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Playstation 3D Display: My Review

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Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/unkleEL Hey folks a ton of you guys have been asking me for a review on this display so I decided to give a quick rundown on it. I just spoke on things that came to mind so I may have missed a few things. If you have any questions feel free to let me know and I'll do what I can to answer those as well.
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Text Comments (234)
potch paul (4 years ago)
potch paul (4 years ago)
if I do say so my self I wouldn't buy it
Anthony Banks (4 years ago)
Great video I was wondering is your ps4 connected to your play station 3d display
hanzocloud (5 years ago)
i bought one today and find that i cant tilt the swivel at all even though the instructions says it can tilt 10 degrees back... does yours tilt at all?
CharlesUnleashed (6 years ago)
Can you watch a 3D movie on it?
XxWhoopaxX (6 years ago)
I just got mine for $0 in Calgary, AB sony store demolition lmao came with a wall mount, but the 2 glasses are hard wired in with a 10 ft long usb cable I am just checking it out, about to hook up to my pc =P
draven0311 (6 years ago)
no its 99 bucks at best buy if they have any left.
PersonaG31 (6 years ago)
no bra, i think its that you can sync many different sony products together. I had a 50 in sony bravo tv and it did the same thing. if you shut the ps3 off the tv will shut off as well. .
PersonaG31 (6 years ago)
its 250 at best buy
MrKeithIrons (6 years ago)
$99 best buy and futureshop
K (6 years ago)
It's 100$ boxing day
CJ (6 years ago)
I meant to say toronto. My bad
CJ (6 years ago)
Its $179.99 in canada as well
CJ (6 years ago)
Battery saving ftw
POGProductionz (6 years ago)
its 179$ Right Now In Calgary, AB Canada
Cuentos de la Cripta (6 years ago)
the sound really sucks
DC4_TEGGZ (6 years ago)
Conveniently located bottle of lotion next to your bed there buddy. LMFAO!
MK925951 (6 years ago)
no it works on xbox too
Francisco Guerrero (6 years ago)
How is the tv holding up? I've heard many people complain about it breaking.
guitarwiz2000 (6 years ago)
Great job with this video. I recently picked up two at Best Buy in Canada. I love the display and am quite happy.
HafzStaaRr (6 years ago)
this tv is cheap in america but not in the UK
RealNigga (6 years ago)
ps3 its a sony product
MDPstudios (6 years ago)
dr dre does youtube reviews now?
Andrew S Hwang (6 years ago)
$99 at best buy with free shipping. ho ho ho. SOLD OUT!
Vinnie Versaci (6 years ago)
$179 at bestbuy
Stephon Waller (6 years ago)
dropped to a whopping $99.99 on black friday. wow
Calinks (6 years ago)
Best buy has it for 99 bucks right now lol. Just got one.
mujah209 (6 years ago)
which best buy r u going to the one on the website says its 249.99
Stephon Waller (6 years ago)
my best buy is saying 179.99 on the website right now. damn my friend paid 499.99 for this when it was first release. For 180 I still may have to get it because I want to try 3D out and this is a cheap way to do it. even though its only 24 inches.
Stephon Waller (6 years ago)
from where?
Simão Carreira (6 years ago)
can i use it for television / computer monitor?
meika161 (6 years ago)
lmfao i agree
Stephon Waller (6 years ago)
even better, looks like they are getting on the ball. I just with it was more than 24 inches. After playing on my 40 inch non 3d idk, may feel like a major downgrade. Greadt to see the price still declining though. Im still thinking about it.
