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Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2019

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Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2019 Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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Wes (6 days ago)
Uij jju u. Yg. Yyhng. ? N , g du buster
I own this planet, so billions of leaves is nothing among trees.
Will E (10 months ago)
Someone is trying to become a billionaire.
Prank With Cousin's (1 year ago)
TradingCoachUK kl b tmm.?
adrian nicholson (1 day ago)
bull shit ass cocks
da 'Vidd Hollo'sy (1 day ago)
I'm happy. Guys! " poor is the new cool"!
Jason Mercer (1 day ago)
Imagine working on one of these billionaire Yachts having to kiss all these rich people's asses every day.No thanks.I'd be fired before I made it to my quarters...
Jason Mercer (1 day ago)
I'm going to put my 9.9 Mercury on the back of my yacht just in case I feel like doing some trolling.
King Cleaver (1 day ago)
I need a yacht! I was practically born on the water! well not really but you know what I mean but sadly I can't afford one...
Dynamic Solution (1 day ago)
I can't hate on the Russian super rich for some reason, let's be real those people have been through some shit over the years.
Chuck B (2 days ago)
obrbob194 (3 days ago)
New money people suck ...all show n no go lol
Ter Hardy (3 days ago)
Tut tut
no name p.h (4 days ago)
idiots with money 😂😂
jess jesse (4 days ago)
Rich pedophile epstein & their undertable deals to get out jail ! Enough money to pay lawyers 3 times ! Filthy nasty busnness dude !
jess jesse (4 days ago)
Pedophile billjonaire ring friends of epstein ! Jimmy seville, steven spielberg , r polanski ! Pedophile lawyers ! Bunch of rich pedo club ! Do the math dude?
barta andel (4 days ago)
I will be rich as Jesus is !
In your dreams
Obey Justice Chiguta (4 days ago)
This is insulting to my bank account lol
Srinivasa Sara (5 days ago)
Can someone give me hundred crores any billionare those who give me you are the God its for very important purposes
edaneo11 (5 days ago)
This people are talking nonsense, they are not billionaires....how do they know
QUIETSTORM1323 (5 days ago)
Rush380 (5 days ago)
Why tf did youtube recommend this, I'm 1 bill away from living in my car.
the way I see it (7 days ago)
The Yachts are a work of art, beautiful to look at. The owners are kind of like a drug addicts they need more and more of these toys for a temporary satisfaction.
the way I see it (7 days ago)
who has got a better looking children?
Lavender Love (7 days ago)
Hector Keezy (9 days ago)
The fools by ferries. Who wants a ferry ? They they have all the toys, hell, they own the playground. But they cannot show of a single friend.
Hector Keezy (9 days ago)
But they all come in second... Elon Musk has the greatest yacht of all: “The Falcon Heavy”. She has more horsepower than all the other yachts put together.
sam phi (9 days ago)
Jeffery Epstein would probably be typical. Only he got cheap and nasty. I do not envy him and his ilk one bit.
Brad Waterbury (10 days ago)
What is the song at the beginning of the video?
Jocelyn Mandy Uy (11 days ago)
I see bitter comments Hey, be happy for others. It is God who decides what to give who & why. Money is not the root cause of evil... As long as you don't use your wealth to hurt people then there is nothing wrong with being wealthy!!!
Agile Kok (12 days ago)
Charter a jet to pick up a $100 baby monitor????? pure stupidity. Majority of these "billionaires" will never see heaven cause for them their heaven is on this tiny little planet
julle huu (13 days ago)
i can only guess what kind a life style billionares live in like 2100 year hopefully worl is little bitt better for common people too
Urban11Canoe (13 days ago)
480p is not HD
current_interest (14 days ago)
Just think if one of these guys made a sizable donation to promote foreskin regeneration research. It would happen. It would change the world
current_interest (14 days ago)
Gotta hate that status anxiety
vidsscreen (14 days ago)
They sound as if there suffering pain.
Marilia evora (14 days ago)
same people Like to by to show off and to sow with they have, and same people Like to by because they enjoy nice things, but they need to Learn hawt to spend in a smart way, that way they can still enjoy and make more money, at the same time, not to ways or to lose money and they can by things and have everything they want and enjoy if they smart they pay me and I teach them later on they thank me
Marilia evora (14 days ago)
sometimes same off them, they millionaire, but they don't have good quality and good values ., they have a big bank account, but most beautiful things they don't have is what you are is not what you have in your bank ., for Example I am poor financially but I am millionaire and very rich with good qualities e big values, money don make you better than poor people, but will give you better quality Live on materialism area not in other areas for me be a millionaire is you god quality, good values, class, respect ,etc one against thank you for share, God bless, Amen .
