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Camren (4 months ago)
You are honestly so gorgeous 😩❤️
Anita Williams (6 months ago)
Gggiiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllllllll first of all MAD PROPS to you for combing thru ur natural hair without getting hand/fingers cramps as TTTHHHIIICCCKKKKK as ur hair is!!!!!! I can’t do it on mine without taking hella breaks!!!!! I admire ur transparency and tenacity!!!!! Now for my criticism... girl the rubber band around the hair u used to make the puffs with- not necessary to show us how as much as I would have loved to get a walk thru/ step by step on that beautiful pattern in the front or how you crocheted the hair onto the pillow cut it of and what it looked like before applying it to your hair!!!!! Other than that #excellent !!!!
BEAUTY LOVER (11 months ago)
Very cute hairstyle, i love it and i will try it, thank you for sharing it
What gel u use
Breayna Patterson (1 year ago)
Can you go into more detail love your page
Love Hill (1 year ago)
Can you show how you put the hair on the net
Margat Waringa (1 year ago)
Loveisha Hill
Clarissa Carter (1 year ago)
LoL!!! love the hair and Love the bloopers!!!😂😉😎
Margat Waringa (1 year ago)
Clarissa Carbonate pafsr:/er
Regine A (1 year ago)
What kind of hair did you use?
Deja xoxoscruff (1 year ago)
I love the music, new sub
natural_ hair_jai (1 year ago)
pretty. new subbie please sub back of you like

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