Franz Gillyweed (6 years ago)
$179.99 at Gamestop!
gmwznhnt3 (6 years ago)
It's only $179 now so that's cool
Jordanwb24 (6 years ago)
Lol well I think you'll enjoy It If you do get It, and even If you don't like It just remember, you can always return It (: But you're welcome for helping If you need anything else feel free to ask I know a lot about mostly any kind of electronics (:
Chuck Mandsnak (6 years ago)
wow thanks a lot for the help, I asked a lot because I'm thinking about buying the display on BestBuy or Amazon since Sony doesn't sell it in my country, besides, I don't think i'm gonna get any issue because im not a hardcore gamer because of college, regards :)
Jordanwb24 (6 years ago)
Yeah Monster cables ARE the best but I mean the Sony ones basically match It, the one that comes with the 3D TV Is perfectly fine, ShotDead247 probably used a different cable than the one that came with the TV and It was probably a crappier one lol, and I use a Monster Cable with my PS3 and I've never had a problem out of It not one single problem It works perfect and It's okay you can message me If you have anymore questions (:
Chuck Mandsnak (6 years ago)
I have heard that Monster cables are the best, even better than Sony official, but what has that to do with the display issue? Do you have one? how did it go with it? sorry for asking too much D:
Jordanwb24 (6 years ago)
Hey don't listen to him that dude obviously has a bad HDMI cable or something because the TV does NOT do that, so don't worry about It (:
Nesian Boii_691 (6 years ago)
3D can only work on the 3D games..meaning if you see the 3D logo or something on that game then it can work..
TheKoltyn (6 years ago)
This video is pretty good, If I don't say so myself.
WeAreTwoDoorsDown (6 years ago)
This is $180 locally... Should I get it?
150 today at best buy. Great deal! I picked it up :)
Chuck Mandsnak (6 years ago)
You think is only in FPS games? I only play Killzone 3, i wish to buy the display but i dont want it to get broke D:
Cherry Poppins (6 years ago)
great review,does anyone know how the 3D works with MW3?
PlasticShoelace (6 years ago)
If You're having the black screen flickering problem or you think that the display might break and that's what is preventing you from purchasing it,all you need to do is put a fan, any kind of fan even a little desk fan, with at least a semi decent flowing/blowing capability on the back of the display facing the vents right next to all of the video/audio/hdmi inputs and keep the fan on while you play the display stays cool, and doesn't go all wacko on you. I've had mine for 1.5 years no problems
ShotDead247 (6 years ago)
Actually, we just decided to trade it out for another one before it got any worse. but i've had this new one for about 1 and 1/2 month. and it hasnt turned black since.
VideoGameObsession (6 years ago)
Can you elaborate on how?
Derrick butoyez (6 years ago)
hey shotdead is the monitor still working?
Derrick butoyez (6 years ago)
have you experienced any problems
Derrick butoyez (6 years ago)
can you prevent it from burning
VideoGameObsession (6 years ago)
The big question is.. Is it still functioning? I just bought one of these from Newegg.com for $199 and I'm really impressed with it, but I've read comment after comment about the internal PSU burning out on it anywhere between 30 days and 1 year. It seems to have about a 40% defect rate, putting it right up with in RROD territory!. I bought a 4 year SquareTrade warranty with mine, but I'm hoping I won't have to use it up right away.
Dimitri Rusko (6 years ago)
are any of the options in the tv greyed out?
Mr Awesome420 (6 years ago)
so should i get this or a monitor with 2ms response ? about the same price
Stephon Waller (6 years ago)
oh then hell yeah, if you have an extra ps3 your gonna sell I would say its worth it, especially if you have friends that can come over. playing killzone on the same screen was awesome. If it was still 500 dollars I would say no.
JuaffreBlumpkins (6 years ago)
I have a extra PS3 its the first gen backwards compatible and i put a 400gb HD. I was planing on selling that to buy the monitor. Thanks for the reply.
Stephon Waller (6 years ago)
I actually did not, but my friend has one and he loves it. He better love that shit cause he payed 500 dollars for it. Back then I had a choice to get this or a 40inch Samsung. I got the Samsung. 200 dollars is really cheap for a 3d monitor even if its only like 24inches so I may still get one later. That simulview was the coolest thing ive seen in a very long time.
JuaffreBlumpkins (6 years ago)
So did you buy one? I heard so many problems with this monitor. I just want to know if your getting these problems.
Eastwood Unforgiven (6 years ago)
It's too small for my taste
Even Stevens (6 years ago)
Both and its fantastic and since its 199$ at gamestop its FUCKIN worth it!!!
