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Red Army Choir - The Hunt For Red October

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mbear1 (18 hours ago)
I think it's beautiful and haunting (even if it's not the real Red Army Choir). Can someone Russian please chime in with the lyrics?? I'd love to know what they are saying and would like to see the Russian words (in Cyrillic please....I can read Greek so I can mostly read Russia words even i dont understand them.)
MYPD SHP (4 days ago)
"You'll receive the Order of Lenin for this, Captain." Still an epic movie!
Soviet Union (4 days ago)
Good... good we shall rise
Veldtian1 (5 days ago)
Engage the silent drive.. Also what's the deal with director John McTiernan, 1/Predator 2/Die Hard 3/The Hunt For Red October Seriously?
william kenny (7 days ago)
thank you for standing up for Christianity mr Putin.
KJ Black (8 days ago)
Sounds like an anti takfiri song!
KJ Black (8 days ago)
Bobby Fischer!
Nothing warms my heart more than a song based off Soviet Russian defectors escaping communism.
doctorwho0077 (9 days ago)
' For this he shall receive "The Order of Lenin" ! ' Posthumously, obviously......
Mario Fransisko (11 days ago)
Capitan.. IN THE WATER !!!!
jesco1975 (11 days ago)
You honestly can’t get better than this. It really is a beautiful language if spoken properly. Something inside never forgets. Never. Bravo!
Charlie Dallachie (12 days ago)
3:25 and 4:35....what’s wrong with the bed?
Joshua Santos (12 days ago)
i dont care who it is its still good music
Guillermo Garraton (13 days ago)
“I would have liked to see Hannah Montana”.
DuneWest (13 days ago)
When I first heard this song (when I originally saw the movie), I actually thought it was an original Russian song that the Producers used for/in the movie. I had no idea that it was originated here in the USA----could have fooled me. Anyway, that being said, authentic/original Russian music/choir or not, I still think it sounded great.....very powerful music along with the choir singing in. It made the hair stand up on my head. Very well done! Just my .02
KING KWAN (14 days ago)
Good job dude
Joseph Kan (15 days ago)
Fufuzklas (15 days ago)
:) New Anti Deprissiva
Jacob Sadler (16 days ago)
Tea anyone?
Doc Nu (20 days ago)
Stanley kept waking me up! :/
Silvia Rühsen (21 days ago)
Mio died - in a brothers war - would we do that again? Njet!
Harrison Lee (23 days ago)
And I....was never here.
Nathaniel Lionheart (23 days ago)
It is indeed a good Poledouris score. Probably sounds better than a Russian Army Choir could. Haha!! Kidding. Respects to you Russians. High time for flags and nations to end anyway. All are sisters and brothers.
Teddy Roosevelt (24 days ago)
Song was written specifically for the movie, but it is still a good song, I listen to it when I'm playing red alert!
Adolf Hitler (24 days ago)
why youtube is Red
Gergely Gergely (24 days ago)
The Hunt for Red October an excellent submarine film!
Jack Beaton (24 days ago)
I don’t doubt this comment one bit. Here in America we have completely destroyed our own music. It is reinvented from preparing to fight unsurmountable odds at all costs, to being completely redefined identified by lyrics and notes only. The spirit of our music has changed so much it says we have no integrity. If we can’t preserve our own traditions all other traditions don’t have a prayer. (See below comment)
Sgt Schultz (25 days ago)
Gymna Krasnyy Oktyabrskaya
Soelbro's Meatballs (27 days ago)
I got hairs on my neck man!
soviets makes the best calm music ever
Xman3 D (28 days ago)
Hey isnt that our moive
Damjan Medvešček (29 days ago)
Im not russian and i know this is not genuine russian song and that it wasnt sung by red army choir and im even against communism...but i just cant help myself but to sing this song on and on
MARK WALKER (1 month ago)
Is there a translation of this hymn?
Blitzkrieg Doctrine (1 month ago)
Researcher (1 month ago)
Sounds good and inspirational even if one cannot understand the words.
SilverStone (1 month ago)
They did a decent job of emulating a genuine red army choir song, accept for that one part at the beginning, this isnt a Christmas song! I should make a version of this with that part cut
George Brown (1 month ago)
If we are going to quote this, let us get it right, please! The quote is *"Give me a ping, Vasily. One ping only, please".*
J. G. Jan Petersen (1 month ago)
Sean Connery best ever
Vermont's Own Boy (1 month ago)
The Hunt For Red October was, and remains, a classic thriller. And yeah, the sound track was a damn near perfect connective tissue for this movie.
