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Piers Morgan On.. Hollywood - HD Full Documentary - Season 1

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Season 1 - Episode 3 - The Luxury Life Of Hollywood By Piers Morgan HD Piers Morgan On... is a British television travelogue programme presented by journalist Piers Morgan, broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. So far he has visited Dubai, Monte Carlo, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Marbella and Shanghai. SEASON 1 PIERS MORGAN ON..: Season 1 - Episode 1 - The Luxury Life Of Dubai Season 1 - Episode 2 - The Luxury Life Of Monte Carlo Season 1 - Episode 3 - The Luxury Life Of Hollywood SAEASON 2 PIERS MORGAN ON..: Season 2 - Episode 1 - The Luxury Life Of Las Vegas Season 2 - Episode 2 - The Luxury Life Of Marbella Season 2 - Episode 3 - The Luxury Life Of Shanghai Who Richest Person In The World - Billionaire Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (266)
nuna ubusiness (4 days ago)
Hollywood is going after british talent because, the hollywood types, just like the brits, are a bunch of faggots
CHRIS198490 (8 days ago)
LA is a big shithole showing off nothing else
jay etebari (11 days ago)
in AL 95% they ly
jay etebari (11 days ago)
kabbala bekam
jay etebari (11 days ago)
Mr Morgen did you make. the money before you left Us?
jay etebari (11 days ago)
Mr Morgen did you make. the money before you left US?
jay etebari (11 days ago)
Mr Morgen did you make. the money before you left US?
jay etebari (11 days ago)
Mr Morgen did you make. the money before you left US?
jay etebari (11 days ago)
all fake
jay etebari (11 days ago)
this zionist city is no good
Jo Dalinkus (14 days ago)
More than convinced you can get cheaper shrinks back in UK to treat bipolar instead of being overcharged by the Yanks. So much for reinventing yourself in Tinseltown.
C E (15 days ago)
Fly with the eagles ! I going to repeat that to my self every morning! 😂😂😂😂lol
C E (15 days ago)
It's not sounds nice! Hypocrite!
C E (15 days ago)
God this fun. Love California. I only been in Newport beach and Costa mesa..its beautiful
Achilleas Labrou (21 days ago)
The contribution of adorable and gifted Jews in Hollywood should be pointed. The Jewish community of Hollywood is wonderful and have done miracles. Nearly all big Hollywood studios were founded by Jews and are are still operated by Jews. Jews are open minded and have welcomed British people to Hollywood. Ben Silverman at 12:15 is Jew. Sharon Osbourne is Jew and Jane Seymour is Jew too.
Frank Van Rensburg (29 days ago)
Thought I was going to be watching a Documentary on Hollywood. What it turned out to be was a Documentary on British People living in Hollywood. Their own country is no longer worth living in, as it has also been invaded by foreigners, sadly of the worst kind!.
Michael Flitter (24 days ago)
Frank Van Rensburg spot on Britain 🇬🇧 is finished
Sills71 (1 month ago)
"when you put out good energy, good things happen to you..." NO... "when you put out, good things happen to you"
No Need (1 month ago)
Happy to be an Aussie living in my own country and living a real life!
Greer Chase (1 month ago)
22mins in, I think when he says the pressures to be perfect is huge he means for WOMEN not men👎🏻
ventende (1 month ago)
No point of having a view in LA cause all you see is the smog.
Maple007 (1 month ago)
Americans definitely do not love the English accent or the “brits”.
KWR 28 (1 month ago)
'Brits tell it like it is'... obviously they've never visited New York...
Pat Rick (1 month ago)
Matt Goss is underrated Genius
Pat Rick (1 month ago)
Your craft is as good as your result and if you put out good energy... I agree
Stephen Rowan (1 month ago)
The most alarming thing in this programme are his sunglasses.
Kiringo Gichanga (1 month ago)
"Those prices most people could probably only afford to fly with the pigeons!"...hehehehe damn Piers
Mohd abu bakkar Kamran (1 month ago)
British in America because of money
Life 4 Fire Forever (1 month ago)
Australians were invading and claiming Hollywood for years
Phil Phil (17 days ago)
That's why there's no hub caps on the cars in Hollywood
andreas trattone (2 months ago)
What a rubbish,fake world is l.a.
cosmiccandy (2 months ago)
LOL, they censored the first swear word Sharon said and gave up censoring the rest. Why even bother. But loving Piers here. In such a fake environment, he asked people some hard hitting questions which brought them to reality and made them question the purpose and likely futility of what they were doing. It's like they are all after fame purely because it is near unattainable and will feed the ego if they make it, but not because they will truly feel fulfilled once they get it.
