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Versace ➤ Spring/Summer 2013 Full Fashion Show

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Donatella Versace for Versace 22 Sept 2012 / Milan Full Fashion Show in HD Original Soundtrack
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Kimberly Burgess (3 months ago)
What the song that they played in the beginning?
Hannah (5 years ago)
model at 2:40 is gorgeous
Nim Ron (4 years ago)
Jasmine Tookes  :)
balloongurl (5 years ago)
these girls are scary thin 
Rena Stęborowska (5 years ago)
great :)
Gerardo Quiterio (5 years ago)
What's the name of the first and last song? Please.
Gerardo Quiterio (5 years ago)
You are the queen of the HD videos. Yeah!
Kimberly (6 years ago)
Wow all the models are so thin! I love their outfits :)
Flongowild (6 years ago)
Nothing...Nobody in the world compares to Gianni (RIP)! Donnatella is neither but a little comfort for the big V...
Gustavo Henrique (6 years ago)
Tom Solsvik (6 years ago)
i think this is so much better than iv seen from Versace for a loooong time...
Yeoh Joshua Egwaras (6 years ago)
not the best from last season..but far from the worst... and the models look like they're really into it
Alger Algerie (6 years ago)
she had designed pretty clothes
Roger Lima (6 years ago)
Don't know any thing about the production on this Versace show. But i'll tell you this is not a Geani Versace thing what so ever!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Disaster.
Iq Queeley (6 years ago)
off the hook
ha nguyen (6 years ago)
thích nhất mấy bộ đầm ák
Sadmik (6 years ago)
How boring. A one little detail isn't always going to make the garment look good. This is a perfect example of that.
Super Le (6 years ago)
So hot!
Adrian Agravante (6 years ago)
thank you for uploading with the original soundtrack!
Dani8owie (6 years ago)

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