DOG DOGS (1 month ago)
This should be in Chinese and a Chinese song
DOG DOGS (1 month ago)
Glory to China
Jean-François Troch (1 month ago)
Super musique !quelle puissance ! !quelle beauté ! Fan de la culture russe !
Elliott Burr (1 month ago)
3:35 LMAO
Nathan Jacobson (1 month ago)
Yes, yes we get it. It is not the Red Army Choir. We also get it isn't even traditional. What us kulturny like about it is, is that it sounds majestic and nationalistic to our humble ears. So your bombastic calls for accuracy mean nothing to those of us who revel in the sound of a nation, even if we are ignorant.
CzechVine (1 month ago)
basil poledouris - genius
Antonio Oliver (1 month ago)
TheManiatic Gamer (1 month ago)
Johan Libert (1 month ago)
Love is socialism
rawdawg15 (1 month ago)
I suddenly have an urge to nationalize the means of production
Dan Tan (1 month ago)
Nothing is comparable to drive in your Merceds-Benz in Germany, without any speedlimit, listening to that song ... on an empty Autobahn at 1 in the morning.
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
I Wish Was Russian Just To See The Red October
calipachanguero (1 month ago)
I played this loud and my neighbor called the police. So I invaded his apartment turned half of it into a socialist puppet state and sent his girlfriend to a gulag in Siberia.
ᴅɪᴢᴢɪ (1 month ago)
* Australia clicks video * * Immediately frightened * * Leaves video to listen to Australian national anthem to cheer himself up *
Éva Pleskonics (1 month ago)
Köszönjük az életünket.
JustARandomSpy (1 month ago)
I miss the times films were made to be memorable, not full of political propaganda as they're today.
DiscoDodo04 (1 month ago)
Imagine the Nazi invasion of Russian. They're just trudging through ice and snow, dying of hypothermia. And then they see Russians tanning on their roofs with a bottles of vodka.
Russian titanic Cyka
00Billy (1 month ago)
Heres the true story documentary https://youtu.be/Mh0N3iG-7Uc
IndigoblueLight (1 month ago)
0:31 beginning of the best part
Boone (1 month ago)
I doubt anyone will answer this but: would it be okay if I used a portion of this in a video for my friends? (our math teacher looks somewhat like Marko Ramius)
Boone (1 month ago)
Ah thanks. I've not uploaded anything with this song yet, as I haven't finished what I'm using it in yet, but good.
The Kiwi Industry (1 month ago)
It will be fine. Just don't try to make money off of it and no one will try to harass you.
alfredo rios rodriguez (1 month ago)
tema de la caza al octubre rojo muy buena película,. felicidades a los productores,.
卜緣月 (2 months ago)
After I listened Good ol'little Veleria, I know the existence of the choir, and yup, the Red Army Choir would be much better (sadly I say would, so sad!)
K00Y Zágánia (2 months ago)
"We never forgot that soviet-polish war" Love from, Poland ( USSR embarrassed the fuck out their self )
Jay Slomine (2 months ago)
There is Putin Strong on his Mountain.
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Sardo Maitland (2 months ago)
Just listening to this song and liking all the comments containing quotes from the movie. Cheers to Stanley! Who also appeared in Die Hard ... Off to Beethoven!
Raptor is the best (2 months ago)
From Russia
Raptor is the best (2 months ago)
Long live the Tzar
Emelie Windstorm (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me what Red October is? I'm really interested.
Strikan33 (1 month ago)
A Submarine.
Hisitis (2 months ago)
Johann Schiestl (2 months ago)
Text auf deutsch, englisch oder französisch wäre super, grandioses Lied !
Scottish Soviet (2 months ago)
Now using for War Thunder Naval forces
fetuso fetuso (2 months ago)
need translation bad.
UP*CSKA (2 months ago)
comrades no 1. step backward for motherrussiaaaaaaa!!!!!!
UP*CSKA (2 months ago)
from 1:24 to end is best
World Wide Productions (2 months ago)
C O M M U N I S M Intensifies
William Simmons (2 months ago)
GOOD GRIEF!!!!! Not the red army choir. NOT Russian language!!!. The words are made up in Hollywood for the movie!!!!
