!
Vautier Christophe (1 year ago)
Dear sir you made the greatest choice. As a french man I would choice the same places. In Versailles when the fountain are running there is some baroque music in every "bosquet". It is so lovely. From time to time there is what we call the night party. It is a party with some fire works as it was done for the sun king on the 17th century. Chartres cathedral is always so beautiful. Don't miss the stain glass "Notre dame de la belle verrière" it is the most beautiful of the cathedral. This place is well-known for its bleu stain glasses we call this colour "le bleu de Chartres" until now nobody could remake a such bleu colour
Manthan Yagnik (4 years ago)
awesome ........ just loved it..............
Jason Malihan (4 years ago)
Great Job! Nicely produced and edited :)
John (4 years ago)
vive le roi

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