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Modern Boho Chic

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Here we show you guys how to create a modern boho look for spring, enjoy! Our blogs: http://www.lookrichbecheap.tumblr.com http://www.orangemilkpeel.tumblr.com -Steph & Melissa Disclaimer: Music is copyright to artist, no copyright infringement intended. Music: Rumor Has It by Adele
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Text Comments (31)
DAESYA (7 years ago)
I want to live in USA !!!!!
7blackberry2pinkstar (7 years ago)
i lovweeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeee boho chic. Heyy guys if you love edgy boho chic style than come to my channel for some fashion videos. I just uploaded my first video two days ago & im merly dissapoiinted that i only have 31 views. I personally love fashion & it's kind of my passion & I'd love if you guys viewed my video & comment on your thoughts about it. That would be much greatly apperciated. :) i would love you guys forever if you guys subscribed. That would make my dayy.
Mara F. (7 years ago)
Please do a native american inspired make up, please!!! for day
Caroline Crevier (7 years ago)
we definetely have the same taste for fashion (: love your style, LOVE it !!
Denise Ramirez (7 years ago)
I have that pink dress that you wore as a shirt in aqua blue! my mom wore it for prom :) lol
Goddess (7 years ago)
WOW! you have some great finds. the thrifted blazer for a dollar was a shocker.its so cute too. i loove your style girl.
Savvy Pennies (7 years ago)
LOVE THE INTRO!!! You have so much style! This are my favorite outfits ever! =) You guys are awesome! Keep the videos coming!
제니 (7 years ago)
i am so in love with the second outfit! I love anything maxi! :)
filipinogirl1234 (7 years ago)
You should do a trending now on Aztec/tribal incorporated outfits.
Cindy Moreno (7 years ago)
OMg that blazer 1 dollar ?! Amazing love the style
Applehuh (7 years ago)
oh my gosh, be my stylist! I am absolutely in love with everything in this video :)!!
TheLastBloom (7 years ago)
u got the blazer for a dollar? wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing oufits. <3
Sharnetta Broadway (7 years ago)
I love your blogg!! and youtube page!
JustJustine1029 (8 years ago)
Love it
BethanyBugable (8 years ago)
I love these outfits! And I amazed how cheap the stuff is! Is that all from thrift stores?!
Nicole Sciberras (8 years ago)
what the intro song? i love it :D
KaleiduhscopeTV (8 years ago)
this is amazing, very cool editing
Deanna Ross (8 years ago)
Great video! As always...
Prettyinpnk2 (8 years ago)
I loved the 2nd outfit! <3
Mimster (8 years ago)
Very cute ideas....like your fashion sense!
josy bejarano (8 years ago)
yummm crystal castles <3
howtorelax1976 (8 years ago)
thumbs up for adele!
Tatiana Estrada (8 years ago)
im still trying to figure out why you ladies dress like old ladies. ya are so young and pretty. i dont get it.
nomnom987 (8 years ago)
your intro is actually the coolest thing i've seen in a long time
just another muse (8 years ago)
a crystal castles intro...mm yeah i subbed.
TrueHeart95 (8 years ago)
I loved every look :D
Brontë Miller (8 years ago)
The first outfit is to DIE FOR! I want to find myself a fringe dress!
vanessa (8 years ago)
i always thought it was poncho..
idkhowtosmileright (8 years ago)
i love the third outfit :)
NALOVITA (8 years ago)
Loving the ombre hair!
Kay Khang (8 years ago)
Love the last look!

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