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Text Comments (16816)
BigDawsTv (1 year ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
Ayoko Queen (3 days ago)
Mumbaikar Sushant q
Asia Morris (26 days ago)
@TelMon_Gamer hehheeshehr don't
Evan R - Mif0rcliEn (1 month ago)
This video suxxxx, my videos are better.
devang oza (1 month ago)
Can I have a part of your video I am from India bro
Roman Reigns (1 month ago)
14k dislikes are from china
DAbeast Wong (1 hour ago)
Im chinese and u are racists in 0:15 u said I never thought this was a Chinese restaurant
Cesia Maxi (20 hours ago)
Cassidy Dickson (22 hours ago)
“I didn’t know this was a Chinese restaurant” wow.
Aryan Talwar (23 hours ago)
Why was faze adapt there
CyanRyan (1 day ago)
1:17 did he just get a free ice cream????
Lim Yang (1 day ago)
3:11, how to get another free meal, 😂
X7 DioGoz (1 day ago)
FaZe member is there
my_Xmeme mucchi (2 days ago)
How to get free 🌮
Steve Thomas (2 days ago)
Corny!! Not funny at all!! 👎🏾
Im A Cat (2 days ago)
Thats how you get a free taco
Jimmy E Rios (2 days ago)
They guy-zzzzzzz Me_ bro I'll throw Tucson water at Ya Me_throws Guy_what the floop
Lama Go crazy (3 days ago)
That guy was faze adat
Vasu Tyagi (4 days ago)
Was that adapt ?
AnT1Mo0n * (4 days ago)
So we we learned how to u can get a food for free. Thx dudee
sajjad sohail (4 days ago)
Free soft taco 🌮
Go Go oo lalalal Ivan (4 days ago)
UnspeakbleSlime Slime (5 days ago)
*Faze Adapt joins the prank*
Felipe Villa (6 days ago)
Meepinacan 123 (6 days ago)
The only thing that come to my mind when I see it is that your going to shove the kitten into the woman face.
Rocio Barahona (7 days ago)
Hahahahaha! Guy is so hilarious! Love it
GD-Lego8942 (7 days ago)
Sir.....sir...................sir WTF DO YOU WANT
Ky Demaris (7 days ago)
Bigdaws: "I didnt know this was a Chinese restaurant" Me: goes straight to comments
Ky Demaris (10 hours ago)
@Alvaldong I know I'm just trying to get likes
Alvaldong (11 hours ago)
Don't go to the comments, there are soo many cat eaters getting triggered down here.
SARIAH WITH YOU (7 days ago)
2:50 it scared me
At least the thumbnail wasn’t clickbait
James Mcgettrick (8 days ago)
Can I have that cat plz
charley starks (10 days ago)
He is a good actor except when he faked being walked uo
Andria Safon (10 days ago)
3:10 Is my new houes
alina gondal (10 days ago)
At 1:42 ME:😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Asili (11 days ago)
In Swahili taco (tako ) means ass, so when he said, "he's literally eating my taco I chocked." Haha
Alexander Spisak (11 days ago)
Forough Bachari (11 days ago)
Was that faze adhapt
Ramiro Perez (12 days ago)
Is that faze adapt on 2:38
Ramiro Perez (12 days ago)
I didn’t know faze adapt was in this video💀
BIG CHUNGUS-99 (13 days ago)
Blck WoMeen ArE KiNd!
ندى عبدالله (13 days ago)
Sylling Boy (13 days ago)
Nick Star687 (13 days ago)
ruby Gamer (13 days ago)
when your going to mcdonals and you order an ice cream cone and your mans be like 2:39
DNG_ Luxis (15 days ago)
Was this guy Fase Adapt???
