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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Review: Femtrooper

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Flavio Alves Reis (8 months ago)
Lunar 1 it's easy my favorite on the series. You should try Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Basically have the same feeling. Great game.
4u57inc0v3110 (10 months ago)
Silver Star Harmony blows. The PS1 version was such a better localization that it isn't funny. The only saving grace was the presence of Spike Spencer. And Quark sounds like a parrot with a sore throat.
Chris D (10 months ago)
I’m late af but why did you hate Cold Steel? That game is great (the sequel being even better).
femtrooper (10 months ago)
I don’t like games where you just do errands the whole time. I’m more of a Final Fantasy person where there is a huge story and tons of traveling to other cities. Doing errands as a student just isn’t my thing.
Jumaane Cabrera (11 months ago)
It’s on my 5 to play list! I’m stoked cuz it made your top 10 rpg list
femtrooper (11 months ago)
Such a good game, great characters and fun whimsical story!
Infinite Communities (1 year ago)
this game series was the best rpg series ever made
Infinite Communities (1 year ago)
there are changes in the story from the original sega cd verion big change aka luna was gone before they went to meribia . lunar 2 eternal blue is my favorite you should try it sega cd or psx ps the sega cd version was harder as well
J. Oscar Polanco (1 year ago)
i.m with you, but the title rhymes with tuner, not kumar.
ObliviousTouch (1 year ago)
You should play Tales of Vesperia. It’s only available on XBOX 360 and it has anime cutscenes.
Jase Riot (1 year ago)
The Sega CD version will always be the best even though every other version besides Lunar Legends was pretty competent.
Heroic Defeat (1 year ago)
The ps1 version made me cry human tears :( I would love to play the psp remake :)
referral madness (2 years ago)
I also think you should do a review of the lufia games on the snes and DS
referral madness (2 years ago)
I want to play lunar , I think you should do a review of lunar 2 eternal blue complete for the ps1 and lunar legend of the Gameboy advance
Robert Barker (2 years ago)
Oh, and from your preferred games I think you should totally try PoPoLoCrois on PSP.
Robert Barker (2 years ago)
Silver Star may have been ported to death but Eternal Blue is still Sega CD / PS1 only as far as I know. And I may get hate for saying it but I prefer Eternal Blue... Probably a digital download though.
Lass Ellie (5 months ago)
It's also on the Saturn.
Nate Slayer22 (2 years ago)
Lunar is next on my list haha
BLACKMAGICFAN (2 years ago)
The original game on Sega CD is one of my favorite games of all time. Got me through some rough times back in 93...... dammit I'm old!
8-bitBishop (7 months ago)
It was my first experience into the world of RPG's. Very special place in my heart.
Infinite Communities (1 year ago)
was my favorite and the only one where they didnt change the story
James D White (2 years ago)
Just subscribed. Awesome channel. I've found Lunar Silver Star Harmony is hard to find on PSP in physical format. I've gone to many retro stores that have never even had it before 😞
femtrooper (2 years ago)
+James D White Thank you so much! :)
Ora House (2 years ago)
What's the difference between Lunar Silver Stars Harmony and Silver Stars Complete
Silver Star Harmony was the PSP update of Complete's PS1 game. They updated the graphics, changed the music, made it way easier, and cut out a lot of the anachronistic humour. It's kind of a shame, but it's still decent.
Daniel Santos (2 years ago)
I dunno if maybe it's because I listened to the soundtrack first before playing the game but I honestly loved the music. I think maybe you should try listening to some of the music outside of the game because the music really is good. Btw there IS a sequel to Lunar but sadly it never got a PSP re-release so you're gonna have to track down the PS1 version. You should also play the Grandia games (mainly 1 and 2) since they're made by the same developers. They also have that 90's anime feel to them you will no doubt enjoy them!
Dreamfalls Realm (2 years ago)
Shintai Grandia!! I love that game. Same people that made Lunar? Now I really want to get this. Looking in the store for a game with a great story! Just can't decide if it's worth the $15.. Ugh, decisions suck. It sounds really good! But, I can't decide.. I really want to find a game where the story pulls me in.
Ausluc007 (2 years ago)
Yeah I played it eternal blue on sega cd. Both were really good and had all those dragons. If you like that and chrono trigger I recommend xenogears, chrono cross, and golden sun. Xenogears has catchier epic music than ff I think. Only thing is I do t know if u can play it on vita. It's on play station and graphics really outdated pixelated. Looks like ps1 game.
Marty808 (2 years ago)
Love the game and the review. I originally beat it on the ps1 but after seeing this I just might buy a vita. Keep up the great vids!
viewtifuljoe99 (2 years ago)
Funny enough I just beat the ps1 version of this last night. Completely loved the experience and it only took 18hrs, the psp version seems to be a bit longer with more content. If you ever in the future are looking to experience the story again quickly but want a different light on it I'd highly recommend the ps1 version!
anthony brizuela (2 years ago)
hi great video have you played persona 5 and if not would you consider playing it.
GeneralOlde (2 years ago)
Lunar's a pretty cool old-school JRPG. Although it's very dated by today's standards, it did some cool things at the time. I really love how Jessica, your party's white mage, is very brave and independent instead of shy like most healer characters you see in RPGs, and she can dish out a lot of damage and is surprisingly durable compared to the other two mages your party. It might be out of your price range, but if you can somehow get a copy, I highly recommend the sequel Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. I personally think it's even better with a cooler cast of characters and one of the best JRPG soundtracks I've ever heard. The PS1 version would probably be easier to get than the Sega CD original, even though I think the SCD version has better animation (more specifically character drawings) than the PS1 remake.
Daniel Kittendorf (2 years ago)
what's the game that can't be named?
Mesut Ozil (1 year ago)
Armando Aranda that was a weird response
Armando Aranda (2 years ago)
femtrooper you Do you like country music? Do you want kids? Do you only speak and understand English?
Armando Aranda (2 years ago)
femtrooper Do you like country music? Do you want kids? Do you only speak and understand English?
femtrooper (2 years ago)
+Daniel Kittendorf Thank you so much! That means a lot!!! <3
Daniel Kittendorf (2 years ago)
femtrooper now I'm too starstruck to remember my question. love your videos. just got my boyfriend into them. now we watch before bed lol
Daniel Kittendorf (2 years ago)
what's the game that can't be named?
lurock (2 years ago)
Im so happy you enjoyed this game. Harmony looks really nice and it's a classic game. Like you mentioned early in the video, most people played SSSC, but the story, characters and music is mostly the same. This version is definitely easier, but that doesnt really matter heh. And youre right about the music, it's not exactly that memorable, but still i like most of the tracks and town themes (meribia especially). The intro theme was so good back then too and Luna's song on the boat! There were SOME standout tracks heh. Anyway, great review and again, very glad you liked it!
MFkent Studios (2 years ago)
Hey sorry you don't get a lot of views, your presentation is very good.

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