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SHOOTING AK47's IN POLAND - Country #3 of 12

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Guns, polish vodka, train, planes, 4 star hotels, a bar crawl, polish taxi's and new friends. My 3rd trip of 2015 I visited Poland. Specifically flying to Warsaw and then getting the train down to Krakow! Find more about my travels and how you can do the same at http://www.TrekTrendy.com
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Aaron Explores (2 years ago)
This is sick, going to a shooting range is on my bucket list. I was looking at going to go to one when I was in Latvia but I heard so many bad things about it online and from people there so I swerved it.
Aaron Explores (2 years ago)
lol the estate looks like something out of Ross Kemp On Gangs... It sounds good, defo if you can... see with the one in Latvia, I was told it was dark, dingy and you got screwfaced by loads of mean looking blokes and they wanted you to fire the rounds as quick as possible then get out. Didn't sound like much fun ,your video looked cool though.
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Bro its the best, I found this place in Warsaw here on TripAdvisor. Bit strange initially as it was on an industrial estate about 10mins from the centre, but the guy was sound and it was professionally set up. Cost £20. Considering you can fly to Warsaw for about £30 return its actually worth it for a day trip haha. Will try and find the link for you if you're interested
Justin Temple (2 years ago)
Wow this video and your channel are awesome. I love to travel as well. Ak's are so much fun.
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+Justin Temple thanks dude, and yes too much fun!

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