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When A Homeless Girl Begged On The Streets, A Passing Stranger Returned With An Offer

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When A Homeless Girl Begged On The Streets, A Passing Stranger Returned With An Offer The wind blows the child’s makeshift sign, which reads “Homeless and Hungry, Please Help,” and she leans forward to straighten it. She’s sitting alone on the street with only a piece of cardboard to protect her from the cold, hard sidewalk. The girl doesn’t look older than ten, maybe 11 at a push. Most people just pass by, until someone finally sits down to chat – and we find out something remarkable. ►watch the video here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV2PYTWhgVA ► Image: YouTube/RobbyTv ►Story Source : scribol.com ► By : Katie Toon ►Subscribe : https://goo.gl/awGF6H ►Facebook : https//goo.gl/Q5GX7j ►Audio by Scott Leffler: scottleffler.com ►For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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kaffekatt (1 hour ago)
I cried
MrZrazies (3 hours ago)
i refuse give homeless anything. although i wouldn’t mind give them some foods.... i had witnessed homeless man with stack of cash. hmmm... i had witnessed a pregnant woman with little boy and little girl with a sign asking for $$ what put me off is they worn neat clothes and kids had nice haircuts and other day i saw them getting in nice new benz car and drove off. hmmm. and caught them in other location. same thing getting in benz car. 🤔 i gave homeless a sandwich from gas station. he immediately went back in and tried to return to get $$. cashier refused.
Neal Pakoti (8 hours ago)
This is so sad to see, even though its an experiment concerning peoples way they react.
Joe Lavigne (20 hours ago)
she has some older boyfriend around the corner that's talk her into doing it
Kathmandu Guy (1 day ago)
In the USA, if it was a man who was being generous, giving the kid food and money, and sitting next to her, then the first thing the society does is point finger and label him a Pedo. Such a society America has become.
The World Of Mike (1 day ago)
In all honesty......I would have called the police
Sophie Louis (1 day ago)
Get the Organ,Baby,Child,Meth,Opiod Traffickers: ISIS Fugitives Swine Pigs Lisa Page aka(Jusmine Phanthouvong) & Her Mother Bou Kanthapone Alias(Maria Amalla/Baroness Warsi),Premila Jayapal aka(Jusmine Phanthouvong).
Mike Jones (1 day ago)
Let's create a website to donate to these poor people we can save them I donate lots to the homeless but it doesn't help we need lots of money for this comment yes or no if we should we need it to be viral so people can donate we will be the ones helping go on the streets and donate lots of money if you do thank you more than anything I hope they don't have to suffer they need more so we can help more
Tiffany eisentrout (1 day ago)
Homeless girl ? Thats funny, only time you see a homeless girl is if she is on hard drugs.
enator71 (1 day ago)
I help single moms struggling to make ends meet. And donate to the crisis center, and donate to salvation army too. she, and other panhandlers can go there too. I was told by a friend that a certain panhandler wasn't broke, just made 40K tax free.
john russki (1 day ago)
You do this shit for views and its things like this that make people hesitate to get involved.this is not a joke or for your clicks.
pampam696969 (1 day ago)
id rather stop and give something if im able to. sometimes its a setup like this. and sometimes the people sit there begging for money and food but in actuality they haz nice warm bed to go home to and plenty to eat they just like taking advantage of peoples kindness and see what they can get from people ..being now days ya really cant tell for sure what the real situation is unless ya haz super gut feelings .. id rather help someone that may not really need it vs walking by ignoring someone who may actually need that help
Kathy Keller (2 days ago)
I have been homeless had no place to go
kau kun siu (2 days ago)
kindness is rare to find this days world-wide!