sankacoffee1 (2 months ago)
they want british peeps cause we are intelligent
John Chan (2 months ago)
yeah right
chapmasi (2 months ago)
33:05 This whole sit down is just cringeworthy, Fake laughing..... pathetic
khizottt88 (2 months ago)
"500 just to say fly with the eagles" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Got to love Pierce's honesty
Bazil Brush (15 days ago)
Piers is a lying bastard. He edited a national newspaper for one and sucks the government's balls on morning tv now supporting the corrupts agendas. He's an Etonian, that's same as skull and bones if you need a reference. He wouldn't know 'honest' if it slapped him.
khizottt88 (2 months ago)
@cosmiccandy lol me too. Right he really did🤣🤣.
cosmiccandy (2 months ago)
LMAO, I dieeeed when he said that. He looked so unimpressed X-D
NMA-T (2 months ago)
This Lady Victoria Hervey has a Wikipedia page, go figure that one out. And I can do that "Life style coach" and I can say the same thing get someone focus and charge $500 per hours. Didn't know it was that easy any unskilled slob do that. :)
Luxus Häuser (2 months ago)
You're right Piers, what sets the Brits apart IS their dedication to their art and of course, the "implied intelligence."
John Koziol (2 months ago)
California sure isn't the way that it's depicted on television and in the movies. When I got there and saw it for the cesspool that it is, it was a place I DEFINITELY wanted ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with when I thought I would move there. I turned right around and came back to the MUCH, MORE beautiful Atlantic Ocean!!!
David Mandell (2 months ago)
LA is a $$hithole and California is the land of fruits and nuts......
Darrin Mccullar (3 months ago)
Pussy Morgan sucks ass
datoneguyjacoba (3 months ago)
Wayne Rooney as the next Bond😂😂😂😂
9 hundred (3 months ago)
29:18 "what a load of cock" hahahaha
9 hundred (3 months ago)
25:41 no tip, that's the british way. Holding the door open doesn't deserve a tip, because it's just common decency. Americans need to be constantly rewarded, otherwise they throw a tantrum.
9 hundred (3 months ago)
17:25 Piers Morgan reaction hahahahahaha!!!!
Rich (4 months ago)
This guy is the king of shit
Just think (4 months ago)
hollywierd. pedi land running on fear. but since the 30's the Brits have always been pros in showBIZ.
Ay Bee (5 months ago)
14:48 the odd couple!!!!
hannah60000 (5 months ago)
People love to inflate the truth, Hollywood is dominated and will continue to be dominated by Americans. Peace
Louie Benfatto-Gutierrez (5 months ago)
Pierce please , on the same American culture has vertically taken Over your tiny United Kingdom (media , so use media , music , fashion ) # American culture .. few brits sure in L.A. but don’t get it twisted . Brits to throw rocks from there tiny glass houses ..
Agent S (5 months ago)
RAUL FERNANDEZ (5 months ago)
16:50 is that a real beard? its covering his cheeks! hahahahahahahah
ex0duzz (2 months ago)
RAUL FERNANDEZ I know right? But he's gang leader so why don't you go ask him and let me know, I'll be waiting here. Haha
pulakification (6 months ago)
It’s a dying industry ..
ART MCPHARLIN (6 months ago)
Pier. why were you such a liberal dumb as*
Hanneke Teunissen (6 months ago)
Heehee, Britain is heading to Hollywood, and Hollywood is heading to the British Royal Family!
wt30001 (6 months ago)
We love dry humor or some of us do. And in regard to Sharon Os orn, I think she is beautiful but reality tv does not constitute talent. . Possibly hard work with her 1 brain cell husband and her dysfunctional family.
Carolyn Campbell (6 months ago)
wt30001 Sharon is why Ozzie lives verrry well. She managed him for years til she decided to do things for herself.
A.C. B. ART (6 months ago)
Lady Victoria or whoever is a nice little package, too bad she's listening to Pimp Daddy Ray Ray. We enjoy that pseudo intelligence vibe that most accents portend not just Btit. British /Cockney/posh, etc. We also enjoy the fact that we kicked British ass back in 1776 .
Maxwell Smart_086 (6 months ago)
"Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people." I´m from West Virginia and I love MY accent. Happy days. ;-)
Todd Lavigne (6 months ago)
so people in Hollyweird are fake....well, they are all wanna be actors, what do you expect?
Rix xy (6 months ago)
+1 Sub. Thanks Piers
Mac Sixtyfive (6 months ago)
Piers works in the same Hollywood Studio block where Seinfeld was filmed ... and NO a Brit is as Abrasive as they come ... foot in mouth disease as it's known everywhere else.
Lonesome Rhodes (6 months ago)
32:37 Does that unfunny "comic" know her husband's gay?
Lonesome Rhodes (6 months ago)
Gay Jews run Hollywood and the media...creepy satanic vibes.
Lonesome Rhodes (6 months ago)
Lady V is a fugly vapid skank and that ghetto con man is playin her like the chump she is, lol!!! Hollyweird=chump-n-con magnet.