InABox1985 (6 years ago)
You can use any Sony DVD remote aswell
Pandrax HD. (6 years ago)
anyone used this as a monitor for just 2d gaming ?
Ali K (6 years ago)
Where do you get the remote
ShotDead247 (6 years ago)
good for you. but i got mine here in america for $200. :D
ShotDead247 (6 years ago)
IMPORTANT BEFORE U BUY! i have this tv and its freakin awesome but there is still a defect that he didnt mention. if u play for a long time on games like call of duty and battlefield. (only games i've noticed it on.) the screen may shut of for maybe 1 to 2 seconds while playing. maybe once per day i would say. but it doesnt bother me much. but just a heads up.
masterbroadcast1 (6 years ago)
got one yesterday. totally worth it.
CoLiNieS TV (6 years ago)
Darren Boerner (6 years ago)
I'm in Pennsylvania and here it's on sale for only $200 do I'm gettin it and selling the game cuz I have Xbox
Guilherme Rodrigues (6 years ago)
Do you have it already?
albert pichardo (6 years ago)
Can u wacht regular tv with this tv
Zac Crone (7 years ago)
Xbox does not support HDMI CEC
Enerrgizer Bunny (7 years ago)
I just ordered it to play in my room so excited :P
supermanguy1214 (7 years ago)
Great review, bro. Straight to the point. Oh, and bless you lol. GameStop has it for $199, I think I'll get it today. Do you think that's a good deal?
iwantmygunsback (7 years ago)
have you had the black screen problem
ELTheGeek (7 years ago)
indeed..I'm so mad about that lol..it's surely worth it at that price.
Stephon Waller (7 years ago)
$199 now on ebgames.com, I may actually get one now.
bl3a5cK (7 years ago)
$250 at amazon now
chokinghazardSH (7 years ago)
Roman Reyes (7 years ago)
don't buy it i promise you it will break down and fuck you over.
cristian toro (7 years ago)
probably id doesnt work with xbox cuz its a PLAYSTATION 3D display
cristian toro (7 years ago)
maybe the lotion is for his skin
Corrosive (7 years ago)
Propps to a raw video. God bless you *when you sneeze*. Good review from a real gamer. Picked this up at 199 and looking forward to it coming in. Going to be replacing my current monitor, hopefully netflix follows through with some 3d content soon.
JranEQ (7 years ago)
$250 at best buy now.
Chris Jarrett (7 years ago)
It has 2 HDMI ports and 1 component input
Chris Jarrett (7 years ago)
it works with both PC and Xbox
Chris Jarrett (7 years ago)
R7Z (7 years ago)
Do u have to wear the glasses in 2D?
ps3gamer305 (7 years ago)
can you play MW3 in 3D ? and you got a new sub :)
vz (7 years ago)
does it work with xbox 360?
D Johnson (7 years ago)
Can u hook up more then one system at a time to the tv? ( Cable Box, Xbox 360, & PS3)
Santi Cruz (7 years ago)
Review was raw but I loved it. Nice job
an4564 (7 years ago)
so the ghosting only happens for 3d?
Ayon Ahmed (7 years ago)
I've been hearing they don't last long, is it true?
Ayon Ahmed (7 years ago)
Depends on how you have your display set. Go to "Display Settings" highlight all the resolutions so when you you play a game that's rendered in 720p will play on its native resolution.
LV75RDM (7 years ago)
One other thing - the glasses HURT!
LV75RDM (7 years ago)
Gamestop still has this with MLB 2012 The Show + a second pair of 3D glasses .. so it comes out to 2 games + 2 glasses @ $299 .. Uncharted 3 has a lot of ghosting and it's less 3D and more like layers on layers looks nice though but the ghosting does kill it .. Ico/Shadow Of the Colossus & Motosport do look impressive (SH: Downpour had a weird red bloom in the center of the screen)
Nayem Chowdhury (7 years ago)
No xbox dont support 3D, xbox is shit thats why!
19HajimeSaitou91 (7 years ago)
CAHYPEBRUH (7 years ago)
Hey do you know if that simulview thing works for xbox 360 to? Thanks and great review

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