Jan Partanen (2 days ago)
Its sad how there are so many homeless people and children in the world
Tim Christie (2 days ago)
Pay it forward.......
julie bug (2 days ago)
I was mentally freaking out there for a minute I started crying and everything wondering why people weren't stopping and calling nine-one-one or social worker for the child no child needs to be on the streets and absolutely breaks my heart no person needs to be on the streets if you're a drug addict alcoholic or any is at you need to be put through rehab you need to get the help that you need you need to be put up in a home but definitely no child should be on the streets and to watch people just walk by I was over here screaming at my phone why are you walking by I am so happy to hear that this is nothing more than a social experiment and social experiment or not people should automatically stop when they see a child on the side of the road with a sign asking for help especially if it's in a group of people because clearly it's not a setup to get mugged or anything in a scenario like that the only thing you need to be concerned of is if it's a social experiment and then be grateful if it is
MyEyesBled (3 days ago)
dumbo7429 (3 days ago)
Call the cops those lesbians are preying on her...
James E Carson (3 days ago)
What a stupid bunch of people.
Pacero (4 days ago)
If you see a child begging on the streets, the FIRST person, passing by, should stop, and take care of that child!
Kenneth Davidson (4 days ago)
Shame someone else, you can't risk helping the homeless.
Nina Bjørnethun (4 days ago)
It is so sad how litle People care 😢 My hart is craying!!! I chould wisch People could think more how dificult all the homeless have it!! Think if it was YOU how not have a home,and no mony😢😢 All my hart to the homeless. I hope that you som time Will have a better time ,and thing Will change for you. A big hug from me.💖💖💖
raging vegan (4 days ago)
lots of youtube videos of people secretly filming beggars and then the beggars get in their new cars and drive away. You just never know - it's a gamble
Chris Zealotes (4 days ago)
This country’s homelessness is a disgrace.
justin carnahan (4 days ago)
Missy Perez (4 days ago)
I saw this video, this is a you tube person testing humanity. She is a plant.
Seyelegna007be (4 days ago)
, another waste of internet space
Verria Skullgear (5 days ago)
Godbless that Homeless Woman and Child and Man.
Norm D (5 days ago)
These kinds of people carries heart, that was touched by JESUS emotional.
Margaret Seledon (6 days ago)
stepfour (6 days ago)
And... their suspicions were correct.
Michael Ragbir (6 days ago)
John Brightleaf (6 days ago)
BECAUSE....those people know a junkie is around the corner making the kid beg for dope money. Nice drama and all, but people don't like seeing little kids begging because of who they are begging it for. Its really not that bad a world. The homeless woman was true? Homeless people do help each other? But glad the fat youtuber could at least cough up 50 bucks....hope he didn't hurt his self. Think i am mean or wrong? Talk to the next begging kid you see and watch the handler come into orbit, making sure you aren't taking thier bread&butter to the shelter! People do good. Media is whores sorry
michael dailey (6 days ago)
Thank you , I needed to see this today !!!
Carfilliot (6 days ago)
As a man I wouldn’t have stopped and helped her, I won’t go near any child as I refuse to be branded a paedophile for an act of kindness. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but that’s how it is for guys now, we are walking on egg shells.
gdsmchris (7 days ago)
What a shock, yet another social experiment , Don't you think you are doing more harm than good by doing these stunts?
Euni Hinojosa (7 days ago)
People don't care about the homeless. They think they are all criminals or druggies. Yes, a lot of them are but a lot of them are regular normal people who have fallen on hard times. Some homeless shelters help (not Salvation Army) with things like jobs and finding housing but it's still hard because no one wants to hire a homeless person. People are ugly out there and very judgemental. They should watch out because homelessness happens to anybody. You can have money one year and none the next. Be kind to homeless people. It doesn't cost you a thing to be kind.
Mark Jones (8 days ago)
Not a fan of these fake stories
Robert G (8 days ago)
This god damned country should be ashame of itself for letting this kind of thing happen.
Thomas pitt (8 days ago)
I would stop and pray for her and offer her some food a bed a hot shower I follow the lord Jesus I'm a true Christian what would you do.
