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I GOT AIR BERLIN GOLD STATUS MATCHED - Unboxing, the benefits & how-to

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Today I received my Gold status match from Air Berlin through the post. I thought it would be interesting to do an unboxing of my new Air Berlin Topbonus Gold status online, and chat you guys through what elite status can give you when flying. Basically Saphire status gives you the following benefits across One World alliance airlines: - Access business/first class lounges worldwide - Security fastrack departures/arrivals - Priority boarding - Priority baggage - Priority upgrades - Extra air miles when flying - Extra baggage - Preferential treatment Now you know what you can get, checkout my article on TrekTrendy.com on how to do the same: http://bit.ly/1XfRICh Please like, share and subscribe for more elite status news and travel videos from across the world - http://bit.ly/1WNqym8
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Mather Brown Travel (2 years ago)
Cheers to that! 🍻
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+Mather and Brown Travel thanks guys :D

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