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Chinese Teen Girl dance for Oppa Gangnam style song - HOT

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Rapper Psy's Oppa Gangnam style song has become popular all around the world these days. A Chinese hot teen girl trying to imitate real dancing style in the original song video and she is doing it great somehow, even hotter than in the original video..
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Text Comments (45)
newtoob bully (30 days ago)
id bang her
Carlos vídeos (1 month ago)
Gern Blanston (1 month ago)
ooh hell yes!!! Good Video!
Joe Dirt (2 months ago)
Looks a tad like SSSniperwolf ya dig. Ya dig.
John Mar (6 months ago)
very good beat,keep up...
lancelot323p6 (8 months ago)
she's not Chinese
everything (11 months ago)
So good creative one
Seven Tan (1 year ago)
Shes an filipina i knew her she’s quite famouse shes donnalyn duh!!
Seven Tan (1 year ago)
Poster im not trying to be a hater but shes not lookin chinese at all!
everything (1 year ago)
Really so cute really
nau tika (1 year ago)
lol this is really cute
Jagdish devar (1 year ago)
Joseph Diveley (2 years ago)
nice dancing and very cute =)
carl jeric ricahuerta (3 years ago)
She's not chinese! Her name is Donnalyn Bartolome and she's a Filipina. She from the Philippines
ggg ggg (3 years ago)
valeu chiquinha
pendle (3 years ago)
oppan my pant
TheFunkhouser (3 years ago)
lol the bed
shah asim (3 years ago)
Carlos Valderad (3 years ago)
That is nice video
Baby 1822 (3 years ago)
donnalyn bartolome ?.
stacy clington (3 years ago)
Jean Lee (4 years ago)
My 5 year old can do the exact dance
truevy (4 years ago)
Nice performance but no offence when I read your channel name I thought it read slag :p
justsomeguyfromny (4 years ago)
What a clever girl!
Ecko Beatz (4 years ago)
Soooo lame !!!!!!
chozen0018 (4 years ago)
cute,, thats was fun
zed prame (4 years ago)
her name is donnalyn bartolome and not a chinese.
will linggi (4 years ago)
Small body big head nerd
dodgethehell (5 years ago)
how do you know she is Chinese? I bet she is not
internet ! (1 year ago)
dodgethehell she looks white
louzxcvbnm (5 years ago)
Sheraz Dildar (5 years ago)
Hmmm let me think ?
Sunilnand Vijayarathna (5 years ago)
Very good hard work ... cheers m8 ..:)
ibrahim Anjum (5 years ago)
amazing dance
Ivan hernandez (5 years ago)
can you add me in facebook ,, please
Ivan hernandez (5 years ago)
where are you from ,,,honey
Natjimo (5 years ago)
wtf she's actually pretty good O.o
henry zhu (5 years ago)
holy shit that was amaizing. I don't say that to every video. she's a good dancer, o and I like the makeup.
Renn Ryu (5 years ago)
Good job.. u did ur best.. thanks for the show, im waiting for the next video... send my greeting for that gurl... thx
Eric (5 years ago)
wow poor gurl..
sokheng dara (5 years ago)
ahhhhh are u mental breaking ????
Danny Mejia (5 years ago)
you really cute
Nike Cordovilla #28 (5 years ago)
shes not a chinese lol shes a filipino
laroskundo (5 years ago)
pls go and eat a sandwich
Mike Yubby (6 years ago)
wtf is that

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