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[E32014] Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed PS VITA gameplay from E3

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Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed is a Japanese adventure game. The game is being localized for release in the US by XSEED. I wasn't too familiar with the game so I didn't really know what I was supposed to be doing or looking for. Looking around for someone representing the game was useless so I was left to play the game on my own. I decided to just run around and talk to a few people to see what the game was like and that was it. For more info on the game go here: http://bit.ly/1s4R115
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Text Comments (7)
TheeAwesomeE (4 years ago)
Load screens every 5 steps.....fantastic.
westcoaststyle (4 years ago)
From my understanding, you're supposed to fight people until they're clothes are taken off (they're actually demons who can only be destroyed by exposing them to sunlight).
JezzeBoy (4 years ago)
Man, that loading Screen Everytime you enter a new area!... That's enough to turn me off from a Game...
Bearded Sifu (4 years ago)
all version are coming over ps4 , ps3 and  vita
Bearded Sifu (4 years ago)
If you buy for ps4 or ps3 the load times are much better and with extra content
dingo dongo (4 years ago)
Loading screen: The Game. 
KajiKingStarzky (4 years ago)
This is actually the second game in the series, the first was ok on the psp. Was surprised they decided to localise this. 

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