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Christian Dior ➤ Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

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Bill Gayten for Christian Dior Mar 2012 / Paris Full Fashion in HD Original Soundtrack
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travelller (6 months ago)
I still like Galliano better.
Melisa Lopez (7 months ago)
Venche (10 months ago)
11:16 Vlada
Rakim8 (1 year ago)
The two giants at the end - Frida and Karlie. Spectacular.
Aleccej Kraftcoff (1 year ago)
6:48 song?
Aramis Cruz (2 years ago)
Vlada Roslyakova 😍
Raphaël RUCKA (2 years ago)
classical divine!!!
Ronald Bennett (2 years ago)
Simply beautiful!!!!!
Bey Zee (3 years ago)
DAAAAAMN KARLIE! ALL EYES ARE ON HER! Every hair on my body literally stood out! Sensational! 👏🏼👊🏼💃🏼
LiLE ALGAiL (2 years ago)
Ifeanyi Austine (2 years ago)
frida gustavsson(the girl before karlie) has a powerful walk aswell.
Song in 7:08? Thanks
Hernán Veloz (3 years ago)
this really was a #DiorArmy even before Oliver came up with his #BalmainArmy hashtag!
Bey Zee (3 years ago)
+naomihitme yes those girls you mentioned were regular in the show, but it is a fact that Karlie was John Galliano's last muse. She ACTUALLY did the campaign rather than just walk for Galliano.
naomihitme (3 years ago)
+Hernán Veloz (Velozisimoh) i think Galliano's models like Karolina, Mariacarla, Gisele, Nadejda, Alek and most of the 2000-2007 girls were the real Dior Army, they were more regular in the shows than this girls, even tho i love Karlie, Lily, Lindsey, Vlada and Alla :D
Kiara S. (3 years ago)
Amazing fashion show, loved it! :-) What's the ending music, i'd like to know the name of the track...
Austin Watkins (3 years ago)
From the moment the show started I knew karlie would close. She's the queen!
Jannacatha (3 years ago)
Still stunning in '15!
LiLE ALGAiL (2 years ago)
Bennie L. (4 years ago)
What is the name of the last song?
Valo Schecter (4 years ago)
This is not the original soundtrack...
Toni del Pozo (4 years ago)
Maravillosa colección!
Squizree (5 years ago)
Love everything but the footwear. Those shoes are too clunky  and too 'trendy' for a house like Dior.
David Velazco (5 years ago)
Estaba bien la coleccion y se noto claramente q no eran de ralph no se xq lo pusieron como director creativo xq lo q a presentado nada q ver con la casa Dior y sigo en lo mismo hace falta Galliano en la casa Dior
Guss Aguilar (5 years ago)
At first I did not like this collection because I still wasn't over the fact that Galliano wasn't with Dior anymore. but now I truly love this collection. It still hurts that Galliano isn't with Dior anymore. we can only fantasize about his previous collections. beauty, elegance, fantasy. His collections made me happy.
Angela Butler (6 years ago)
The line is absolutely fabulous. I am from the old school when it comes to couture and the elegance and sophistication of the line was so refreshing. I loved the use of leather on the dresses, and the fluid movement of the leather skirts was exquisite. Everything about the this show down to the shoes, gloves, and handbags was so on point for me. Congratulations, job well done.
Alanoud7 (6 years ago)
best cat walks ever!
Keith L (6 years ago)
Wow, beautiful. The beginning made me think of Proust, the middle Sharon Stone and the end Grace Kelly.

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