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Set it and forget it!!! great when fishing for catfish, carp, sturgeon, off the jetty, and so on
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Burç Yalçın (1 year ago)
Still selling these alarms? I cant find them anywhere
Ferhan Say (1 year ago)
just sit down enjoy your fish catch fish catch your fish with alarm YOLO LED Electronic Fish Bite Sound Alarm https://yourbehappy.com/collections/fishery/products/black-small-mini-electronic-wireless-abs-fish-bite-alarm-sound-running-led-sensitive-mat-fishing-accessoriesfree-shipping-gyh
Ersegun Ercis (5 years ago)
Whati s the brand of this bite alarm?
Arthur Z (5 years ago)
I tried emailing but something is wrong with the email provided, because two seconds later I got a email that there was an error in delivering my email. Please email me at [email protected] because I want to purchase that fish alarm.
simon grimes (6 years ago)
Buy the best alarm on the market for 8$ Mmm not sure it would be that good for that price think ill stick with my delkims thanks
shahirah husna 2212 (7 years ago)
set it and forget it??? the fish can pulled your rod to the water lol!!!

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