PyroRomancR (9 days ago)
imagine many of those passerbys have a poor impression of homeless people that spend the donations on alcohol and drugs. When i first came to the country i now reside in, there are kids every where begging for money, i handed out loose change for years. Then i was walking along and found the usual faces of homeless kids huddled on the ground on all 4 i watched for moment, one kid raises their hand and performs a throwing motion towards the ground into the center of the huddle. I hear the ding of a coin hitting the ground. They all get excited and stand up to reveal dozens of coins on the ground. They've been gambling with the coins they recieve from strangers. I confessed to a local friend, they say "yeap ALL beggar children jn and out of the city do that thats why so many people ignore them, hard lesson my friend."
Lee Francis (9 days ago)
I hate to see anyone throw their life away on Drugs.
Sallie Reese (9 days ago)
I would give her money and clean clothes and try and find a place for them...
Maribel Tirado (9 days ago)
What a lie. I can't believe the police didn't stop to ask at least where her parents were.
life is love (9 days ago)
Homeless is been judged by people everyday, first thing what comes to a person's mind when they see a homeless person, why is this person not working or finding a job, then the other things are why should I help or care, when nobody does that to me or they're lying or they must be using this money to buy alcohol cigarettes or drugs, or even looks at them like they're are a disease to this world,and things they're are worthless. Most of these people who does these things are the very people who says they love GOD and who goes to church and reads the Bible, some who are clueless about GOD and what is truly loving GOD and what is GOD, by forgetting the simple answer to it ,GOD is not limited to the church or the Bible or the money you donate to the church or charity, GOD is all about love with respect and compassion for all life , always. GOD is right where you see a homeless person ,GOD doesn't ask you questions when you ask for help with something, and help you after. GOD always helps when you need it, it may not be the way you want but it will be the way it's best for you. Remember in this life we only take the good and the bad we do when we go on our final journey, we leave everything else behind, even our children and our wealth what some collected being greedy selfish close fisted none compassionate and loveless. Homeless is where GOD is, GOD is not limited ,GOD is limitless and it's all about love and compassion with respect for all life. Love is limitless, When you see a homeless person don't judge help, STOP and talk, say a simple hello and how are you. Don't won't to give money,then ask them if they have eaten , even if they have,still buy something so they can eat later. That is if you can do it. You don't have to always give ,or buy anything, just take a little time to STOP and say a simple hello or just talk and find out more about them. This doesn't cost you anything, just like smiling and love ..
Shane Kennedy (10 days ago)
If you judge people, judge them by how generous they are with what they have little of themselves, not what they have plenty of.
PAMELA MORRISON (10 days ago)
She knows how it feels that's y she helped💜
OOMackica 1000 (10 days ago)
Lovely lady.
Nowrin Rahman (10 days ago)
I get sad when the little kid gets homeless . And I will be helping homeless
Nowrin Rahman (10 days ago)
I help homeless people who are in London and if it is rainy day they will become diying THE END Love from your friend Nowrin 😓😥😢😭😿
Chris Wise (11 days ago)
She will be a king in heaven!!!!
jack alexander (11 days ago)
People can't even be bothered to call the police out of concern. If they call it's because the want the homeless person out of there.
jack alexander (11 days ago)
Big surprise the only one with enough human decency to do anything is another homeless person. I have a Facebook page(" not a choice") all about this kind of thing and how homelessness isn't something you can just up and quit (get a job for example, noone rarely does anyone want to hire a smelly dirty "bum" let alone most think they might be addicts or lazy and don't want to get a job). Here we see just how little humanity is left in the world. It's no wonder people who end up homeless get stuck there noone will help or give them a chance
Donald Little (11 days ago)
Sheila Booth (11 days ago)
If i was so rich i would give her 40 pounds
Nancy Schaub (12 days ago)
For anyone unaware of the homeless ‘Nam vets, try to watch the movie “Homeless in America”. It is an eye opener.
