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When A Homeless Girl Begged On The Streets, A Passing Stranger Returned With An Offer

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When A Homeless Girl Begged On The Streets, A Passing Stranger Returned With An Offer The wind blows the child’s makeshift sign, which reads “Homeless and Hungry, Please Help,” and she leans forward to straighten it. She’s sitting alone on the street with only a piece of cardboard to protect her from the cold, hard sidewalk. The girl doesn’t look older than ten, maybe 11 at a push. Most people just pass by, until someone finally sits down to chat – and we find out something remarkable. ►watch the video here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV2PYTWhgVA ► Image: YouTube/RobbyTv ►Story Source : scribol.com ► By : Katie Toon ►Subscribe : https://goo.gl/awGF6H ►Facebook : https//goo.gl/Q5GX7j ►Audio by Scott Leffler: scottleffler.com ►For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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Ron We (7 hours ago)
If u was a illegal, all things would be free,
Rolando juchuna (16 hours ago)
Thanks you have be nice Hart
Layla’s Supreme Cakes (17 hours ago)
Hey...I’m sweating from my eyes😅
JAY CHRISTIAN (1 day ago)
Billy Bob (1 day ago)
Why didnt you play the video instead?
Rhonda Dacko (1 day ago)
People are greedy sometimes
Leliu Swann (1 day ago)
I used to be homeless, and a veteran helped, and now I have a good job and a roof over my head.
Bren Hermosura (1 day ago)
We don’t need to be rich to help those homeless that’s why every time I see homeless or someone begging on the street I always gave something food or even a few coins I have , my partner told me that I have to be careful because it might be a trap and put me in trouble but I know that God will guide me always and I will never stop trying to help those in need in any way I can .
Tim Holmes (2 days ago)
Love each other 🌷🌷🌷
Anne Andersen (2 days ago)
Everyone has a story, and most people are just a paycheck away from homelessness...let's not leave help for others to do, but to be 'the other ' to offer help ❤
David Whitehouse (3 days ago)
Lovely woman
Isuru kodikara (3 days ago)
god bless the all good people there .
Homer Holler (3 days ago)
Without the illegals, there would be $135,000,000,000 a year for the wall and the people and less murdered people
Anthony Gutierrez (3 days ago)
Dusty Penrose (4 days ago)
I wish I could help this girl that give that little kid money
Sagar chavan (4 days ago)
That woman has a golden heart 💖
Gatcha Mini Movies (5 days ago)
I wish people weren’t homeless! :(
stoners temple (5 days ago)
It shouldn't matter whether it's fake or not you should want to help people it's the most human thing you can do
spanish mackerel (7 days ago)
I know that feeling. And it's even more sad that people don't help. Here's a little something for you to think about, there are 30 million empty houses and roughly around 20 million homeless and the wealthy are building more houses,, you do the math. WHY ARE THEY WITH OUT SHELTER?
down 4 whateva (7 days ago)
This is dumb 😡
Marc Padilla (7 days ago)
This is a travesty and a complete example of the hypocrisy of American values and ideals. People in many cases just give up on the Hope springs eternal as an expression of good will and faith in God and Government will see us through. To Hell,maybe.
le'Rock (8 days ago)
A few weeks ago, while walking on the street i saw a man crying out loud asking for just a few cent of donation. I, myself am jobless with no money even to spend on food at that moment walk pass shamefully cause i feel so helpless. People just pass by, reminds me of that Phil Collins song. I want to help, but I can't even help myself. At the moment i'm living on a daily basis of "what u have is what u have".
Addy Tores (8 days ago)
I seen homelis people butt i wise i could giv them mony
bonnie opp (8 days ago)
no one no matter who they are should be homeless........& hungry
Isaura Acevedo (8 days ago)
She’s not homeless
Isaura Acevedo (8 days ago)
She’s not homeless because she’s only 10 years old and I watch the video and she was actually Homeless
Nancy flower girl (8 days ago)
Fake video maker Hate you people that fake it. Bad enough real stuff going on. You don't need to be doing that.
Kay Grazette (8 days ago)
They are child beggars worldwide.
LIBERA (9 days ago)
Damn, I'd help her! I would donate to her a job application!
Ayjay (9 days ago)
there;s lots in thailand the mafia hire them to beg ' it;s rife
JJ Johnson (9 days ago)
Majority of monies into homeless charities, to people in streets is most usually another poorer or homeless. Those types are the most giving, because they have so little to share + will go without to help another in need. Shameful there are any homeless in this world in this modern day with all the wealth there is in governments, politicians, world leaders, all selfish, wanting jets, yachts, multiple homes, excess upon excess + do not care. Shameful, God sees their selfish, self centered, deviate ways, books on their lives are being kept to open on tbe day they meet God face to face.
EriChan Tv (9 days ago)
I wish I have 1k Subscriber and No homeless too
MJW (10 days ago)
If that were real that kid wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds out there before a deranged liberal pervert tried to lure her to her imprisonment, rape and death, that's just how liberals are so keep your kids safe people and don't let a liberal anywhere near you or your family and friends. MAGA
leeor shimhoni (10 days ago)
that is a disturbing video to watch. any person with common sense would have simply called the police. she would have been taken care of by the authorities. no child can be a begger in a civilized country.
