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Time Lapse Drawing - Anime Girl / #drawing #anime

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Time Lapse Drawing - Anime Girl / #drawing #anime Hello, In this video I'm showing you a time lapse drawing of an anime girl that I've made with a polychromos black pencil. This is not my original character, it's just a drawing that I've made using a beautiful reference picture, that I admire and I wanted to share with you the process of making it. I hope you'll like my drawing of an anime girl. #drawing #timelapsedrawing #animegirl -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Watch my latest video: "Painting A Castle In Watercolor/ Pictura in Acuarela a Castelului Peles 🏰" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RBl9Tt9Yaw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (147)
Anime Fuck you (11 months ago)
How did you install photoshop in your hand dude?? Pls teach me 😢😢
Sandy Straw (1 day ago)
+ii dudezz maybe because anime destroyed his life?
ii dudezz (1 month ago)
why is ur username anime fuck u if ur watching how to draw anime?
Echoing Howl (2 months ago)
Practice and hard work. Oh and a lot of talent too.
:)))) I don't know how :)
tekle esebua (1 day ago)
shemomierti da damimegobrdi
Rolando Navidad (21 days ago)
I watching new pls open me tnx
Pencil Drawing Academy (22 days ago)
Jeje doodle (22 days ago)
Very nice drawing.. i love it so much
Hannah Cornett (1 month ago)
WOW!!!!!! When you do it, it looks so easy!😱😱
Thank you, Hannah!
Ta Grace (1 month ago)
yoy zat stuff gucci
Baby Gaby Art (1 month ago)
Impressive result!
Thank you!
Soap (1 month ago)
Hey remember me? Gacha_Bird! Love this drawing!
:))) thanks!
mahith v (1 month ago)
BRAVO!!!words can't explain the art.GOOD JOB.
That is such a nice comment! Thank you for your wonderful words!
九条reapishikage (1 month ago)
semi realistic madness!! niceee😎😎😎😎
Thank you!
Sketchbook Corner (2 months ago)
This is so beautiful 😍
aichan01 (2 months ago)
Love it! 😍 i really like your style!
aichan01 (2 months ago)
+Create Something New Every Day you're welcome ^^
Thank you! :)
Jen Art (2 months ago)
Wow nice drawing
Thank you so much, Jen!
How to Draw 4 Kids (2 months ago)
wow, you are some fine quality artist
Echoing Howl (2 months ago)
Amazing! Immediately subscribed! I was wondering if you knew anything about how to fix same face syndrome because I have it in my art. I really want to get rid of it, but I like where my style is going now if I would ever like to do a manga. Any tips?
+Echoing Howl You're very welcome! :)
Echoing Howl (2 months ago)
Create Something New Every Day omg thank you so much! I’ll be sure to follow your tips!
Thank you for your lovely comment! In my opinion, we, as artists, should never stop making studies (of any type of art). Try to make an exact copy of an anime character that you like, and search for different approaches that the artist took to achieve that result, and than apply that in your work. For example you may discover that some artists use cold colors in the shadows or choose a bold highlight for the eyes only for dark hair characters..things like that. I hope I've been of help. Good luck with your art!
sushma singh (2 months ago)
I just loved so pretty and also subscribe my channel for art and craft videos and comment on my new video and I have also subscribe your channel
kaneez Art (2 months ago)
I love it❤❤❤❤❤❤😍
Thank you!
RQblade (2 months ago)
:))))OMG this is the funniest comment I've ever received! Thank you
purple car car (3 months ago)
I've been watching artist rn I'm trying to become a better artist myself
I'm happy to be one of the artists that you watch :) Good luck with your art!
Iris Ai Su Ki (3 months ago)
Wow so so cute anime drawing
thank you so so much!
Gianna Villanueva (3 months ago)
This proves there’s more to anime than just making sparkly eyes and pointy hair
This is so beautifully said! Thank you so much!
TheTerminatorlol (3 months ago)
Yo.. can you like.. NOT Make me Jealous of your art please?
Cornelius Quackerson (4 months ago)
Are you Asian?
No, I'm from Eastern Europe :)
keito chan beresu (5 months ago)
your so good 😅😅..
Thank you so much Keito chan
Chibi Animations (5 months ago)
Movie Song Clips (6 months ago)
amazing can you teach slowly please i am a begginer to draw anime characters
Unfortunately I'm not the best teacher, but I will upload anime videos each Tuesday, so I hope you'll be able to learn from them
Lil_Banana 124 (6 months ago)
Can u do a video of how to draw hair?😊🙃
I promise in the future I will!
rahmat X Art (6 months ago)
MAGIC_ CHAnN (6 months ago)
Look so easy, but so hard...
:) this took me a lot, a lot of time to make, but it was a lot of fun, so it was easy and hard in the same time :)
Naurin Evaa (6 months ago)
💗💗It's so pretty....💗💗
Thank you so much!
DB Rabid (7 months ago)
I did the same drawing on my instagram @artsy_neji
:) It's a beautiful reference
DEVIKA NILAM (7 months ago)
CoOlCaM dEStRoYeR OwO (8 months ago)
This is awesome!!!