Nancy Schaub (12 days ago)
My daughter read me the riot act for helping a family outside a supermarket in MN. It was a family of 5 with a decrepit old car and my heart just broke. I gave what I could. Then my daughter said I should have gone into the store to get them a gift certificate rather than giving them cash. Perhaps she was right in that but I will never be ashamed of helping in any way I can. If someone is scamming me, that is on them, not me. However, now that I am older and do not get around as well, I might hesitate to help if it were a man alone, just because I could not get away very easily. It is sad that we have come to that. I think the saddest homeless people I ever saw were the VietNam vets at the entrances to The Wall. They were treated so badly on coming home. It was not their fault they were drafted and sent there. They broke my heart that any vet could be so treated. I think at this point in my life, if I were able to help a homeless man, I might go into the closest store and ask a gentleman working there to accompany me to help the individual. I hate that I am afraid.
Akanaro O.O (12 days ago)
And yet nobody achieved anything meaningful in the end. The homeless are still homeless and the child actress went home to mom and dad. These kind of videos are just cheap sensation grabbers to make people feel all warm and fuzzy for 5 minutes without changing anything.
James Williams (12 days ago)
Home less. Needs. Help I live. In. A. Car. But. But I. Am ok. I have. A income small but it keeps. Me going. I am a vet but I am. Ok
Chuiyin Lau (12 days ago)
It is very dangerous a teenager girl in the street.
Allen Cohen (12 days ago)
God bless the homeless woman who stopped to help the little girl.
Da realiss (12 days ago)
This video is si touching it brings uncontrollable tears. There are so many good hearted people in this world..
Wendy Wendy (13 days ago)
That lady shd be given a chance to become an philanthopher or employee for missionary work for the street poor. She is good at talking and connecting with people and giving.
The Lionel B Show (13 days ago)
‪Click here to support HELP HOMELESS Single Father organized by Lionel Barnes https://www.gofundme.com/678hng8?pc=tw_dn_cpgnpg_a&rcid=a04001b45e2848d3ac626097a7295d7a ‬
AcesUpOffroad (13 days ago)
pay it forward
James Corbin (6 days ago)
TROLL MMA (13 days ago)
I think the reason. lots of people did not stop is because the girl looked to clean and attractive to be homeless . I thought that all the way on my computer just seeing her picture . I am sure she did not give of the vibe she was destitute
Róy ` (13 days ago)
_Our Prime Purpose In This Life Is To Help Others_ - *Dalai Lama*
Elmina Baptiste (13 days ago)
glad some one care to find out the kid need some food
Maru Quimoyog (13 days ago)
,,the fact that she is a child its true or not..must ask her if she is alright..
Soap Andskin (13 days ago)
This is so stupid. A: what child is homeless on their own in the 21st century in America? Like as if the social services wouldn’t be immediately involved 🙄🙄That was like some shit that happened over in Russia in the 90s and B:it’s obvious people walking by realized she was out there by her parents to get $ out of people bc she’s a kid
Ya-ong-a Meow (13 days ago)
"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" : not much of a help to give 50 dollars to a homeless; give a job.
Donna Follert (13 days ago)
And I wish they would look out for all the animals no matter if they are homeless or not!!!
Joey Jones (13 days ago)
God I was in tears 😭
Paul Jenkins (14 days ago)
It pains me to the very core to see all those potential helpers walking past the young girl without showing any empathy, kindness, or love for this child. What has become of today's civilized society? How can people be so damn cold hearted??? One day, in the mid 1990's, my wife and I were driving on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. I happen to glance to my left and saw a young girl, maybe around 12 years old, standing on the sidewalk in front of some establishment, and she was crying and sobbing horrifically. My sixth sense told me that she was likely homeless. The people around paid her no attention and did not stop to help. I wanted to turn around and see if I could help the child in some way, but my wife wouldn't let me. Can you believe that? To this day, my memory of that event haunts me. Folks, if you have no empathy for others, what good can possibly come from you? Nobody is expecting you to save the world, but showing some kindness and offering to help within your limits is not asking too much. Open your hearts and be the light for those who are less fortunate.
Kenneth Davidson (4 days ago)
Your wife did you a favor. No good deed goes unpunished.
