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Alexander McQueen | Women's Autumn/Winter 2012 | Runway Show

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http://www.alexandermcqueen.com - Alexander McQueen's 2012 Women's Autumn Winter Collection Beautiful future. The soft bed of the forest floor by day and night. The domed caps and rippling underbellies of mushrooms and other fungi. Light and shade, power and protection, hyper-femininity and strength. The silhouette becomes increasingly three-dimensional and overblown as the collection progresses. Shape, texture, print and embellishment explode, initially from the waist and finally from the neck down. Feathers, furs and silver dandelion and enamel blossom embroideries float on textured surfaces. Funnel necks, Mongolian lamb collars, trapeze lines, cape-backs and bell-shaped, rolled skirts dominate. Pale silk and mohair jacquards appliquéd with felt flowers give way to black and white laser-cut pony-skin over leather and hand-massaged printed, degradé silks and ruffled organzas. Hammered metal harnessing introduces a hard edge. Mink and leather ankle boots are finished with curved metal 'horse shoes'.
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Sley Mateus (1 month ago)
This is my favorite runway show ever. I love every single piece of it. But is this real fur?
I love this collection...omg Alexander McQueen
Jessica Can (3 months ago)
All models have the same hair mask and makeup, it give you the illusion that is the same girl..on..and..on
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (3 months ago)
Who designed this???
Marlene Holley (11 months ago)
That is fucked. Anything goes. Got nothing to do with him It's media and the sick competition. He's gone.
Marie Vegas (1 year ago)
I love this line the most; so fun, sexy, edgy, exotic, and feminine.
Jessica Lewis (1 year ago)
This is by far one of my favorites!!!
Dusan Petrovic (1 year ago)
I can only say what i always say.NO NO NO.Please do not even try to touch Lee's legacy. Lee was and it always be a genius.Please do not ruin it.He would turn in it's own grave or his ashes will end up being somewhere where he never wanted to drift off looking this.PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOO.Stop producing NONEXISTNESNESS.
Eragon Fox (1 year ago)
absolutely breathtaking....well done
Marco Liew (2 years ago)
Nice ^_^
This is one of the best runways ever. This is not fashion. This is art.
Jessica Lewis (1 year ago)
Marvin Omar Menjivar Alvarez I agree! Full heartedly, epic magic came alive with this collection, those poney girl shoes are magical
renee martin (2 years ago)
Mr. McQueen taught her well...
Fucked Up Faggot (3 years ago)
Did they all have to bleach their hair, wear wigs or did Alexander just book blonde models?
David Kobe (2 years ago)
+Gian Torres Wigs created by Guido Palau :)
Reverie (3 years ago)
Wo amazing collection
CLUBMRX (3 years ago)
not McQueen at all!!!!!
Ketty Jah (3 days ago)
CLUBMRX cuz the designer is not mcqueen duh....
cupcakeooz (4 years ago)
LOVE the boots!!
anybody know soundtrack?
ATTENTION WHORE (2 years ago)
Is your profile pic actually just a pencil balanced on a boob? wtf?
valshifter valshi (5 years ago)
scientology is a CULT.
renee martin (2 years ago)
Your right!
Brandon Griffith (5 years ago)
shes not that great you guys relax
farharrr (5 years ago)
Gabriel (5 years ago)
Chins up, smiles on!
Graveetas Chan (5 years ago)
Winter is coming
Hyam nina (5 years ago)
this is art .. not being nice and normal but being an original creator .. McQueen was a true artist
Eduardo Gabany (5 years ago)
super inspirador
yucel ozkan (5 years ago)
i am sorry but music coud be better...
Gabriela Pavel (5 years ago)
Many my friend, many...
marcusek01 (6 years ago)
I want Music what is in this fashion show...
PatrickP91 (6 years ago)
true! @Burton: Lee must have considered her design skills adequate, to have brought her into the McQueen house at all; he was so impressed by her creative abilities, taste-level and sense of style as to continue to design for/collaborate with/listen to/solicit criticism from Burton until his death. Anyone who can't trust her own high opinion of Sarah's fashion can trust Alexander himself. @Gaga, it's plagiaristic that she never admits how much of her most famous fashions come from Isabella Blow
s27945 (6 years ago)
yellowllama (6 years ago)
love the shoes! <3
king0baka (6 years ago)
because she made the collection
idiotsfromryazan (6 years ago)
02blume (6 years ago)
McQueen shows very much fur. No sooner has the winter in prospect, we think about the cold and how we can protect ourselves against fashionable. This fur is an ideal material and ladies want to buy new furs. We feel comfortable in fur.
Allan Menezes (6 years ago)
But never will reach Lee's spot!
Grasse Chacon (6 years ago)
donde puedo encontrar la ultima coleccion de alexander mc queen
Nathan Clark (6 years ago)
This design house never stops impressing me!
Victoria Ibañez (6 years ago)
why burton?
sk771115 (6 years ago)
i cant stop watching this
ortem000 (6 years ago)
Now... I am excited.
Cornell Antwoin (6 years ago)
that was beyond amazing..never seen anything like it before..
Lili (6 years ago)
Well, I am not into couture, but for me these clothes are at least is wearable, and pretty, she still keep the label alive. Good Job Sarah.!!!
ShayMince (6 years ago)
i really don't think its too pretty this time~
jrnm (6 years ago)
waiting for a 6:58 moment
A Littlefin (6 years ago)
Gaga didn't ruin or alter this brand in a negative way at all, shes a fashion icon, a prominent person in culture who wears Couture. The brand is still very much alive, your an idiot if you think not.
AETHER (6 years ago)
Please just let this label die already. It's seen too much suffering. I am not the biggest McQueen fan, but at least it stood for something before. Now it's just outrageous clothing for the sake of being "shocking" or "different" when it is clearly neither one of those things.
Details Studio (3 months ago)
AETHER you'd wish
AngelGirl (3 months ago)
No. I love this label. Shut up !!
riccardo fan (6 years ago)
It doesn't have strong and tough for every season so I think sometimes have woman in a soft futuristic way will even wow the audience because ever since lee McQueen came up with the tough and strong women look I was getting bored of tough women so I like this season where Sarah took McQueen element on a soft and purity way
brunoristian (6 years ago)
She what? I think she's just awesome wearing McQ *__*
R00G00 (6 years ago)
"Lady Gaga ruined his name" im not a fan of gaga but how did she 'ruin his name'. lol.
JHONNY PR (6 years ago)
Me resulta una manera muy patética en decir eso
Cj Sanchez (6 years ago)
where is the music from?
andi updul (6 years ago)
One of the greatest so far since sarah is on charge, she is a genius amazing !!!!
LaCroixLifestyle (6 years ago)
McQueen will never be the same but Burton did a fucking AMAZING JOB!! ... Lady Crazy or whatever her name is another subject
Ashley Beckett (6 years ago)
Little bo peep wore her sheep, I love it.
Gerardo Quiterio (6 years ago)
yea baby! this is so McQueen, I loved!
JHONNY PR (6 years ago)
esto si es McQueen
neineichannel (6 years ago)
um! my first!

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