Marilia evora (14 days ago)
money doo not by happiness! but well bring you tranquillity in your mind, you can sleep better because money will pay your bills and resolve your problems financially, that may not resolve other problems in you live but financially yes when you have money ist fewer stress and less depression, money helps Allots, money resolve most at you problems , you sleep better, but you have to be very smart , you have to know hawt to use your money, if you and your family are smart is a big piece off tranquility in you Live thank you for share ,God bless, Amen .
edin o. bi (15 days ago)
poor homosapiens watching
Yvonne Hyatt (16 days ago)
Make the housing better with your charity money, use the philanthropy type way to help and teach others how to grow a business.🌎
extremedude1234 (10 days ago)
Exactly man you want to work with each other I got a couple ideas I just need a bit of help. There's enough for everyone too eat let's get too it bro. You got discord or Snap chat?
Virginia Easterling (16 days ago)
I'm watching from my cpee home in Clanton Alabama with my 2 dogs
Lashorna Washington (16 days ago)
Finally somebody on my level thank you
Maxine Ingram (17 days ago)
This whole lifestyle is so very addictive! I just love watching the accumulation of wealth but remember money does not make you but it is nice to have it along with God.
John O'brien (19 days ago)
If I was wealthy I would be poor
Michelle Samuels (19 days ago)
Mainly, the rich and their staff are slim.
Matthew Shaw (20 days ago)
i wished a billionaire would buy me a Nice old Narrow boat ? that bottle of wine is worth more than my life its not a good life being poor : (
Turd Ferguson (20 days ago)
U know what they say....if it floats flies or fucks..u rent it.
Joseph Hannan (20 days ago)
I always remember Oprah saying when people get increasingly more hungry and the rich are living lavish, it's going to become a war! I hope not but empty stomachs are a real problem nowadays!
szs voc (18 days ago)
oprahs full of crap
AlexLordAlcyone (20 days ago)
Great script writing, captured the fantastic and the nauseating perfectly, super entertainment.
Angela Fitch (20 days ago)
I love billionaires toys.
laura hicks (21 days ago)
If you are a size 12 to 14 you will have a hard time doing your job. What a load of crap....who are these people?
The Jazz King (23 days ago)
They cannot buy a dinosaur.
Dan McLaughlin (23 days ago)
Money can't buy happiness, but you can pick your own misery. I can live with that. Lol
DenversDabs C (23 days ago)
There is nothing more cringe worthy than listening to people that gush over these billionaires.
Adam Simmons (23 days ago)
The height of vulgarity. Tax evasion by these people causes ordinary people to rely on food banks. 🤬
Spartacus547 (24 days ago)
Let's all just stop taking plans and then all these billionaires will have to pay for all the airports themselves lower the tax burden on cities and states, at the same time cutting Global emissions by s*** ton😆
Neo Brian (24 days ago)
Lol some of this is absurd and too materialistic, money does not make a person.
theflaca (24 days ago)
All the muslim world's GDP sucked by a handful of hairy backed lard arsed knuckle dicked slobs. And now czarist russia has reemerged. Bring on the revolution.
Elka Synthex (26 days ago)
There's enough in the world for everyone's need, not for everyone's greed. People cannot feed their children and yet for some people, they compete to put their children in the best schools
R NYC (27 days ago)
Bahaha that guy in the camero looking like a fool calling it a super car sitting next to a mclaren
Steven Morgan (27 days ago)
these people just live on a different level ....lol
Pinky jones (27 days ago)
How very sad and pathetic these materialistic soulless people are. I was raised around billionaires (the owner and founder of Denny's coffee shops worldwide, royalty...lords and ladies)...they are all shallow scary evil people without souls. Satan waits patiently to collect them at the end. They buy buy buy to fill a void that can never be filled without JESUS CHRIST...the only answer. God bless the humble, the struggling...those with real values.
Ronin (29 days ago)
USS Gerald R. Ford for the win.
hank fontaine (29 days ago)
Sacrifice sorcery usury witchcraft necromancers all going to Hell baby blood suckers gonna see the Fires of Hell for eternity
kalle kanin (1 month ago)
2019 in the title and the video was uploaded 3 years ago? Lol. Stop change the title u cunt
JungleFeversome (1 month ago)
The stupid little Russian trollop who wanted fresh live lobsters from the bottom of the sea for her birthday party. Maybe if I threw you in a pot of boiling water biatch!
JBsBS (1 month ago)
I'mbroke. Venmo me @jessebyron360.
JBsBS (1 month ago)
My straighttalk cell phone bill is 45$ US and I'm out n using wifi only. Just got back from the food bank and I caretake for my grandma full time. I wish one of these rich folks could throw me even $50 and hear my story out... I have 'million dollar ideas' and ways to help other people. I just cant push them with 'nothing'.
what a pity here having sex with some of the most wealthy women isn't even all that in my experience so even making an effort to be like these guys will just make sad so let that stick in
ian1856 (1 month ago)
Okay, it's official: There's NO class of Muslim I want invading my country.
ian1856 (1 month ago)
I don't care how stupid or ridiculous your clients are; dishing them on camera is not such a good idea. Now, THAT'S stupid.
Jack Striker (1 month ago)
Nice to see them doing their bit for Global warming launching a jet for a baby monitor.
Franz Huth (1 month ago)
at least the off spring of those rich ones splurge it around so others can get rich too, ok ya have to put up with their lousy moods too, but money all ways talks
Titanxlr8r (1 month ago)
Toss me few mill...