Landy_playzz YT (15 days ago)
Was that FaZe Adapt for real
Mary Jane Spargo (15 days ago)
3:12 is sanic
Zachary Tzelepis (15 days ago)
1:57 is the best one
Abigail Baruja (15 days ago)
Can you make more vid pranks
dm ronnieggamer (16 days ago)
FaZe adopt
jesus hernandez (16 days ago)
0:10 omg I pressed this vid because there was a cat in the thumbnail and poor cat it was hissing it was scared
This is Really random (16 days ago)
Humberto Bautista (17 days ago)
Cat pops out “I never knew that this was a Chinese restaurant “ 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Annie Divis (17 days ago)
Now guys are so funny I love it you make me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍
MrPoker (18 days ago)
HE litteraly stole a Taco :3
Precious Gem (18 days ago)
Tina Broli (18 days ago)
Hahahhaahha its runy
Ahliya Mag (18 days ago)
Wow that’s rude “ I didn’t know it was a Chinese restaurant “ get the fuck outta here with your white ass
Azriel Alair (18 days ago)
Faze adapt is alex
Emmie Wood (18 days ago)
Sheila saniel Garcia (19 days ago)
Her face like thompson
Carlos Granados (19 days ago)
On the baby prank how does he know my name🤔
Sebastian Ruud (19 days ago)
Are we gonna ignore that he stole a taco?
Addison Case (19 days ago)
May Joy Girao (20 days ago)
Im your no.1fan here in the phillipines... Hehhee u make me laugh everyday hahaha
Mark_kowell Mark (20 days ago)
Free toco
Anti Justin y (20 days ago)
HOW TO GET TWO TACOS have a friend take and dip And you get two Yaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaay!!!!!! Alright party's over........
Erin Tucker (21 days ago)
Is that apex at the outro
Nic C (21 days ago)
Just realized that faze adapt was in the vid
Lavva Lara (21 days ago)
i didn’t know this was a chinese restaurant 😂
CbX_ iky (21 days ago)
Suscribe to pewdiepie, plese...
Officially Jaee (22 days ago)
Dafaults are Kings (22 days ago)
Faze adapt :D
KAKE ER GODT (22 days ago)
2:50 is thet FaZe somthing??
BigHomie EG (22 days ago)
Who here in 2019
chi uwu (22 days ago)
And i oop-
Enzo Yezzi (22 days ago)
Like for the poor carlos
lux ility (22 days ago)
Yoo faze adapt when he was not in faze
PewDiePie vs T-series (23 days ago)
No wonder he said 'keep the change"
Lillie Johnston (23 days ago)
Uni pegsus
Erik Komorowski (23 days ago)
1:09 imagine going to McDonalds to get some food and you look out the window and see that.
Mr.muffin 67 (23 days ago)
2:52 ummmmmm.....
Axtreme A (24 days ago)
The cat was like "Surprise meowtharfacka"
Tommy Cannonfree (25 days ago)
A number nine laaaarge, a number six with extra dip... And a soda
Kidz G (25 days ago)
Wtf Adapt 2:37
#team cap Cap (25 days ago)
Emily Faust (25 days ago)
"That kid just stole mt taco" Stpry of my life the day my taco loving sister was born
ChrisGo Chettoz (25 days ago)
In 2:40
ChrisGo Chettoz (25 days ago)
I don’t what year is it but is that Alex faze adapt bigdawstv
2:53 giver your tires giver buddy
Aiden Hubbard (25 days ago)
Faze adapt
Lukky (25 days ago)
Was that Faze Adapt at 2:49 ?
Ryan Birkenstock (25 days ago)
Its the future faze adapt
NAUFAL_ LEGEND11 (26 days ago)
Is that faze alex
Duyen Ho (26 days ago)
0:17 that a bit Races
Duyen Ho (26 days ago)
I met racists
nida Sidd (26 days ago)
2:50 FaZe adapt
C Dub (26 days ago)
3:11 I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
luis guzman (26 days ago)
im jp
luis guzman (26 days ago)
she was talking smack in spanish
Victoria Burgess (26 days ago)
I pooped
Colin Bell (27 days ago)
Hey Faze alex😇
Fusion (27 days ago)
My boiii Adapt was in this
cooltuber (27 days ago)
Is that faze adhapt on the backseat
Jakyb Kapp (26 days ago)
cooltuber yes that’s why he linked his channel in the description

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