White House (6 days ago)
Paul Jenkins PaulJenk😻👄💄👅💋
Dan Thomas (14 days ago)
Tears. Children shouldn't be on the street.
Bird dog Attebery (14 days ago)
I knew something was up because she was wearing sorel boots in her size.  Expensive.
Suzanne Devico (14 days ago)
I wish there were more kind people in this world
Savage squad Lol (14 days ago)
😭 😭 😭 😭
❤️ Bless their hearts 💓 This is what happens in a country that allows this to happen because they would sooner spend money on weapons so they can lead a cowardly coalition to police the world 😵 America 🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸 is such a disgusting shithole . And so vile towards it's own people . Even though the child is an actor . And the other lady is genuinely homeless this shouldn't happen in today's society
michael adams (14 days ago)
even not real....how could ANYONE walk by a child alone on the sidewalk....most people suck anymore.......
Robert Barbantini (14 days ago)
And Trump? This is how he makes America great again?
Lucky Ladies (14 days ago)
Pretend to be homeless, get paid.
rob dog (15 days ago)
This is cruel .......
Umbrellas And More (15 days ago)
Exactly Joseph P. Rewards in heaven.....
Umbrellas And More (15 days ago)
Sad sad . I was a homeless child ... And sad to say ... Not many people cared at all ...
Dennis Kotara (15 days ago)
I have been in that situation before I never begged or panhandled some people were nice enough to give me food or something to help me along the way. Some homeless people really do use the money they get for food or maybe a place to stay for a night like at a motel so they can get some sleep without worrying about if somebody is going to rob them. Some people are angels and some are heartless God bless the people that help
Arch Stanton (15 days ago)
Bob Purcell (15 days ago)
I also feel compelled to add that anyone who passes by an unattended child flying a homeless sign and doesn’t think “Let’s make completely sure this isn’t staged,” is a monumentally self-centered asshole, though that should be obvious . One shouldn’t have to experience homelessness to know it sucks (but sometimes it happens anyway)
Linda Pickering (15 days ago)
I could tell it was fake right from the start. The little girl's hair is neat and clean and so are her clothes and her boots are too new. I wonder if the "homeless" lady who brought food and money would have done the same for a dirty unshaven smelly old man with no teeth.
Bob Purcell (15 days ago)
Well, this pretty much says it all about the decency of the non-homeless. I'm assuming this wasn't staged in Seattle, though...
Baba Tyagi (15 days ago)
The lady who sat down to give the child $20 and food is a very rich soul.
Ronnie Marson (16 days ago)
To whom makes these, I wish more people were like u. I understand why you do these videos.
mabatommy (16 days ago)
Homeless people are not out there on the streets by choice, our government thinks more of the refugees than our own. Why are we not helping our own people out on the streets.
Ronnie Marson (16 days ago)
it's ashame, we are all equally constructed, a few bad choices or simply bad luck, does not make us criminals. wait , I forgot, the other day I sat on a bench at a Veteran memorial, for longer than 10 mins. I better get a lawyer. When I was approached by a security guard, and told him that my Dad was a Vietnam vet., his reaction was " what's in your bag. I Arizona Ice Teas area a suspicious looking drink. Not to mention it was 180 degrees out.
Ronnie Marson (16 days ago)
I'm not surprised a homeless woman stopped. I am homeless and majority of homeless people are good people, not addicts and Alcoholics. I see it all the time. People with no home, helping out others with no homes.
endwood (16 days ago)
Real or staged it's a sad indictment on the human race & shows just how incapable we are to the plight of those less fortunet:-(
Linda Pickering (15 days ago)
when you say incapable, do you really mean insensitive?
A Medvedev (16 days ago)
These so to call social experiments are reason why people walk past these days thinking it's an other fake setup for YouTube likes...
There are beggars all over this earth, especially children, huffing paint, beaten, abused, assaulted and even murdered. Don’t say they do not murder children, I know it happens.
Randy Hudgins (16 days ago)
We help countries that hate us?
Craig Wooldridge (16 days ago)
This is stupid, of course that girl wasn't homeless.

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