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[Free Video] Oracle Directory Services (ODS) OUD|OVD|OID|ODSEE

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[FREE Video] Oracle Directory Services (ODS) OUD|OVD|OID|ODSEE, However, most common question I get asked in my Training on Oracle Unified Directory http://k21academy.com/oud/ is : 1. Should we learn OID or OUD Check this video covering this and if you have any comment on what you think or Have any other question for EBS R12 on Cloud for Apps DBAs? Then comment below and don't forget to share this video with your Oracle Colleagues Website Link : http://k21academy.com/ Webinar Link : http://k21academy.com/oud02 Facebook Group : http://k21academy.com/joinidm
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vinod chauhan (3 months ago)
How to know the customer has installed which product? OUD/OVD/OID/ODSEE?
Very good overview Atul Kumar, of how the 4 products came to be, when to implement which, and how they work together !

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