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Femtrooper: Mass Effect Trilogy Review

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Femtrooper reviews Mass Effect Trilogy review. Enjoy this review of Mass Effect trilogy review. www.thefemtrooper.com www.facebook.com/thefemtrooper www.twitter.com/thefemtrooper
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Robert Barker (2 months ago)
I like going back to look at how much so many of us were in love with Mass Effect and how we were so looking forward to the PS4/XBOX1 sequel still to come.  And then they Andromeda'ed us.  : /
Aura Nurmi (4 months ago)
I still play this. I clicked this video so fast...
Allan M. Hanson (1 year ago)
I’m playing the trilogy for the first time this year, 11 years later. I love it 😍
Aristophanes 1 (1 year ago)
Your review style is brutally honest, and you are amazingly "adorkable." Makes me want to start a new ME character. 2 is good, but Mass Effect 1 is the gold standard.
Aristophanes 1 (1 year ago)
*Virtually tipping my hat
femtrooper (1 year ago)
+Aristophanes 1 Thanks! :)
Robert Barker (2 years ago)
EA and Bioware both screwed up not making a compilation disk for Xbox1 or PS4 of the ME Trilogy. Throw the games and all the DLC on a new BD and I would have bought it all over again. Heck, now that the debacle that is ME: A is out I would rather go back and replay the originals and would still buy a remake rather than replay the latest.
Osman Cardona (2 years ago)
I really want to get into this, saw a trailer for Andromeda and it blew me away. Never played Mass Effect tho, do I need to play this trilogy befor that game ?? Ive heard great things about theae games and good that they are all nlw backwarda comp. on xbx one
Osman Cardona (2 years ago)
@oxXBLADEZXxo Agree, I actually bought the trilogy and am half way thru ME 1, a little clunky considering todays standards but im loving tho, great cast of characters and its an interesting story so far
oxXBLADEZXxo (2 years ago)
You don't need to have played the trilogy before getting into Andromeda. The new game has little to nothing to do with the original trilogy. It takes place in the same universe but beyond that there's no relation. Though i still recommend you play the original trilogy, all 3 are brilliant games.
Stevo 1980 (2 years ago)
Mass Effect 2 is my favourite rpg ever. It's incredible. The final mission is amazing. Hope Andromeda follows in the style of this. The 1st was good but was a little rough around the edges. The third was great but the end did dissapoint and it just failed to hit the high standards set by number 2.
Stevo 1980 (2 years ago)
Oh and Wrex is the greatest character.
RatOnTheMoon (2 years ago)
Here I am not having played a mass effect game ever... what is wrong with me.
JOEmega64 (2 years ago)
The second you said you don't like Skyrim, I hit the like button. I'm glad I'm not the only on that boat (although it feels like it sometimes! haha)
femtrooper (2 years ago)
+JOEmega64 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Cesar Rivera (2 years ago)
Oh yeah and my favorite character was Tali.
Cesar Rivera (2 years ago)
Such a great game. The second one is the best one of my favorite games and yea the ending was very disappointing considering you make choices throughout the entire game and the in the end it has no effect you just pick a, b, or c.
Edward Bedor (3 years ago)
playing side missions in the Mass Effect trilogy is very rewarding as you'll bump into people you did missions for in the later games and even learn some surprising origins about EDI.
Angantyr (3 years ago)
>Boyfriend Fuck off.
NazoServantArk (3 years ago)
Also if you didn't and you're worried about price it is Free
NazoServantArk (3 years ago)
Question:Did You Download the Extended Cut Ending DLC because it does improve it a bit.
Steven Mckendry (3 years ago)
does anybody agree that femtrooper looks a bit like Lindsey stirling?
extinctpredator92 (3 years ago)
Hey, i'm planning on buying the Mass Effect trilogy for Xbox 360. But before that i just gotta know. Can i play these games from beginning to the end offline without having to download anything from Xbox live as in, will i face any problems with just playing the whole thing offline without downloading the dlcs or anything?. Also do i have to install any of the games onto the xbox 360 or an external drive or something like gta V before i get to play it?
Harry Dubner (3 years ago)
Yes, you can. 3 does have a multiplayer mode though, but it doesnt effect the singleplayer campaign at all.
Talibanana (3 years ago)
I bought these sometime in February on the PS3 in the Trilogy pack and I just never got into them. Eventually I just tried the first game again when summer started, I turned on my Boondocks (shout out to anyone who loves that show) playlist so I could watch/have something to listen too while I played the game, and I ended up beating it in 3 days over about 25 hours. I haven't gotten done so fast with ME 2 since it's taken me nearly 6 months since I started, almost done though lol.
