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15 Of the Most Beautiful Wives Of Older Billionaires

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Inside the lives of billionaire couples. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you’re a billionaire bachelor, there isn’t much out of your reach, especially not beautiful women. The women on this list have snagged themselves some rich husbands and boyfriends, and there is one thing they all have in common: they are all drop dead gorgeous. These are 15 of the most beautiful wives of older billionaires. In this video, we are going to take a look at some of the stunning women who take the arms of some wealthy older men. Like Princess Charlene of Monaco who married Prince Albert, who is 20 years her senior. Then there’s Jade Foret, who married one of France’s most powerful men, Arnaud Lagardére, who happens to be 30 years older than her. We will also take a look at which lady Jim Goldstein, that guy you see on the floor at every Lakers game, is hanging with these days. When you’re finished watching the video, tell us what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (2393)
ray juneau (12 hours ago)
Bunch of gold diggers, or high priced hos.
SparksFly (2 days ago)
Pedos, basically.
The green avenger (2 days ago)
The average women is a natural born house and money grabber !
VapeKing (2 days ago)
Age is just a number. Love can conquer all!
SaltandHoney UT (3 days ago)
It’s called prostitution. Trading your pussy for cash, even if you have a ring on it, it still equates to the same thing.
LIeb Lee (3 days ago)
It is a sin to have so much money and people are starving to death. Shame on your glutton
Kathy Lucas (5 days ago)
Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife seem like a good match.
S Douglas (5 days ago)
What ugly men! Oh yuk.
Laura M (5 days ago)
I know these men must be deluded but most of these women probably have no feelings towards them at all. I don't know how much these women would have to drink to get through the bedroom side of things!!
Funding Corporates (6 days ago)
So called Beauty and youth are temporary, it fades away soon. Safest bet would be to have Beauty with substance, skills and good character and have a fulfilling career or Business.
Linda Gill (7 days ago)
Of course walk a would be the best looking one of all..these ladies tho conniving at best aren't beautiful as girls considered "commoners" most have pointy noses or very strange shapes faces etc...square jaws...who are you kidding? The billionaire apparently lol
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Dolce Vida (8 days ago)
Salma is the only woman I wouldn’t say or even think she’s a gold digger like the rest.. the rest tho... I can’t say the same 😂😂😂.. I’m not even mad.. girls gotta do what a girls gotta do for money 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Bella M (8 days ago)
Maria Maestiana (8 days ago)
Beautiful wives equal Beautiful money...
Secret Identity (9 days ago)
20 year difference!?? 30 yr difference??? 45 YR DIFFERENCE????? 60 YR DIFFERENCE!!!???? WTF !!???
Zee Tube (10 days ago)
Robert 37 (10 days ago)
Zwykle kurwy
Guppy (11 days ago)
I never saw an old man on a bus with a model girl.
Gooold Diggggggggeeerrrrssssss
Alison Kershaw (11 days ago)
Theres no fool like an old fool.
Kobby Frimpz (11 days ago)
6 decades????😂😂😂wow love knows no age
Regina Craig (11 days ago)
It's like I heard a rich man say about his way much younger wife......" I told her, if she got the time, I got the money." So, there you have it -- a business arrangement.
jay Pazare (12 days ago)
But remember some people don't even get a text back .....
Tim Randall (12 days ago)
Its gotta be their money, why else would you marry an ugly dwarf?
Tim Randall (12 days ago)
You get the spouse you deserve. LMAO
Ls Darius (13 days ago)
Obviously the only love between them all is money
mresstell (13 days ago)
No, money does not buy you happiness, it is a GLUE (greed) for materialistic women to STICK with OLD men, some even OLDER than their own parents (father).
L S (14 days ago)
All of these couples look gloriously in love😳😳
Jason Anselmo (14 days ago)
Madonna "Cos we are living in a material world and I am a material girl". Cyndi Lauper "I said sorry baby I'm leaving you tonight I found someone new he's waiting in the car outside......and that's money. Money changes everything!" All hail almighty dollar!$$$
Benjamin Lauridsen (14 days ago)
Pretty sure it's Amalie Wichmann and not Anna Sergeevna the last girl..
quant turtle (15 days ago)
U mean behind every failure there is a gold digger? Ofcourse
RiskIt007 (15 days ago)
"I don't care how pretty a woman is..... there's ALWAYS a guy out there just sick of her shit" - Billy Joel
KAZUYUKI Wat (15 days ago)
Choose your life a country to stay, being a millionaire in your mother nation. Choose your life Jessica, a princess. Or or or..
