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Text Comments (1697)
xLeKittyKatx (7 minutes ago)
they feel embarrassed asf
Tristan Aguirre (42 minutes ago)
That’s really messed up
Angel A (1 hour ago)
I thought the one guy with the glasses was a lady lol
Kvtroyal679 (1 hour ago)
She must be bloated from all them ice creams
Patrick Irish (2 hours ago)
Really she is fat as fuck
RealBallistic SMN (2 hours ago)
What's with all these Kebabs and a beautiful White woman.
Thebearcat66 (3 hours ago)
It amazes me how they avoid her as soon as they realize she’s blind. Why would you dismiss someone just because they are blind? Kinda sad
Long Unstrung (3 hours ago)
Salvador Ramos (4 hours ago)
Well she still looks hot to me and I would still approach her if she was blind.
Sara Knotts (4 hours ago)
Copy cat
Paul Winfield (4 hours ago)
Ollyoxenfree (4 hours ago)
Idk what was funnier. When the guy rolled up his sleeves to flex or just everyone’s reactions when they saw she was blind
Icce Picc (4 hours ago)
Fake because the guy who was talking can be heard perfectly, so he must’ve had a mic on him
Justin De (4 hours ago)
Who’s the old man laughing?
the middle man (5 hours ago)
Who is that guy laughing in the background?
Oscar Zam (5 hours ago)
El culo de la supuesta ciega esta muy rico 😂
Mr. 79 (5 hours ago)
I’m dead 🤣💀
John C (6 hours ago)
If I guy was to do this it would be harassment
Daniel Gonzalez vegas (6 hours ago)
Si me hubiera pasado a mi me estaria cagando de la risa como los ultimos jajajaja.
Alexander Castillo (6 hours ago)
I still smash
themightykhan2 (7 hours ago)
Meanwhile women are being sexually assaulted and making false claims of harassment ... but this is somehow acceptable because it’s aimed at men
James Faragoza (8 hours ago)
I would still smash her. I'll be honest.
Zack Sal (8 hours ago)
2:50 why you gotta break my man's heart like that...
Warnbesi (8 hours ago)
Mula2 tgk laki2 tu sume konek dh keras. Last2 kendur balik sb buta. Tp apadahal. Buta2 pon ada lubangkan hahahha
Que Bee (9 hours ago)
I woulda still holla...she was fine 😍
oLyke Butters (10 hours ago)
she thiccc
country roads (11 hours ago)
My question is, how many ice cream cones this bitch eat making this?
Claudia Gonzalez (11 hours ago)
Lol good one
you know i am right (11 hours ago)
If she done this to me, she wouldn't see me cumming 🤔
джерику (12 hours ago)
*M I L F*
Well played girl
Mark Izaguirre (12 hours ago)
Blind and thick. 👌🏽
U can see the dissapointment among these men lol!
James Sharber (13 hours ago)
She was thiccc af
Onon Erdenemunkh (13 hours ago)
she got fucking ass. wanna drill her big asshole
Kevin Kaol (13 hours ago)
Damn,,,,,she nice and thicccc
Robin Sanders (13 hours ago)
Kick butoxy (14 hours ago)
Where is this place
Conyap Cosme (14 hours ago)
Unbelievable how shes aged yet she is able to seduce including the younger ones 😂
javaun butler (14 hours ago)
i wonder how many people she seen in front of her when she got her ice cream
Elias Granados (14 hours ago)
All those stupid fucks specially that fat fuck with those fuckt up ass teeth!!!😂😂
Sina Tabatabai (14 hours ago)
Lol pitbull is playing while I'm watching this.
Carnage Thunder (14 hours ago)
av iator smith (15 hours ago)
*HAHAGAUAUuhzzhAhahGHahahahsauahahahajahahahahahahahahahahahàjajajajajajajJajagHJJHHH* in the background
Mateus Oliveira (15 hours ago)
Brazilian prank 😂😂😂😂
Darren Frank (15 hours ago)
Kills boner 02:28
Helsing Leger (15 hours ago)
Just goes to show you what women think of when they eat ice cream cones ! 🤪😳
Michael Tomy (15 hours ago)
George Mantzos (16 hours ago)
I'd let her suck my dick
Monica Sherman (16 hours ago)
LMAO, very funny. First all the guys like yeah she's into me then their expressions of disappointment when they realize she's blind.