Gimpler Da Happenin (3 years ago)
ME1 I think has the most balanced and well-rounded story. Pretty-well self-contained story arch. I too did not have any relationships. Not sure how, but I miss it. ME1's story is the most linear but was very tight, and in a world-introducing way. ME2's story is very character-driven, and quite a bit more open-ended. ME3's story was more event-based, but felt artificial and kinda grindy.
Dolphinately (3 years ago)
If you enjoy linearity and 3rd person shooters, you should play Gears of War if you haven't already! Haven't even finished your video yet, but I really like this review format. Nice job!
Dakota Burgos Chi (3 years ago)
"They sound American".......*facepalm* nigga..
Adam Miller (3 years ago)
Wow, those glasses are fucking massive. I love them.
CollMomo1 (3 years ago)
you surprised me there. Not a lot of girls that appreciate star trek.
uiuiuiseraph (4 years ago)
so you loved the games.... but rushed through them. wut? I dont even know why you talk about it, without having properly played it.
DivineArtemis (3 months ago)
Just let her play the way she likes to play games. It's fine.
uiuiuiseraph (3 years ago)
+ACManga sure, got less loveable from 1 to 3 though :( my expectations for andromeda are very low now.
ACManga (3 years ago)
Agreed, I guess you can love the story tho
uiuiuiseraph (3 years ago)
@Aaron Burton more into beer.
Chris Wyble (4 years ago)
My brother & I bought the first one when it came out. He completed it in a week, I got a few hours in, started playing something else, and never could force myself into picking it back up. He bought both sequels as they came out and finished them, while I still haven't touched them, knowing I'll have to start back from the beginning cause I forgot everything. They've been sitting on my game shelf for a few years, daring me. I KNOW I'll like them. The subject matter is right up my alley. I can't put my finger on what always stops me. Long story short, I was randomly watching videos tonight and decided to check out your review. I'm writing this right now with the title screen of ME 1 loaded and the music seeping loudly from my home theater, actually kind of excited for what's to come. I'm determined to play straight through all 3 without playing anything in between to distract me (maybe the random round of Pinball FX here and there, but that's therapeutic) and I have most of this week off, so I can be totally immersed. Thanks for that final nudge I needed to get started. See you on the other side.
kb productions (4 years ago)
What camera are you using your video is so clear!
Wicked Flex (4 years ago)
I am black
Harry Dubner (3 years ago)
Story is probably the most important factor to me when it comes to a really good game, and while this game's story is incredible, it's the characters that really make the story fantastic.
Mark Inman (4 years ago)
I played all the Mass Effect games long after they were released as well. I'm wondering if you whipped through these games doing only the main story missions. I did that on my first playthrough of Mass Effect 1. I found I didn't really care much for the characters so I played 2 and 3 doing everything possible and really enjoyed them for the most part. I went back and played 1 again doing everything and it was a much better experience.
CubanFury (4 years ago)
your hair is the best here, you should be an actress.
mario valentino (4 years ago)
Great Review Thanks
I played all of them when they were released. There was a big gap (two years, i believe)  between them and I lost my saved game. I've just bought The Mass Effect Trylogy for PC. Gonna play them all again and use my saved games for next one. Really nice review. For me, this is the best trilogy i've ever played. 
mario valentino (4 years ago)
I agree best trilogy ever, however I've only completed 1 and 2, i need to get 3 and complete it, but now I have an Xbox One i never touch my 360 but i will be sure to do it soon before Mass Effect 4 is released on X1 and PS4.
elephant man (4 years ago)
I agree with you mass effect is awesome if your a sci fi fan. Also if the story is really good being somewhat linear in game isnt that bad. Skyrim suffered for being so watered down... Great review.
Solomonsignet (4 years ago)
Just picked up the trilogy..heard awesome things about it.
Ednardo M.Toledo (4 years ago)
Great video! I just think that you could maybe put some footage, you know? If the record of you speaking added to footage of the game so it could go along with what you say, your video would be better than an A+ work, once it is already A+. If you could edit the video with flashes of he games you're mentioning, I mean it, you're work would be even better.I really enjoyed it, thanks!
NumberOneBOB (4 years ago)
I don't know if anybody asked, did you try the DLCs?
Mimi Asura (4 years ago)
Currently playing through all 3 for the 3rd time. Easily my favourite game series.
Frances Martin (5 years ago)
Had to play through a few times so I could try different powers. (ME ) So tried the romance with an alien, a guy and went solo. Female all but once. So fun to have choices. ME 2 is shaping up to be a blast a well.
Octavio Moraes (5 years ago)
your review made me buy this game, and I wholeheartedly thank you!
