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DRAWING two ANIME GIRLS with headphones || graphite pencil

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A technical study of a anime style/manga drawing using basic pencils hb 3b 6b 8b 3h 4h, in the speed drawing video i used graphite pencils as well as a black prismacolor pencil for the headphone, eyes and the black dress for the hair i used 3 different graphite pencil to create the different tones. Subscribe for More Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRZGubm5YOMmFLi7gWCZR8w?sub_confirmation=1 Music: http://www.bensound.com
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Text Comments (28)
Zainab Arif (2 months ago)
Man I'm sooo jealous 😢ur freaking awesome dude
薯餅紳士 (2 months ago)
Jack Cheney (5 months ago)
What brand of colored pencils is that?
Jack Cheney (5 months ago)
When you have 155 likes and no dislikes
charles mqs (9 months ago)
those photorealistic headphones ! :)
Aj Nicko (11 months ago)
I love it I wish I could marry this drawing, shading and values are on point, looks way better than a regular ink manga
XtrmlyGameRZs (1 year ago)
what pencil did you use pencil at 0:03
Gabrielly Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Que incrível
Aphmau Fanbase (1 year ago)
I love it! But, maybe next time you should actually draw it on camera!
NeeYellow Drawings (1 year ago)
i will try that next time @Aphmau Fanbase :D
johanna sokolow (1 year ago)
when you think your good at art and watch this xP ill just give up ;_; (lol jk this is such a great picture)
NeeYellow Drawings (1 year ago)
I am so sorry if i made you feel that way :/ how long have you been drawing for? :D
Mikado (1 year ago)
Im sure this is real time
_•BlueKat•_ (3 months ago)
Addison Rimbey yes
N I M I Z E (3 months ago)
+_•BlueKat•_ wait really
_•BlueKat•_ (10 months ago)
No its timelapse
Andy Lu (1 year ago)
Such Talent! You deserve more Subs
NanaAnimeDevil _719 (1 year ago)
Is this from an anime/manga or did you just draw it?
NanaAnimeDevil _719 (1 year ago)
NEEYELLOW Drawings Oh well it's Super Good
NeeYellow Drawings (1 year ago)
Hey @NanaAnimeDevil _719 i am not sure what manga or anime it came from but i did find it on the internet and decided i would try giving it a go :D
AnimeSztuka (2 years ago)
My gosh your shading is freaking amazing. You're so good at coloring and I love your talent 😍😍😍
Aaliyah (1 year ago)
AnimeSztuka thx a lot 😹😹😹 JK
NeeYellow Drawings (2 years ago)
Thank you @AnimeSztuka  for the brilliant comment !! :D
swapnil randhir (2 years ago)
fabulous great job👏👏👏
NeeYellow Drawings (2 years ago)
Thank you so much @swapnil randhir !!
MyAnimeOpinionHD (2 years ago)
you cab draw so good :o
MyAnimeOpinionHD (2 years ago)
NeeYellow Drawings (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for the nice comment @MyAnimeOpinionHD :)!

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