Robert Smith (6 months ago)
Hollywood "The town you move to if you want to commit suicide".
K Alexander (6 months ago)
which kind of colour is of skin--- that's a new one
Kev M (6 months ago)
Did you spot the human shit on all their shoes lol, funny so beautiful and streets full of illegals shitting in the EVERYWHERE Cannot wait to go, always wanted HEPATITIS LOL PLAGUE NEXT HEEEEE.
MVE (6 months ago)
It's all about money, money and money again. Haha, $100,000 starting tariff for an interior designer!!!
Rayhaneh Shariatmadari (6 months ago)
What a bad documentary!!! no source based opinion:/ really bad.. asking “people” a million times: “what is the point that brits are successful in hollywood?” What’s the point 🤦🏽‍♀️
Phil Phil (17 days ago)
Nobody is going to ask you a question, that's for sure.
Juan Perez (6 months ago)
His name is Pierced Organ, LOL
Araya Khan (6 months ago)
Whatever 😶
Robert Richie (6 months ago)
How is he driving around LA and not hitting any traffic?? A third of this mini-doc should just be Piers sitting in his useless sports car in gridlock
Nfarr86 (7 months ago)
This should be about himself.
horst baur (7 months ago)
Nest of vipers. No soul, no substance, can't trust anybody. Kinda like the Vatican...
Steve Dhi (7 months ago)
because their trash liberal hater's...
John Barrett (7 months ago)
Piers is too stupid to watch.
oregonnich (7 months ago)
Last time I was In the Hollywood area, I vowed never to come back. That area is surrounded by gettos.
Christopher W (7 months ago)
I'd love to get drunk with Lady Victoria Hervey. I imagine around 2am and a few packets down she'd be great fun. A filthy posh blonde at her worst :)
Eddie Smithers (7 months ago)
Stopped watching at the laughable bs that 'Mel B' had made it in Hollywood
Elijah Khalimendik (8 months ago)
Look at Lady Victoria!!! That body language... She's banging her life coach! 16:45
Moe Moe (7 months ago)
i bet he bang a few of his female clients and most of there husbands knows this because they cheating themselves, hollywood is weird like that
Jeff K (8 months ago)
eh, she just wanted to see the sun
Justin Clark (9 months ago)
S P (9 months ago)
vinny jones ? how the fuck THAT become ..... anything ???
Joey J (10 months ago)
i feel sorry for the failures
Siobhan Parker (10 months ago)
Wish piers had interviewed John Taylor of Duran Duran for this programme he's lived in los Angeles for over 20 years is actually very successful & would be funnier& more interesting to listen to💖
rideordieguy rideordieguy (10 months ago)
The Brits slurs / slang is actually cool but the world is so over the accent/ It honestly makes me CRINGE so relax Piers dont get gassed or Ill call Omarosa
youxkio (10 months ago)
Explain... "You know..." no I don't fucking know, explain please, thank you.
cobra3289 (10 months ago)
Very good documentary, thank you
Piers is a such a bloody Braggart!
Rich R (10 months ago)
Well that explains why I don't watch TV anymore. Brits are the rudest people in the world. For some reason Americans like the accent. I went to Eton College so I just turn the accept on; you bloody pompous toss pots; daft gits. Hollywood is as fake as most of the tits. No LA people do not take honesty or bluntness.
John Melaries (11 months ago)
Immigrants work at a discount!
Nory Garcia (11 months ago)
I think it's the smog, it gets into their heads...
MRZ12000 (11 months ago)
IT is lala land once you go on the fantasy trip you are in a never ending Orbit now I live in europe without the fantasy of North Hollywood
MRZ12000 (11 months ago)
Holly Wood a sespool,what happebed to Michael,Janet Jackson,John Bulochey,stronge man Gangster Micky Cohen
Martin Klopf (11 months ago)
Die quatschen viel zu viel!!!!
Inspired by love (11 months ago)
Hollywood is just a den of iniquity
Inspired by love (11 months ago)
Sharen seems to be very honest 😊and Piers just loves showing off his sleeeeek car🚘
Michael Anderson (11 months ago)
i didn't work hard but i RICH
Jim 762 (9 months ago)
.... rich in poor English/grammar? I concur . MAGA!
T Hyslop (1 year ago)
Mel B -talentless. Maybe she is a good singer. Dunno. Now she is celebrity judge and is terrible. Equally horrible is Heidi Klum.
K R (1 year ago)
Martin Lawrence Bellend
K R (1 year ago)
laaaady haaaaavey
özgün Baskin (1 year ago)
İn my opinion most of the american new generation actors and actrists are not deserved that their economical and social status because with their accents and not culturely equiped i mean they don t read books they are not curious about science ,literature and londoners or british people much more equipped and reesdy for cinema or television .
Nfarr86 (7 months ago)
My good ozgun , you are speaking amazing english.

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