Kristiano Bertucci (5 years ago)
Are these biggest glasses you could find?
John Lewis (5 years ago)
Agree with you: I didn't expect much from the first Mass Effect, but it was great. I played the female Shepard just because I love Jennifer Hale's vocal work for the games! Great stuff.
LVStud71 (5 years ago)
Liara was my romance through the whole trilogy. It was a satisfying relationship. I love the series. Just finished playing through all 3 of them tonight. Garrus was my bro. My only complaint was not  enough Wrex. 
Scott Clayson (5 years ago)
You are super cute.
Daisy Yang (5 years ago)
You didnt play it right then
tamago2474 (5 years ago)
Great video! I just ordered the trilogy now, can't wait to play it :D
TheCompletionist (5 years ago)
I've happy you've kept a respectful and positive outlook towards the entire game series. Even though its something I'm not interested in playing (its just a matter of personal preference), I'm glad you weren't one of many people that let the ending of mass effect 3 allow you to dismiss the series as a whole. The whole mass effect 3 ending fiasco is the moment I lost respect for video game fandom and to watch people dismiss a series that they loved with each iteration just because the game didn't end the way they wanted it to the end. I'm happy you didn't turn out to be one of those people and you still enjoyed the series nonetheless. Props to you.
ClydeLeeM (5 years ago)
This effort makes me want to replay the first 2, I've actually not played 3 and felt indifferent to the gameplay but still eventually plan to give 3 a full see.
MissLuna1900 (5 years ago)
Great review, makes me want to complete part one.  Almost there, can't stop playing other stuff!! On a separate not game related note, your whole look is super cute :)
indigo Gloves Tech (5 years ago)
You should have worn your big glasses.
Ausluc007 (5 years ago)
awesome review!  I personally liked me 1 better because it focused more on the plot of the reapers and that mystery was really interesting to me.  the second one was about getting the dream team together.  it was still good and everything though.  one thing I liked about the second one better was the combat and in the 1st one I hated having to cycle through the inventory and picking the best ammo I had gotten and figuring out what I needed to drop out of all that ammo I picked up.  I got the 3rd mass effect and I haven't played it yet.  I turned on the xbox 360 other day and got the ring of death.  ahhhhhhhhh.  and I have all my progress saved on the 360 from 1 and 2 and I did everything.  from even farming all the planets for ore.  saved my characters and the big worm things that should help u in 3rd one.  I think I got a relationship with mirandia. hubba hubba. it was steamy.  looking forward to 3rd one to see what reapers all about.  gotta fix my 360! playing tos now so I will get to it eventually!
DevilMay Pie (5 years ago)
Yay so glad to see you were able to play all of them in succession, and great review. And hell yeah to ME2 being your fav!! Mine as well, beat it 4-5 times as male and fem shep paragon/renegade, the works. And my feeling of the ending is similar as well, i didnt hate it but it could have been better, it didnt hinder my overall experience. I will have to give you some shit for not not talking and interacting with the normandy crew mates, its one of the best part of the gam imo you learn so much more abot them. But i do understand since you are playing all of them in succession and want to get to the ending. But def take your time the second time around, especially in ME2, Renegade was a blast :)
Seth Allen (5 years ago)
are you pregnant ?
jacob w (5 years ago)
Don't akk that just don't ask that
Andrew Phillips (5 years ago)
I had many homoerotic relationships in Dragon Age Origins but for some reason or another I stayed platonic in Mass Effect.
SNESmapper (5 years ago)
I have the trilogy set sitting on my shelf and even better, it's the PS3 version but I still haven't found the time to start playing them. So many games so little time...great impressions!
The Laggy Gamer (5 years ago)
Being that you are such a Star Trek fan a knew for sure you were gonna enjoy this series. What I didn't expect is how you conquered them so fast!!! Those who have known you for awhile know how tough it can be for you to actually play a game to completion, so when you were in the chat talking about this series and how you were soooooo hooked to it I was just insanely stoked for you! I have had part 3 for over a year and still haven't finished it haha. I'm so.glad your were able to find a series you enjoyed so much! Awesome!
femtrooper (5 years ago)
haha, yeah, I loved the whole Star Trek feel of the game!  And yeah, it's kind of been my new years resolution to start finishing games!  Actually last year I finished a ton of games for my standards, and honestly, it's due to you guys on YouTube!  I have been so inspired to really sit down and get games finished.  I also think I've just become a better gamer in general, haha, hey, my gaming has evolved big time!!!  :)  But yeah, I went through the ME Trilogy really fast, but I couldn't stop!  Definitely finish ME3 though, it finalizes it!  
dustinkreis (5 years ago)
Don't you dare say an unkind thing about my sweet, sweet Miranda! Actually I have the same problem with most sci-fi in that the alien races never really have much diversity. I got the Synergy ending and I thought it was fine and made sense and never really had a desire to get the DLC ending. Can't wait for ME4 on the PS4!
femtrooper (5 years ago)
haha, Miranda definitely grew on me later, but she died...so...yeahhhh, haha.  The next game in the ME world is going to be great!!!  Dammit, I think a PS4 is in order this fall for me...