Gene F (11 days ago)
She's not wearing a beanie hat. It's a stocking cap.
What a horse shit video.
Wey Runner (12 days ago)
I remember these guy! they were strolling all the sidewalks, maneuvering through pedestrians, stepping over and around homeless people, until they found a nice comfortable, clean site to sit their actresses, away from the filth and away from real homeless folks to stage this scene.
KieuPho (12 days ago)
A good Karma life example.
Eric Bukley (12 days ago)
It takes a village.
tony herold (12 days ago)
How do not stop for a little girl asking for food
Waimea Boy (12 days ago)
now this is the kind of video i like to see.
John Gilbert (13 days ago)
Special Forces (13 days ago)
My dad always says that the kids are being used or that they are not actual because I’m the Philippines children sometimes are used to get money kidnapped kids... which makes people not give money and our currency is so bad and our coins suck 1 peso is so small I wish the govt would do something I want to help in a small way but I wish we had a beer govt not a guy killing people because he thinks they are drug dealers even if they are not I wish we had a leader who focused on economy because if we had a good economy no one would be doing drugs because they are happy and have food I want them to help our tax is so high why not help the poor... Please no hate I’m gr7 just voicing my thoughts...
Special Forces (13 days ago)
People always asking but why not be the one giving or being nice
Shiyam Sundar (14 days ago)
this world need help & love...
edwurdo Ash (14 days ago)
she just an actor so who cares
Sound System (14 days ago)
I wish her bring her home give her every thing she deserves
Paul DOYLE (15 days ago)
Gonzo Oznog (15 days ago)
Only a person in like circumstances will help a human in trouble.
Hydar ali Khan (16 days ago)
Good social experiment..keep it up👍👍👍👍.... everybody please help the homeless people..
leo mr villain (16 days ago)
KJER ERRT (17 days ago)
wizardfromy (17 days ago)
Wait a minute there was another lady that stopped and asked the girl questions so it wasn't just the homeless lady who gave of herself please get things straight. Yes many walked past without hardly looking at her and something is better than nothing. I know this for a fact I give out stuffed toys to kids and I ask nothing in return a smile is enough in many cases and no I do not give the kid the toy directly in many cases I offer it to the parent or parents and say this is for your little one that way they know I am not trying anything. The toys don't cost much but it's not the cost. I gave a stuffed toy to a little girl not much over a year old she was with her grandma who I went to school with the little girl hugged the stuffed toy so tight you would have needed the jaws of life to get it away from her. Which makes you smile. I've given hundreds of stuffed toys away some icons mickey mouse and mini mouse a few Winnie the pooh bears. to me it's something to make a kid happy.
nobody ;-; (17 days ago)
I want to help the homeless but my mom won't let me give them money {she has no heart I guess}
Ervin Bayale (17 days ago)
She is the truegood samaritan.
Odin Wolf (17 days ago)
Im not crying.. YOURE CRYING!
John Henry (18 days ago)
Yes, initially I suspected this was staged or a test, if you will.  You admitted this and then went on.  The end result did justify the means.  Thanks  jh
Andy Sagoe (19 days ago)
Although is a social espirament the homeless women helped that means she is kind
Benchz Nakagawa (20 days ago)
If you’re a man trying to talk to a homeless beautiful child 👶 passers-by might think you are a RAPIST or PHEDOPHILE? Children’s are OFTEN MANIPULATED by GANGSTERS... so it is now hard to give ALMS don’t you think so?
lollypup buzz (20 days ago)
I am not homeless, but clueless 🤐😌
Cwarren (20 days ago)
I feel so bad for the kids that are homeless 😢
David Wittman (21 days ago)
Yup. I once let a 3 year old female run from a side street straight toward 441 in FL. You know why? Because I would be accused of being a pedophile if I physically stopped her. She made it, her mom was ultimately faster even with a 2 block lead. Hahah
Marisol Segui (23 days ago)
Dónde están los de derechos humanos
i'mMasterBaiting (23 days ago)
This is one of a million of nicest thing in this world
DAN KOLLARS (24 days ago)
if i saw a child with a sign like that i would not believe she was homeless. i would think she was just trying to get easy cash just like all the people with signs at street corners. how could a child ever be homeless, just go to nearest police station and they will find you somewhere to live. i could be wrong but that would be my first thoughts
Alex Haokip (25 days ago)
crappy social experiment, giving her just 50 bucks for her generosity
Keith Marshall (26 days ago)
a bit young to be on the streets just like that
Lynda Dale (26 days ago)
Quite obviously a set up, but people just don't know what to do, it's a mine field , what substantial help is readily available for a passer by to provide . ❓❓❓
Robert Saxer (27 days ago)
Bijan OK (28 days ago)
It gives me so much pain... wished I could do something radical for all the homeless folks out there anywhere in the world...we are all one.
Jim Pankey (28 days ago)
History shows the poor helping the poor much more often than people with means help them...