Hattie RetroAge (17 days ago)
Consider that the critical and nasty commentsiabout these couples speaks more about the critcs than the couples. We Cougars get the same ugly comments levelled at us. Love whom you love and respect the choices of others... and wish them well.
Hattie RetroAge (17 days ago)
As a Cougar, I appove of all these couples, and resent the snide impications that the women are gold-diggers and the men, leaches. As many so-called age appropriate couple get divorceed as age gap couples. Love has more to it than money and age... and even beauty. I cherish love in whatever form it takes, and champion the courage to claim it. Congratulations to the men and congratulations to the women!
pom dutta (17 days ago)
i bet these women all have a johnny sins as a plumber or pool boy or a driver
Ketutar Jensen (17 days ago)
Where's Melania Knauss? A model who married a 24 years older millionaire? Isn't she beautiful enough, or isn't her husband rich enough? Salma Hayek is just 4 years younger than her billionaire husband, and even though 4 years count as "older", it really is quite normal age difference. Anna Nicole Smith is another Playboy centerfold who married a 62 years older millionaire. He might be too poor, though...
Siyah Beyaz (18 days ago)
No royal in the world sees the royals in Monaco as royals
Shaun E (18 days ago)
Ain't love grand, but grands are grander.
Concord (18 days ago)
As my mom says... If you marry for money you will earn every penny because you will be miserable!
Maria Sesotya (19 days ago)
Brainless n heartless women
bloody mary (20 days ago)
The way you speak about love and divorce on other second.. 30yrs gap with millionaire? Yeah its love alright
Angelo Mendez (21 days ago)
Holy Morning Star, this narrator sounds like a bimbo.
It really seems money makes the world go round~and move hearts and beautiful women
Anonymous Camilizer (23 days ago)
Where is Mr.President ^_^ ?
Anonymous Camilizer (23 days ago)
Hooman will get em all soon :D
purple étoile (24 days ago)
Wendy DANGGGG!! >U<
Giannis Freak (24 days ago)
The ideal age difference is ~60 years- this age difference guarantees a young spouse for the grandpa's eternity (aka the next few years) - LOL
Giannis Freak (24 days ago)
15 Of the Most Beautiful Prostitutes Of Older Billionaires
ALI RIZGAR (24 days ago)
...b l i a h h h h h
A P (24 days ago)
These women are Gold Digging Prostitutes and these Rich Ugly Men bought them for a price. "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil" 1 Timothy 6:10
Dee Eriz (25 days ago)
Keep wishing upon a star' I just wanna win the lottery'
JAY BODO (25 days ago)
If you have money you can get honey easily .
Ponny S (25 days ago)
Its look like that old guy was dating a woman in his young age, then was also he dating her daughter, and then he dating her granddaughter. 3 generations hook up with the same guy. 🤔🤔🤔
Katie's World!! (25 days ago)
Ugh I love Paul Mitchell!
Casandra Rhodan (26 days ago)
Some of these women that's on the list I wouldn't consider beautiful🙄
581mitch (27 days ago)
It's strange you never see a billionaire with an ugly wife ..personally I'd hate to be in that position of never really knowing if they genuinely love you are just there for money and lifestyle ..fortunately as I'm absolutely skint and always will be I know my partner is with me for who I am and not for my empty bank account and trusty Toyota corolla ..although I do wonder if I suddenly became a billionaire would my views change and I trade her in for a younger model ? ..my missus that is not the Toyota
Katie Marie (29 days ago)
I have been in love with Clint Eastwood since I was 14 years of age. Then he was 50 years old already. If given the opportunity at 18 I would've probably had a relationship with him, but now that he is 88, I WOULDN'T even with ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. 50 and 88 , big difference !!! 🙄 That being said, Love and big age difference is possible to a certain extent ! 😏🤔
ChaiLate Cookies (30 days ago)
Princess Ameera just recently got married to the prince of Dubai
Dr. Karen (30 days ago)
Both of the couples are wealthy... But these wealthy people are coming off shallow AF. Pathetic
Patricia Murillo (1 month ago)
The most beautiful billionaire ‘s wife is Salma Hyeck
bulalo sinusutsot (1 month ago)
fucking gold diggers
Bulbul Nayman (1 month ago)
You forgot to put Trump and Melanie Trump on your list!
