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Nights of Frights 17: Silence of the Lambs

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megaDbeam (30 days ago)
3:00 thighs yummy
Rogue Pawn (30 days ago)
Saw Silence of the Lambs a few months ago, I didn’t find it that scary. It was more suspenseful and disturbing, but a little disturbing. But I loved it. Anthony Hopkins was AMAZING.
takkycat (1 month ago)
You know, there is a musical play of this movie! I have the soundtrack!!
Raven Jane (1 month ago)
Not sure if you're aware but you accidentally put 17 instead of 16 on your other video.
Wait! Since when is the Silence of the Lambs considered a horror movie? Isn't it considered "suspense"?
Brendan Milburn (1 month ago)
If you liked this movie, I recommend the Hannibal TV show, which is a reimagining of the book series.
Khan Eidrick Wolf (1 month ago)
With the part where "Buffalo Bill" is naked, he actually tucks his junk between his legs, so you don't actually see anything when he backs away from the camera. As far as Agent Starling's heavy breathing during the climax, it didn't really bother me all that much. Yes, it was noticeable, but it didn't quite get on my nerves as it did for the two of you. Overall, I myself have enjoyed the movie the dozen or so times that I have watched it. I can tell that it was made in the early '90s by the style of acting, though I feel that it fits in quite well with the era in which the movie is supposed to take place. Glad to hear that you guys enjoyed it as well.
Geralt of Trivia (1 month ago)
10/10 The Knack 3D of psychological thrillers
Aria Diamond (1 month ago)
If you want something scary, watch the horror film black sheep
Drill Killer (1 month ago)
In the spirit of Hannibal movies, the next movie ya'll should watch is Red Dragon
Gojilion91 (1 month ago)
Silence of the Lambs is pretty good.
Blue Flare (1 month ago)
Red Dragon next?
221Baker221 (1 month ago)
I’m only asking because it’s kinda funny, but did you forget the main character’s name? Because you keep calling her “the trainee”. Also I was worried you two wouldn’t enjoy this because of how much it gets under your skin, so I’m glad you found it decent
Mighty M (1 month ago)
You should watch the second one, too.
Patrick Dees (1 month ago)
Did Josh based Simula off of hannibal lector?
TheDCmatrix (1 month ago)
Good evening, Clarice
Melon Tart (1 month ago)
One of my mom's favorite movies!
Julio Montoya (1 month ago)
Silence of the Lambs gave you ideas for DnD? I feel so sorry for the people you play with
Patrick Dees (1 month ago)
I feel like he based simula on hannibal lecter.
EquestrianAngel:Curt (1 month ago)
Here is a new suggestion: The Autopsy of Jane Doe Modern day classic scares that even made stephen king creeped out.
Noti squad!
ShaDHP23 (1 month ago)
I've been in a serious Hannibal click lately.
supermariofan03 (1 month ago)
This movie deserved all the Oscars it won. Jodie Foster is magnificent as Clarice Starling, Anthony Hopkins is delightfully intimidating as Hannibal Lecter, and Ted Levine...holy shit he was unnerving as Buffalo Bill! R.I.P. Jonathan Demme. You made a gripping suspenseful thriller. Oh and Ridley Scott...I love you man but you should be ashamed when Brett Ratner makes a better Hannibal Lecter movie than you.
Serena Lara Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Josh, have you seen the Goosebumps movie
Raptor Red (1 month ago)
the movie is based on the real events of Ed Gien and some parallels to Ted Bundy cases. i loved the movie. a lot of people said that lecter wasn't on the screen for very long, but i watched it like a few months ago and i think he was on screen plenty so idk why people were complaining.
angbandsbane (26 days ago)
Maybe for some people the screen time thing isn't so much a complaint as it is a reference to (and full disclosure, I've heard this but haven't actually checked it myself) that Anthony Hopkins as Lecter holds the record for "Won the Oscar with the least amount of time on screen."
Raptor Red (1 month ago)
+Melon Tart i might be wrong in something if someone tells i'll admit that, but i did see a recent two part series called Ted Bundy: Serial Monster and it butered the hell out of the viewer in how the case inspired Silence of the Lambs.
Melon Tart (1 month ago)
+Raptor Red interesting. Thank you for telling me that
Raptor Red (1 month ago)
+Melon Tart which was inspired by the two cases.
Melon Tart (1 month ago)
No, the movie was based on a book that was part of a series about Dr. Hannibal Lector.
Serena Lara Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Sounds creepy and scary
Melon Tart (1 month ago)
It freaked me out a bit. Even at 28 some things in the movie still unnerve me.
Honey Drop the Unicorn (1 month ago)
It is
good_girl gaming (1 month ago)
Hey josh how r u

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