Tiffany Smith (29 days ago)
Teach a man to fush.... this goes beyond that statement. Many places dont pag enough for a place. The minimum wage goes up as n so does housing and food. There's n organization right niw lobbying for minimum wage to be enough for housing and placing a limit on how high rent/housing/real estate can be above minimum wage. Sooner or later the system will break. Jobs are not the greatest throughout the U.S. I was in a common wealth state and min wage from corporate companies could pay minimum wage based on mother state. Try 32 hours a week and 7.55 an hour with rent olmost 90 b4 utilities. Do the math for basic living. Doesn't add up. There's no savings, your just existing. Their are deeper issues in this country. To those who said teach them how to fish - get a job - go a head - go teach them. You don't know how they came to be on that situation. They could have had the VA loose their medical records, the state take away their disability, their family take everything away from them, a kndlird cheat them and not give back deposit - there's so much I seen on the streets. I will tell you this the people of this nation have to start using their hearts and digging a lot deeper into issues than to surface dwell. To solve issues WE MUST GET TO THE CORE. Until you have to crawl out of misfortune no matter whose fault don't speak. Ignorance, judgmental does not self issues - just keeps you in the matrix.
ronda allen (29 days ago)
the pictures of the little beggars at the end were not necessary.
ronda allen (29 days ago)
to see if anyone would stop to help a little white girl? are you kidding?
Near Harvy (29 days ago)
I will just pick up her for a warming house! but everyone will judge me as a pedophile! -what a sad thing-
Living As A Void (29 days ago)
It's painful to watch as I have noticed there were no men stopping to help when normally they'd be the first to do so. This is what feminism and metoo has done to this country, sadly.
Julie Bailey (29 days ago)
My daughter is homeless in Atlanta, Georgia. She's got no weight left. She's freezing. She's staying in an abounded warehouse with a few other homeless. I can't help her. She tries holding a sign to get money but only gets $1. I pray everyday for her.
Julie Bailey (18 days ago)
She used to but she had to testify against her abuser & he threatened her says he has gang ties. So she left. I'm moving in with my caregiver. The abuser threatened to kill her, me his mom. She contacts me every so often to tell me she's alive. It hurts not to be able to help your own child. I just pray for her & tell her to find God.
Angel Diamond Star (25 days ago)
Julie, can't she live with you?
malik ash (29 days ago)
me to
Living As A Void (29 days ago)
Exactly to the point. Men are afraid which I'm very sure why none stopped.
I am homeless and about get my tiny home and my land soon..start up my own auto detailing business and Catering and Vertical Farming too
Chad Anderson (29 days ago)
How do you block this asshole shitty story teller so his shitty videos don't pop up anymore?
Christopher Chinchilla (30 days ago)
I hate channels like this. Taking slides off the back of a hard working YouTuber and narrating them as to not be demonetized.
Paul Lewis (30 days ago)
I don't think it's good to stage this. Makes the people ignore real people in need.
Shahrazad Saied (30 days ago)
The saddest thing to me is that most of us live in societies that not only tolerate homelessness, but cause it. Without poverty there would be no millionaires. An army of unemployed people is needed in order to keep salaries low and corporations rich. Don't ever for one second believe that homelessness is not our collective fault.
UltraInstinct X (30 days ago)
Those 2.8k people that dislike the video are Idiots retarded and stupid people who are rude about this poor homeless girl man thats just rude😑😒
The Arcadian (1 month ago)
Social experiments are annoying!
angel fiery petals (1 month ago)
Its appaling hearing All of the excuses wealthy people make for being selfish self centered insecure fearful and inhumane. This is ridiculous. Don't sit in a pew and cry! Its not even about YOU its about Jesus. Its HIS STORY.- you said you wanted to be like Him, then ya shrink back and stifle the Spirit. 😢💫👋
american dream (1 month ago)
Albert The Hun (1 month ago)
Look at all the white privilege... oh wait!
Angel Diamond Star (25 days ago)
Albert the Hun? Your name she be anal compulsive Hun....
laszlo katona (1 month ago)
Luck run out ? Or enlighted by Jesus?
laszlo katona (1 month ago)
Whats the persentage then ?
andre szekely (1 month ago)
The ones whom has give from their valet, the ones whom in the same situation of the one who asking for help give from their heart.All my life I give to the ones whom needed the help without their asking for. Now I become homeless and my story would be wake up call for the masses to hear.I never asked for help, just for a chance to able to stand on my feet and the only thing I'm experiencing is DEAFNESS.
Thina Riego (1 month ago)
Pay it forward.
frosties (1 month ago)
an intelligent adult would have helped the child by calling the police and notifying them that an unaccompanied minor appeared to be destitute and on the street
Caroline Johnson (1 month ago)
Shrugging shoulders? No answers? Seems like a sham.
gram gram L (1 month ago)
Many probably had their phone before being homeless. The last thing I thought about was how why they had a phone! Their homeless and it's very sad. Our government doesn't care!
REMF (1 month ago)
This is amazing!!!
Michael Homchick (1 month ago)
Michael Homchick (1 month ago)
Brittany Bentley (1 month ago)
This is sooo heart warming
Hilde Mandel (1 month ago)

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