kloud kev (1 month ago)
Pussy can destroy a nation...you can see why
Carletta Goodrich Mann (1 month ago)
Age does not seem to be a factor with these relationships. SMART WOMEN
Brielliant 1 (1 month ago)
Priscila Madeira (1 month ago)
Now I want a list of the men that date ugly old women like Emanuel Macron and Jesus Luz... and one with all the successful beautiful women (much more beautiful than these here) that date men poorer and less successful than them, like Candice Swanepoel, Josephine Skriver and Adriana Lima.
Konad B (14 days ago)
Their love works because the women love money and power and men love younger women so... Bless them because it is not easy for both side. It is not easy for men to please high maintenance and demanding women, on the other hand, it is not easy for women to sleep with older men, they smell.
Ivana Andric (29 days ago)
They smell 😂😂😂😂! You re wright, ofcourse.. but its still hillarious!!
Mark Huller (1 month ago)
If l have so much money l will buy half a dozen of those whores like a furniture !!!
Koua Yang (1 month ago)
Every guy wish they can do that lol
Koua Yang (1 month ago)
Money can buy time to enjoy life
Strawberry Honey (1 month ago)
Oh Ok...with billions every woman is beautiful
Ajit Arora (1 month ago)
Behind every rich man is a gold diggin Ho....norable woman.
Ella Hintersteiner (1 month ago)
Be nice people, you guys should not be judgmental, everyone has different needs... God Bless you all...
Ella Hintersteiner (1 month ago)
I think Salma Hayek is the most beautiful billionaire wife... you go girl!
john lock (1 month ago)
These gold diggers are waiting the the old fools to croak, or if they are found out by the idiots, they get the consolation prize of half their shit
TobyPlayz (1 month ago)
Money is a great thing
Luna Wolf (1 month ago)
She must have given a great blowjob
Luna Wolf (1 month ago)
She has had plastic surgery she's just another ugly Barbie doll
Chris chris (1 month ago)
All their facts are wrong bernie isn't the CEO of f1 for one
Captain Z (1 month ago)
These girls are really good at manipulating guys
John k Buongpui (1 month ago)
Money does not buy happiness ............na love .......
Anastasia Maria (1 month ago)
The majority of these women you showcase are NOT women. They are male to female Transgendered Boys that wanted to play dress up and pretend they were women and that they could reproduce. Wendy Deng - a baphoment like god - These people love their God Bapthomet so much that they will mutilate their bodies to be one. 1/2 man 1/2 goat, large rack of horns and breasts. The quintessential Tranny of the 2018/19 years. The Talko - you got to know this and just misleading the masses.
Ivana Andric (29 days ago)
You need mental help! Fast!
Denise Cummer (1 month ago)
I guess these ugly rich guys must be heavily invested in Viagra!
Mack69 (1 month ago)
love hell she wants money he wants a smooth body= I was 57 my wife 27 look great taste great to bad I out lived her on her death bed she said I love you.
im ok with $1 for food
Jesus is cunt (1 month ago)
Some of those men’s, looks like somebody from horror movies. So disgusting.
Camille Bunn (1 month ago)
8:00 the original 50 shades couple. Middle East version.
fastcougar3200 (1 month ago)
Replace wives with "Gold digging hoes" please. Thanks.
Gerard Malazarte (1 month ago)
It's all about the money, baby...
goatmonkey2112 (1 month ago)
The ones who "appear to be in love", I suspect a pre-nup.
generic username (1 month ago)
Women are not whores, but you can't get a good looking one without money. But they are NOT WHORES and I won't have that said about these brave beautiful survivors!!!!! (I'll put the famous hashtag at the end in case any of these ladies have a divorce settlement that doesn't go their way) #METOO
Ivana Andric (29 days ago)
Mental helth ALERT! Hospitalisation needed urgently!!
Sierra Casady (1 month ago)
Platonski Palarov (1 month ago)
No, I still consider them a "GOLD DIGGERS" unless if their gap is 5 years in below maybe i will consider that a true love.
Abdool Rasheed (1 month ago)
in fact, these are Gold Diggers.
Tropical_ BANANAS_ (1 month ago)
Be the doctor -dad

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