Exotic (2 months ago)
This sounds like the climax to a disney movie wtf
rawdawg15 (2 months ago)
I thought he hated the cold, but wanted to go to Montana?
Cosmin Modrisan (2 months ago)
The communists have the most beautiful songs !
Great movie
Rus Gus (2 months ago)
Sounds like warcraft soundtrack
All Capone (2 months ago)
Now it can be downloaded in 4k, I'm very glad that I found such a site https://4k-hd.club/movies/539-the-hunt-for-red-october-4k-1990-ultra-hd-2160p.html
Miguel Ángel Martínez. (2 months ago)
"You'll receive the Order of Lenin for this Captain."
Nathan Porter (2 months ago)
It was the goddamn cook!
Arnob H (2 months ago)
Totally the Red Army Choir saying "d-oh svidanya" instead of "dah svidanya" at 0:53.
Julian Thornley (2 months ago)
Powerful and String
Peter Keating (2 months ago)
"We shail into hishtory" :-)
Some Irish Guy (3 months ago)
Cold, hard day intensifies.
sibsbubbles (3 months ago)
This always makes me want to play me some Metal Gear after listening to this. Killer choir on the recording.
Ammon Anderson (3 months ago)
Remember folks, white people have no culture...
Gl Denis (3 months ago)
!!!! Сгусток!!! веры всех людей- кто это выдумал???
Steam Gamer STG. HUNTER (3 months ago)
I used this song to write my book that includes about a Russian plan to attack California, it will come out so good. Thanks for having this available :D
Jochen Stacker (3 months ago)
Locate the target with jusht one ping!
Richard Nielson (3 months ago)
I am an American veteran. This is good and inspiring music and voice. However have to agree with some of the comments below Russian it is not. Clear vocal differences can be established and heard. Authentic Russian is way different then this. The movie is always a legendary one. I however have read the novel Hunt for Red October. It is better imagined through reading.
ThePandJ (3 months ago)
SONGTEXT Holodna hmoora. Ee mruchnoh v'dooshe Kak mohg znat' ya shtoh tee oomriyosh? Da svidania, byehreg radnoy Kak nam troodnag pridstahvit shtoh eto nyeh sohn. Rodina, dom radnoy, Da svidania Rodina. Ey. Ee v pakhod, Ee v pakhod, nass vodna marskaya zhdyot nye dazhdyotsyah. Nass zahviyat marskaya dal, ee preeboy! Salute otsam ee nashyem dedum Zahvietum eekh fsiyegdah vierneey. Teepierre nishto, nye astanoyvit', Pabiedney shag, radnoy stranee'. Tiy pliyvee, pliyvee bestrashna, Gordest sehviernyh marii. Revoluytziyi nadyezhdah Sgoostok vieriy wsekh ludiy. Tiy pliyvee, pliyvee bestrashna, Gordest sehviernyh marii. Revoluytziyi nadyezhdah Sgoostok vieriy wsekh ludiy. Salute otsam ee nashyem dedum Zahvietum eekh fsiyegdah vierneey. Teepierre nishto, nye astanoyvit', Pabiedney shag, radnoy stranee'. Tiy pliyvee, pliyvee bestrashna, Gordest sehviernyh marii. Revoluytziyi nadyezhdah Sgoostok vieriy wsekh ludiy. V'oktyabryeh, v'oktyabryeh, Rahpartuyum miy nashe pabiediy. V'oktyabreh, v'oktyabreh, Noviy meeir dahli nahm nashy dehidiy. Tiy pliyvee, pliyvee bestrashna, Gordest sehviernyh marii. Revoluytziyi nadyezhdah Sgoostok vieriy wsekh ludiy. Salute otsam ee nashyem dedum Zahvietum eekh fsiyegdah vierneey. Teepierre nishto, nye astanoyvit', Pabiedney shag, radnoy stranee'. V'oktyabryeh, v'oktyabryeh, Rahpartuyum miy nashe pabiediy. V'oktyabreh Noviy meeir-!
Arhatu (3 months ago)
World needs Soviet Union once again.Rise workers of the world from your ashes and take what is rightfully yours.A future without opression.
Lesyk Konecky (3 months ago)
Why is it in Polish?

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