Anthony Mekemeke (16 hours ago)
As a blind person this really offended me.
Percival Hans (16 hours ago)
These guys look scary/dangerous.
Breeze of Freedom (16 hours ago)
I love the Spanish laugh voices on this video
Mr. T (16 hours ago)
I called my deaf uncle and left him a voicemail about how funny this video is.
Gregory Hogues (17 hours ago)
Dam she was thick tho
Cry Whit (18 hours ago)
That laugh track got me like 😐
Marcel Long (18 hours ago)
damn she so thick and sexy..!!
Jeremy Lake (18 hours ago)
I could never fall for this, I know my degree of ugly if some chic is looking at me like that shes either blind or my face is in fire
TheEtienneDavis (18 hours ago)
Well Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite has put on some weight
Daniel Ramos (18 hours ago)
Opening song: Lil Xan - Betrayed.
Vitória B (18 hours ago)
The kids laugh track...really? On this.
Shelly Dickhertz (19 hours ago)
Damn she’s fine af too
Z FORCE 1 (19 hours ago)
A bunch of thirsty lames. If they had any game , her being blind wouldn’t of stopped them from continuing in getting to know her better. After all..she was attractive And has a fine figure going on there.
blondie 4lyfe (19 hours ago)
Why would they all sit in that exact spot!!
blondie 4lyfe (19 hours ago)
Sooo fake!!!
RaafBR (19 hours ago)
Eis que vc vai assistir um video gringo
RaafBR (19 hours ago)
COMASSIM MANO, Silvio santos
Aaron Luna (20 hours ago)
Dee Dee (20 hours ago)
That would totally ruin my week if I was a lonely single guy. Nice ass on her tho. Shit.
Anthony Damian (20 hours ago)
Frankie Turzyn (20 hours ago)
It’s about time she took out her walking stick, that took forever! 😐
Dragonschild (21 hours ago)
That alot of free ice creams
Leslie Warren (22 hours ago)
They wrong for that😀
Simple Russ (22 hours ago)
fuck I hate this fake Brazilian show. Not fucking funny at all.
Ricky Ricky (23 hours ago)
This happened to me once, but the girl wasn't blind. I was minding my own business at McDonald's with my Wife and daughter, when all of a sudden I make eye contact with this attractive latina woman. She did the same thing with the ice cream, and I couldn't look away. Lol my wife was facing me so she couldn't see it. But I was like damn. 😜😉
HANNAH Perez (23 hours ago)
This just sucks that shes not able to see how funny their reactions are
1 (23 hours ago)
I can imagine half of these guys going home and posting on reddit or misc, "Just had a hot 10/10 stacey hit on me"
james flames (23 hours ago)
Why'd they all walk away at the end. I'd still hit on her. She's too fine whether she can see or not.
Sergio Huerta (23 hours ago)
That girl hauling a wagon
Samuel Smith (23 hours ago)
I’m just curious how many ice cream cones she went through for this
Thomas Kim (23 hours ago)
I have the sound effects and the automated laughter, it makes it so fake
TevinRBLX (1 day ago)
They were THIRSTY
Hexed Hero (1 day ago)
If a man did this to a woman they would call it sexual assault and have the man arrested.
That ass doh
Danny Morales (1 day ago)
Dat ass doe.
AgarGodGaming (1 day ago)
So you’re telling me they paid her to eat ice cream and stare at men 🤦‍♂️
Joaquin Silva (1 day ago)
The ass on her 😮
Billy Crozier (1 day ago)
Was that Howard Stern laughing in the background
NPC 4627381 (1 day ago)
he got the fat in all the right places
Benjaminn Hazee (1 day ago)
That dude teeth 😂👌🏻
Epic Krafter (1 day ago)
She Thick Thou them 🎂🎂
Miko Philo (1 day ago)
she should lay off the ice cream
Theres empty chairs everywhere but somehow u all sit directly in front of her?
This was embarrassing to watch hhHh
Elroy Jetsin (1 day ago)
This would be a funny ass opening to a story to tell... bruh I was flirting wit dis’ chick right.... 😂
Lamonte Jones (1 day ago)
Do you see the body on her?!? I still probably would've shot my shot. 🏀
Thejmp187 (1 day ago)
Looks like she has a big booty yum! Id still holler id be asking her if she needed help
Corey Marshall (1 day ago)
Non-Whites are disgusting.

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