Alyssa White (5 years ago)
The Mass Effect trilogy is one of my favorite game franchises EVER. I'm glad you enjoyed them. My favorite character was Miranda, and I played as femshep as well. I romanced Kaiden, even though he was kinda a limp noodle personality-wise lol
Alyssa White (5 years ago)
I know they have Miranda, Tali, Garrus and DudeShep as Pop figures lol I probably should have let Ashley live, but I wanted to romance someone who wasn't an alien haha
femtrooper (5 years ago)
Awesome!!!  I saw your Miranda Pop figure and it looks adorable!  I really want to get a Mass Effect Pop figure now!!!  haha, Kaidan died in my ME1 for me, lol, so maybe next time I'll keep him alive haha.
Aerodynamisch (5 years ago)
Excellent! The Mass Effect series is one of my favorite series of the last generation. Perfect trilogy in both storytelling, character development, gameplay and presentation. I also wanted a bit more nature-like envrionments opposed to the space station/sterile settings but still excellent. The sidequests are great as well though, some really distrubing side quests to be had in the games.
femtrooper (5 years ago)
@Aerodynamisch I've never been into Dragon Age, so I don't care about that, but definitely more ME stuff.  My fingers are crossed that we get a teaser at least at E3!!!
Aerodynamisch (5 years ago)
I hope so. When EA took over Bioware right before the ME2 launch, I was a bit disappointed in certain things about ME like the endless DLC,, also the none ME Bioware games were disappointing when EA took over. Still I have high hopes for ME 4 or a new ME trilogy. Not that interested in Dragon Age series with DA3 coming up this year. Hopefully we get something at E3.
femtrooper (5 years ago)
There were some awesome sidequests for sure!  Something I normally don't care about, but they were just so darn fun!  I can't wait for the next game in the ME world, it's going to look fantastic on the XB1 and the PS4.
shenmueso (5 years ago)
great review. love mass effect, still to play the third one tho. 
femtrooper (5 years ago)
Definitely play it!!!  The graphics are fantastic in it, and it is the end of the trilogy!  :)
Vancha Bloodedge (5 years ago)
Really interested in wich direction the series will go now, we all know it's coming but what could they do? I think it'll be a prequel when the earthlings first get known in the universe and all it's vast races.
femtrooper (5 years ago)
It's funny, because that's kind of what I was hoping for actually!  I think a prequel would be good, or something set like 400 years after the events of ME3.
Can I have relationships with a goat?
Alstar (5 years ago)
I met the voice actor for Shepard Male, he was super nice and recorded a message for my friend (Who is a big fan of Mass Effect). Mark Meer (Commander Shepard Male) shout out to my friend Julia
UltimateFloyd1 (5 years ago)
Great review of this excellent trilogy. My favorite character was also Garrus, total badass. I think I prefer the first one due to the deeper RPG elements and more focus on the actual storyline instead of character missions. I'm one of the few people who enjoys the Mako sections too as to me it made the world seem massive and I liked the exploration it added to the game. They for sure didn't control too well though. Also preferred the infinite ammo of ME.
femtrooper (5 years ago)
Thanks!!!  Garrus was one badass bro for sure haha, I loved him.  The first one definitely got things going for me, but I really enjoyed the character missions, which is odd because usually I hate stuff like that.  I can't wait until ME4, or whatever they call it!
Kreenpananas (5 years ago)
Whew - I'm late to the game (no pun intended) too but I'm definitely thinking about jamming on it soon. Thanks for the boost @femtrooper!
Kreenpananas (5 years ago)
@femtrooper Yup, totally on it now! Just snagged all three. HERE WE GO!
Kreenpananas (5 years ago)
@femtrooper I can definitely get down with that. Oh, and I found you through @Erika Szabo ! :D
femtrooper (5 years ago)
Definitely play these games!  And try and play them one after the other because it's very heavy story oriented.
Darth Venema (5 years ago)
What a great series! If you haven't tried Knights of the Old Republic you should! Plays very similar but being focused on melee and set in the Star Wars Universe! Great Videos!
femtrooper (5 years ago)
Thanks!  I have heard great things about those games, so maybe one day I'll play them.

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