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marketing tricks to sell products EXAMPLE|வியாபாரதந்திரம்|தமிழ் |tamil minutemil minute

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marketing tricks to sell products EXAMPLE|வியாபாரதந்திரம்|தமிழ் |tamil minute In this video, I will teach you how to sell so good people from different type of sale the products. There is more luxury in our country than the essential ones. People in India can afford to sell more goods Overseas company can easily sell their product marketing tricks to sell products வியாபாரதந்திரம் தமிழ் tamil minute sales tips marketing (interest) marketing strategy marketing management marketing importance how to market a business how to market my businessh How to market your business tamil small business idea tamil multi level marketing mlm india topMARKTING MARKITING IDEAS TAMIL how to sell 2 sales training sales tips business ideas marketing tricks, marketing tricks to sell products, marketing tricks to make you buy SUBSCRIBE THE CHENNAL: https://www.youtube.com/c/tamilminutes Twitter: @karthikisis1947
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VEERA TAMILAN (3 days ago)
thambi supper video
Srinivas Muniswamy (1 month ago)
Manikandan Mani (3 months ago)
Sema matter naa very very very very much thanks naaa
Mohammed Aasheef (3 months ago)
Alrdy vera channel la sollitagaa....new ah solluga 🤗
Muhammad Abdul (4 months ago)
My dear brother ,,,, please dress nicely and make good haircut ,,,,,,
Aravinth Laksh (4 months ago)
First wishing, introduction, speech the product and explain, compare with the customer product, how much earning in the product customer will get, how much profit customer will get compare to customer holding a product, convince to product fees, closing speech, documentation, sign up... successful for your business. This is business way... Thank you Contact me 9611318735 more information call me anytime Do you have any sales problem
Aravinth Laksh (3 months ago)
GOKULA KRISHNAN (3 months ago)
Thank you sir
Sri Manoj Kumar S (6 months ago)
Introduction, presentation, product future, price,close good job thanks boss.
Gopinath G (6 months ago)
Loosu pundamari pesura...solra pointe thelivu ella
Muthu Kumar (4 months ago)
Mr.Gopinath G. I'm doing business gaining 3k per day profit only.. Don't underestimate this YouTuber. He is not posting vid for money. Now tell me who is lusu puda?😏
tamil minutes (6 months ago)
+Gopinath G Ok da loosu kuthiiiii. Unakaga thelivaa sollurea
g newton (9 months ago)
poologam movie dialogue a bro
tamil minutes (9 months ago)
tamil times (11 months ago)
Good information

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