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Turtle wax Color magic+ test

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Testing out TurtleWax Color Magic+ wax in the color black, this is a wax with color pigments in it that will darken stonechips, see the result and a comparison from before.
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Audun Jemtland (16 days ago)
Does the back dye penetrate through the clear coat and dye the base layer? How does it become more black if it lies upon the clear coat? Can you please explain?
Sharon Orwell (1 month ago)
For the best results, you need to repeat 4/5 Times. 👍
Alfonso Ferguson (7 months ago)
Berserk is correct....after washing your car...the wax fades right off.....
berserkelicious (8 months ago)
I bought this product. It takes a while to apply it looks good but 3 days later or next wash it disappears. For me its a waste of money
Daniel S. (9 months ago)
5:24 What I recommend you is not to drive too close to other cars!
Fedor Everts (10 months ago)
bespaar je het geld. met diepe krassen werkt het echt niet !
TheWhiskeyMan 1234 (11 months ago)
You need to take your time and work the wax into the paint a lot more to get the best results. Also too little pressure will not have much affect, too much pressure and you'll likely damage the clear coat. You must do your research before using any products on your pride and joy.
T_money_ THIRD (1 year ago)
Are you by chance polish? I had a polish friend and you talk just like her XD
TomasZ SzamoT (11 months ago)
T_money_ THIRD Ja jestem z Polski :)
Педики по русски где перевод
Marc Paesen (1 year ago)
Better re-spray your bumper if it's worse like that.
Ty Buchanan (1 year ago)
Go to a supermarket. Buy a cheap pack of children's crayons and use the color closest to your car color. That is all the chipstick is - crayon! However, using any polish, Turtle Wax or not, will remove the crayon. This is the truth. Just use the crayon alone and know it will last until you wash your car again.
hüseyin bilmez (1 year ago)
Ürün güzel
Konstantinos R. (1 year ago)
Car's surfaces must be clean prior to any polisher/paint corrector/wax application. To do this, car needs to (a) be washed with a mitt + car shampoo, (b) dried with mf cloths, (c) de-contaminated with a clay bar + detailing spray (or soapy water of sufficient lubrication), (d) paint corrected (which is what you think you did), and (e) sealed and/or waxed. I have the same TW product and will not use it unless it is for some very minor spot or area that needs some cosmetically indifferent paint correction. Item (c) above is the most important in the whole process. Our cars are full with various contaminants and unless the surface is clay bar(ed), any wax, paint corrector, etc. that is used after the car has been washed (but not clay bar[ed]) will sit on top of the sand, metal, etc. contamination. The contamination of our car's external paint surfaces occurs and accumulates over time. This is why we need to first clay bar a freshly washed car. Very important that all these minute contaminants are removed with the clay bar. Then, if there are swirls, marks, scratches, etc. on the paint, we need to examine how deep/severe they are. Depending on that assessment, we would have to choose a variety of ways in dealing with them. This is the stage where "cutting" the paint with a proper solution (as another viewer suggested earlier) comes in. This stage is called "compounding" and essentially you need a product in a way similar to the one you used above, apply it with an applicator pad, leave it to dry, then wipe off and buff with clean mf cloths. Once the paint correction stage has been completed and the scratches/swirls/etc. have been removed or do not show as before, you can finish off the whole thing with sealing and/or waxing the car.
HeyTrueBlue (2 years ago)
I have a feeling daddy paid for all of this guys things
Peter Maciak (1 year ago)
Adam Svelander Reivant. Hi Adam. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this syndrome. I was born in Poland and emigrated as kid but I'm pretty sure that we had the same type of thing when I was growing up. It is strange behavior. I guess its kind of a community mentality or something. I live in Canada and people here place more value on individual achievement and happiness than on collective. Its strange to imagine how it would be to go back to that kind of society. I don't know if there is a name for jontelagen in my native culture. Anyway, I googled this term but would still appreciate your first hand experience and definition of what this means. Sincerely Peter m
Adam Svelander Reivant (2 years ago)
sheppy001 love your answer, you could be mistaken for a swede. here we have a syndrom called "jantelagen" , it's a form of disease. go look that up, and I hope that you one day can earn the amount of money you need to one day be able to buy the things you like. but first you need to get rid of the "jante"
yvonneost12 (2 years ago)
I don't think you have enough towels LOL
Bobby-Jo Tuita (2 years ago)
You might want to try it the way it is supposed to be used....use the stick UNDER the wax...let the wax dry before buffing. Much better results.
Jamilah AbuBakr (2 years ago)
My husband Abdul says for this product to work correctly you must understand that wax is a final stage sealant. After washing the car and drying it you have to "cut" the paint with a compound. Next you need to polish the car. Wipe down the car after polishing. Then the final stage is using the color magic wax. My husband used Meguiars compund and polish then finalized with color magic wax. It was a 4 hour job.
T_money_ THIRD (1 year ago)
There is no correct way to wax or polish out missing clear coat chips . The correct thing to do is sand the whole panel blend the chips out. Try to avoid burning through the base coat and reapply clear coat. Then you won't need wax cause freshly dried clear coat beads water off better than wax.
FFF (1 year ago)
Not right in NEW cars unless it has a very bad state clear gloss. That protects the paint and if you polish it, You lose it completely.
Spac8 (2 years ago)
Bobby-Jo Tuita This is incorrect. Whilst you cannot "cut" the colour layer any more, you can "cut" the clear coat with compounds to remove swirls and hazing. Everything the lady said above is totally correct. You just have to be a LOT more careful as clear coat isn't very thick! However, one side note, you do not have to cut the clear coat as products like this contain fillers and pigments to fill in surface scratches and imperfections. Want to see how well it fills scratches? Polish some upvc window surrounds with it. Pigment will stay in all the imperfections. (It's a bastard to get off though!)
Bobby-Jo Tuita (2 years ago)
Most new cars have a clear gloss finish that absolutely can not be cut and polished. On older cars like my old RX7 a cut and polish is very effective.
mfuji02 (2 years ago)
no it doesn't work mediocre, wax needs to be thicker? :/
Juan Morejon (2 years ago)
use the black box that they make is the best
Art Vandelay (2 years ago)
I have tried it also and maybe 20% success haha

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