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The Lord of the Rings - "So It Begins" - Full HD

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Theoden: "So It Begins"
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Text Comments (90)
Koronuru (7 days ago)
When you press "7"
Philip Rice (13 days ago)
This is what Europeans will say in the near future because all the illegal immigrants coming through.
When Endgame premiered, movie theater employees are like...
Captain Barbossa (1 month ago)
Next week’s episode of Game of Thrones in a nutshell.
ENn0ble (1 month ago)
When the Battle of Winterfell kicks off
Dan St (1 month ago)
Me before starting to receive birthday wishes all around social media and IRL
DoubleJuice (1 month ago)
when the anesthesia wears off after the removal and the pain starts to kick in
Wallayebilaye (1 month ago)
No, now it ends
rafa (4 months ago)
2019 starts "so it begins"
Lonely (4 months ago)
Who watching in 2019 ?
CoverOner 1 (4 months ago)
So it Begun........
Dr Pinhead (6 months ago)
When you hear the first fart of your diarrhea.
Lisa Duda (6 months ago)
KaB00M (11 months ago)
Subtitrari in romana :))
gert Van den Berghe (11 months ago)
When the final exams start
pan af (1 year ago)
me when I get a hard on watching BBW porn
The Crusading Slav (1 year ago)
GCSE's in a nutshell Uruk-Hai = exams King Theoden and everyone else = me and my class
PhantomLion (1 year ago)
My reaction when the riots started after the Eagles won the Super bowl.
Random Ron (1 year ago)
Retailers on Black Friday.
Luke Dearey (1 year ago)
uruk hai: mlp fans Theoden: cinema employee
Arn the Dragonborn (1 year ago)
*Because it's relevant* :When the 2017 League of Legends preseason changes hit the Rift
Kosta M. (1 year ago)
Spanish Prime minister's reaction on Catalan independence declaration.
TheGrayMysterious (1 year ago)
When you're running guns in GTA Online and everyone on the radar starts following you
PandaResponse (1 year ago)
How is this not a GIF in the Tenor GIF app?!?
Captain LastrEo (1 year ago)
When I see somebody post something unrelated to a video and it gets a reply
thegreattotemaster (1 year ago)
First wasp of the summer just got in.
superyoshibros99 (2 years ago)
me when i read a troll comment
ye ah (2 years ago)
"Commander Cody, the time has come. Execute order 66." *so it begins
Commander Cody (1 year ago)
Unknown Person yes my lord
Darth Vader (2 years ago)
Me when i'm about to take a huge shit.
Sasuke Uchiha (2 years ago)
Every time on march 31st in the afternoon
Michael O'Connor (2 years ago)
When anyone posts something about Messi or Ronaldo on Facebook
Kevin Scott (2 years ago)
When 2017 takes its first celebrity victim.
goingsupernova (2 years ago)
when my stomach makes a noise after i superglue my asshole and drink a bottle of laxative.
Jmgjgdjd5 (2 years ago)
when you step outside when it's freezing cold
MonkeySharkPro (2 years ago)
Finals Week
Conor McKee (2 years ago)
Nearing exam time at uni...
Tomboy Chan (2 years ago)
When you're the only one on the point and the entire enemy team starts coming for you.
Yougotsblounchsked (2 years ago)
Black Friday
Drew Myself (2 years ago)
Me when I hear the first Christmas songs in October
someBODY (2 years ago)
when FNAF SL pr0n starts coming in
Hassan Mouzaihem (2 years ago)
when football season begins
deadmqn (2 years ago)
Grand line
Came here from chapter 101 (when they pass reverse mountain)
Miguel Ambriz (2 years ago)
First day of school
Fosolif (2 years ago)
when your mum starts yelling at you about housework
wt8012 (2 years ago)
When the shops start getting packed in the January sales immediately after Christmas...
Summer sale started 5 mins ago needed this
Someone should have made this with= When you get pulled out to the exam
David Murphy (2 years ago)
Black Friday Opening
Steven (2 years ago)
every fucking exam:"so it begins"
TheRsBeoWulfx (3 years ago)
Overwatch comes out today...
Sean Harman (3 years ago)
They should play this at the beginning of every Republican debate
Dáin Ironfoot (3 years ago)
+Sean Harman Yep...
Legion (3 years ago)
https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/44j2fl/north_korea_fires_long_range_rocket/ welp, here we go
Steve (3 years ago)
I'm sat in hospital about to be a dad for the first time and this just popped into my head 😂
Shrihari Hudli (3 years ago)
+james Congratulations.
Sir Prize (3 years ago)
Me everytime I see a Sony vs Microsoft war.
Arcrombie (3 years ago)
Last episode of the series and the protagonist is facing down the overpowered big bad.
kaister901 (3 years ago)
When you find your first grey hair.
Showgingah (3 years ago)
Finals week.
DeanMetalAngel666 (3 years ago)
I am full Theoden mode this week, I worked tonight at a large supermarket and will be doing so on every following night until Black Friday; upon which I will also do so but will likely be felled in the battle as I am working carts.
K (3 years ago)
Clerks at game stores upon the release of Fallout 4.
Dark Legend (3 years ago)
When is still september and the god damn shops appears with christmas decorations
wt8012 (2 years ago)
This phrase is perfect to describe the lead-up to Christmas.
Shrihari Hudli (3 years ago)
+Dark Legend I really hate it when that happens.
DavidsonLoops (3 years ago)
I say this to my entire class before finals. Some get the reference, some don't, everyone agrees.
Simon Jørgensen (3 years ago)
Me just before I am going to shave my balls
GODoftheRIGOVERSE (3 years ago)
Every Blog debate ever especially Superman v Goku and Pichard v Kirk
Cid Highwind (3 years ago)
How I feel when my students return to school.
John Corb (3 years ago)
microsoft servers be like
CyberSlayer128 (3 years ago)
Steam Summer sale...
iambigfootman (3 years ago)
I say this every steam sale
ElKaotik (3 years ago)
Me vs the steam summer sale deals
C Snow (4 years ago)
Await my coming at the first light of the fith day when the sun rises look to the east. #gandalfstyle
Joaq Wizard Phoenix (4 years ago)
When fetishes trend on KYM
Brennan Wilson (4 years ago)
This plays in my head when ever I am doing anything I don't wanna do.....
A Space Butterfly (4 years ago)
Uruk-Hai = internet. King Theoden = guy who just posted his opinion on the internet.
Victor M (7 months ago)
John Masters (2 years ago)
"So it begins..." *cue dramatic music*
Hackleton (4 years ago)
When you receive the first "happy birthday" on facebook
gubeym (4 years ago)
beginning of finals week or beginning of black friday
Ivan Varela (4 years ago)
Finals week.....
Some 1 Azn (4 years ago)
Theoden and the soldiers at Helm's Deep are Black Friday workers and the Uruk-hai are the shoppers.
Luke Dearey (1 year ago)
+gameramaproductions God bless England.
ShaxOfThirtyLegions (3 years ago)
+gameramaproductions Yeah, it's one of my favs too xD
ShaxOfThirtyLegions (3 years ago)
+Chan Lach South Park, watch it xD
JG Tombstone (4 years ago)
My reaction when someone challenges me to a 1v1 on COD 
JG Tombstone (3 years ago)
GenericUsername (3 years ago)
Nobody gives a shit about Children's Online Daycare.

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