Kinky (1 month ago)
I couldn't believe the yachts docked in Antibes in 2015. My first thoughts were - ooh! Disgusting! Gag me! Of course, all registered in tax dodging BVI. Megapolluters at everyone's expense.
gary gerard (1 month ago)
the owners sound like a bunch of losers but they hire lots of folks and lots of bucks around I've got a 28 foot houseboat I take out for 2 and 3 nights at a time great sound system and toaster/drip coffee maker/microwave/'soon a blender You'd remember a trip on it far after you forgot your boring ride on the cruise ship
Victor Zamudio (1 month ago)
Интересное решение трудности
Darlene Garcia (1 month ago)
I'm gonna put another frozen dinner in the microwave.
don hezca (1 month ago)
You got all this people and then you have Warren Buffett he drives a Cadillac sedan he got with discount because of paint damage.
robin singh (1 month ago)
this is the most horrific, delusional, and psychotic fucked up thing I have ever seen courtesy a bunch of so-called suave, well spoken, elite but insensitive and self-consumed morons.
John G. (1 month ago)
Why does the title read "Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2019" When it was published on March 28th 2016? And the documentary itself is clearly older than that.. : /
Marilia evora (1 month ago)
left everything to wait and blacks, its much better, everything has to be, in documents, for your family, you new generation safety, because you never know u it's going to marry to your family
Marilia evora (1 month ago)
oh I forget to say something, your money it's for you and you family's it's not for strangers people, it's not because somebody marries to your families they are your family's they are strange at complete strangers just becarfer, watch out u is near you and your family's thank you
Marilia evora (1 month ago)
I am not a Billionaire ., but if I be a millionaire one day, please do not call me cheap, I can be a millionaire, but I All ways use my commenced ., and my money will grow more, and more, everyday n my money well less forever and I make sure that money well less for my new generation to generation, but I make sure I left them a document and rules for new generation they don't have not choice but to respect that documents I left they may don't Like but one day they sea thank you Marilia I will have everything millionaires have but I will use my comensed I will use my brain and be very smart that I think and see things, its not just for me, its for everybody around me, I Well All ways becarfer on strings people near you and you nex new generation you have to be very smart, but very smart you new genaration its not going to be Like you, You have to secuure them by left documents , and rules ,and teach them ,be caerfer Love its blaiin its Allts people wet bed intencion near you and you familys and ist Allots smarts dam, blaiin , and very naieve in your familys ist All ways Good to sae samthings but samme of that thing you can not say in public, you can not give your under cover Anemis All your information if you are smart that best and better part you save just for you but if sambady wants to lear wet me that have to be in praivet face to face even better just becaerfer , thank you for shaer that video
FurryFace (1 month ago)
its a Submarine , if it Fly's then it should be in the Air not underwater , that's gliding underwater not Flying
Tony Montaña (1 month ago)
If I was a billionaire I would buy a 42 foot sailboat and sail every where no crew salaries just me and my family why waste my money on something way to big for me
Tasha Mac (1 month ago)
I get nervous just thinking about all that money 💴 and power... nope I don’t want it😭😭😭😭
Neil Salmon (1 month ago)
But you won't be able to take all your riches with you when you die , it's easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven . Not impressed with all this attention on such rich extravagance when billions of people are living in poverty around the world .
memnok magee (1 month ago)
filthy mf'n members of the gluttony class would love to see them all gutted for their pocket change they could do so much for all of the people suffering around them time to dust off the guillotine
Kate Flanigan (1 month ago)
it's just about rich men showing off and seeing who's "toy" is bigger!
Phil Hennessy (1 month ago)
HD 2019 - Published 2016 ?!?!?!?!?!
Jason Viper (1 month ago)
hey REDCROSS why dont u ask some of these selfish billionaires for some money
Teresa Fields-Pena (1 month ago)
So if you dont look right they dont want you sounds to me like billionaires are big ASSHOLES money doesnt make the man integrity does GOD BLESS ALL
Thomas J Voss (1 month ago)
Did he just throw a live lobster in the oven and just turned it on and left.. Could had knifed it first, thats ruff man
imtiaz bhatti (1 month ago)
These people seems to be mentally sick, spending to show off. Stupids.
Jonathan Olsson (1 month ago)
If I was a billionaire I would buy a brand new Silverado in every color they have 😎
Emma Paignton (1 month ago)
I love the Honda jet because it's compact small and any costs like two million pound s which is quite cheap when you look at the plane photos
Emma Paignton (1 month ago)
Wrong! To purchase yacht brand new summer under a million like the targa 46 yacht which is £620,000 for 46ft but 30-60 million for the big fancy 95m yacht
LtCmdrMaximus (1 month ago)
I would be renting lol!
Tim Meagher (1 month ago)
I wonder if the haves are pocketing the wealth of the have super yachts? Old money would just pocket the wealth of new money until new money is bankrupt. Cause the haves have nothing to prove.
William Beck (1 month ago)
Make the shark filled swimming pool, leave out the glass partition , test their I Qs

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