Thank you!
evos daylen kw (8 months ago)
That was an amazing sketch ! No outline and flawless shading. Subscribed !!😎😍
Thank you so much!
Maram_ san (8 months ago)
إبداع بس اشوية بطئ حتى نفهم 👏👏
today tomorrow (8 months ago)
Can you teach how to draw? 😭
I'm not the best teacher, but I will upload 5 vids/week and maybe it will be of help...
luo .v (8 months ago)
thank you!
Talib Ansari (9 months ago)
Best picture
Thank you so much!
Angel_ 07 (9 months ago)
Shalu Sah (9 months ago)
beautiful picture😊😊😊
Thank you! I've used a reference picture!
Jui V. (9 months ago)
Lina Amv (9 months ago)
did you put a bit water in your panpastel ?and what kind of applicator are you using O.o btw nice draw
Thank you! No, I've applyed it dry with an old synthetic brush
Jeff D' Great (9 months ago)
unbelievable your the one! your drawing is fantastic!
Thank you so much!
little magic 2 (9 months ago)
Wow that's incredible I love this so much I tried this today but I can't pls say some tips
Thank you! I'm happy I've inspired you! Patience and practice are the best tips :)
Lucy Dragneel (9 months ago)
That's so beautiful 😍
Thank you!
Draco Malfoy (10 months ago)
You draw an anime girl better an I do Please teach meeee
I'm not the best teacher, but I will upload anime drawings each tuesday..maybe ithey will be of help
little craft 1o1 (11 months ago)
Dang BEST ART EVER like HOW CAN YOU DRAW THAT GOOD MY ART TEACHER teach me how to draw Like that But I can't even Draw that good I'm bad at drawing
And I'm bad at teaching :)))
Mikylah'sChannel LOREIN (11 months ago)
Mikylah'sChannel LOREIN (11 months ago)
Ops i say abd its, and
dance rival (11 months ago)
REDMARK ART (1 year ago)
Lovely drawing! Fellow artist and new to YouTube, maybe we can support each other😊 liked and subbed
fionaj2012 (1 year ago)
Brilliant art work🙂
Thank you so much!
when i was Baby (1 year ago)
تحفةة اووي
LG Drawing (1 year ago)
Wow 😮 its soooo beautiful ❤️❤️
Anime Sans (1 year ago)
Anime Sans (1 year ago)
Fun Art with Srithi ! (1 year ago)
That was just perfect ,,i wonder that you used eraser or not!!
I surely did! :)
I love your work and I subscribed immediately.
Thank you so much!! :)
Oh Ha Ni chan (1 year ago)
That's incredible!
Thank you so much!
Hadrien Everard (1 year ago)
Sholy shit you draw freaking well, I draw on my channel too could you please check it out ?
Gio's Family fun (1 year ago)
Beautiful 👍!
Thanks, Gio
Balkis Sarah (1 year ago)
wow she looks so yandere :O
Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel!
Sassy Skeleton (1 year ago)
Awesome work!!!
Thank you! Have a Happy New Year!
Alvida Lewiana (1 year ago)
Thanks! :)
Love it
DisDrawMim 445 (1 year ago)
Thanks! :)
O.O how did you draw her with no outlines/sketch before hand? magic?! so good! >O< subscribed!
I had a few dots premeasured and it took me a lot of time (more then a realist portrait). Thank you so much!
WilCrab ART (1 year ago)
unreal art
soma biswas (1 year ago)
What do you think everyone has to draw realistic art
Thank you!
My Oniric Dimension (1 year ago)
anime style + realistic shading = amazing result🙂
Yes, I think so
My Oniric Dimension (1 year ago)
I think that's great! I think it can be categorized as semi-realistic maybe?
Thank you, it's almost impossible to me not to live a trace on realism in my work :)
Gina ́sArtCorner (1 year ago)
Beautiful! The shading on her hair is sooo amazing! Say did you use a Polychromo black colored pencil for it?? A lil tip that I can give is to show the drawing at the end a bit longer, so we can take a better look at the finished product ;) I subscribed!
Congratulation! You're this weeks winner! I will draw a portrait of your choice and upload it next Sunday 26 nov. I've sent you a private message with the details, please hurry so that I'll have time to draw it. Thank you very much for your comments and for subscribing! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Gina ́sArtCorner (1 year ago)
I know the struggle all too well :D but this is a really good idea
Yes, it's always a challenge to find the right technique for the camera...I love drawing with graphite pencils, but it shines so on the camera it looks bad...
Gina ́sArtCorner (1 year ago)
YOu´re very welcome :) Can´t wait to see more! Oh thats amazing! I have polychrmos myself so I was staring at the pencil figuring out if it is one or not :D Thats a great idea! SO it won´t shine that much while ding the video. Looks great!
Thank you so much for subscribing and for your tip..you are right, the video ends a little bit abrupt. Yes I've used a black polychromos pencil and a little bit of panpastel applied with a brush.
R.R. FineArt (1 year ago)
Great !
Thank you!

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