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Color Magic Lip Film Demo/Mini Review | Ciel TamRay

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More info. inside :) PREVIOUS VIDEO BH Hollywood Special Edition Palette SWATCHES https://youtu.be/x0AHlVzG-vE PREVIOUS REVIEW Santee Magic Skin Beautifier BB SPF20 REVIEW https://youtu.be/O6814NhrTk8 PREVIOUS VLOG Sunday Family Bonding + Chayce's Pageant https://youtu.be/xLizPmuBs48 PREVIOUS COLLAB Masquerade Ball Junior Prom | Collaboration https://youtu.be/PQ6nuyLLMPI PS: This is not a sponsored video. I wish it is though. lol Hi guys. Here's a demo video of the Color Magic Lip Tattoo. Hear my thoughts about it and tell me what you think. If it's helpful or informative, Please kindly hit the thumbs up button. I hope you will also subscribe if you haven't done that already and watch my previous videos if you have time to spare. Thank you so much for watching. Stay beautiful and God Bless :) Product/s featured in this video: Color Magic Lip Tattoo Price: Php100 Shopee: @khithi17 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EyCee-Shop-632514360165613/?fref=ts Read more about this product on my blog www.berrypinkciel.blogspot.com Background music: Bumper Tag by John Deley and Sound Off by Jingle Punks(Youtube Audio Library) Handmade and beautiful items. Follow this link https://www.facebook.com/thicklezcreations FOLLOW ME: TWITTER - www.twitter.com/khithi17 INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/cieltamray BLOG: www.berrypinkciel.blogspot.com Camera: Nikon D5200 Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 12 For Business Inquiries, email me [email protected]
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Text Comments (14)
Rani Zinta (1 month ago)
Apa emg kudu yg orange ya.. w pke yg agak merah gk work bgt
Nadine Dizon (1 year ago)
saan po makakabile?😅
Lizzy Official (9 months ago)
Nadine Dizon shopee ako nga 6 pcs 198 yata
Goat Nugget (2 years ago)
how long do you have to leave it on so it could dry
Ciel TamRay (2 years ago)
About a minute if you applied a thick amount, thank you for watching ^_^
Bianca Marieee (2 years ago)
gusto ko din try to hehe nice vid
Ciel TamRay (2 years ago)
+biancarazzi Thanks po ^_^
ELLAsDaily (2 years ago)
Galing nag peel lang
Ciel TamRay (2 years ago)
+ELLAsDaily yes sis, mabilis lang sya i-peel. thank you so much po sa pagwatch ^_^
Maria R. (2 years ago)
Ciel TamRay (2 years ago)
+Ciel TamRay sa pagwatch,heheh
Ciel TamRay (2 years ago)
+Maria R. thank you po ^_^
SuperEON xiv (2 years ago)
ang ganda naman nto sis.. gusto ko din
Ciel TamRay (2 years ago)
+SuperEON xiv yes sis maganda sya, and tumatagal din naman sa lips yung naiiwan na tint, infairness. If you want to purchase sis I have sa shopee.heheh

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