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Saygins channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4r8l3rcFBr9xJ2PZd7zNhw My Instagram : mo_vlogs_ https://www.instagram.com/mo_vlogs_/?hl=en My Sisters Instagram : lanarose786 https://www.instagram.com/lanarose786/?hl=en My Snapchat: mohamedoo My Sisters Snapchat: lana.rose786 Twitter: https://twitter.com/mo_vlogs_ My sister's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6sa7vq4zBuS5DxTUCWCchQ Lana's Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Lana-Rose-1680371262242746/ My Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Mo-Vlogs-1731417100437873/ My Email: [email protected] My Sisters Email: [email protected] music: Aero Chord ft DDARK- Shootin Stars [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTF5xgT-pm8&list=PLRBp0Fe2Gpgm0WF6DEGmb7ab4qHAGlPzg&index=31 https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAeroC… https://twitter.com/TheAeroChord http://www.facebook.com/ddarkonline http://soundcloud.com/ddark http://twitter.com/ddarkonline http://www.youtube.com/user/DDARKTV http://www.facebook.com/Highintensity…http://soundcloud.com/highintensityre...
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Text Comments (11811)
Sandip Roy chowdhury (12 hours ago)
super video
Mohammad Munir (1 day ago)
Looks so cool
Virat Meitei (2 days ago)
Lol wow awsome video .....proud of this billionaire so simple and joyful...u sud live ur life with wat u earn they are rich they deserve this life but we can enjoy in our own level also its all about money but being poor or rich is not wat gives you good friend and happiness, smile is our own property so being happy its us....keep up guys awsome video nice life, love all ur videos....keep flourishing....
Siam Shamsi (2 days ago)
The Cringe Tho My God
Toufik Challal (2 days ago)
David Rusnjak (3 days ago)
0:55 song?
I am inviting he his mom and the moms daughter to visit Jamaica and meet the Delgado family residing in Kingston which actually is my family.
tmam_company (3 days ago)
youre awesome...
Ali Jaafar (3 days ago)
#1 oooooooooo
Hari Haran T (3 days ago)
Hi lana
Zahid Amin (5 days ago)
Deepika Pandit (5 days ago)
u look so cheap doing woooww for everything... have some weightage! otherwise love ur vdos
Gzunfar Iqbal (5 days ago)
gorgeous lana ever
feri Pratama (5 days ago)
I like .salam dari indonesia
Chanvibol Pen (6 days ago)
Mask Z (7 days ago)
Bro amazing video superb
Pradeep Kumar (7 days ago)
Your mom is too sexy than your sister i want to marry your mom
Fran Elvis (7 days ago)
Que buen viaje amigo muy divertido. Yo nunca he subido a un avión tiene que ser espectacular. Saludos y mucha salud para ustedes.💪
Gaurav Rawat (7 days ago)
Onlyone word ... ... 👉 Woww
정웅 (8 days ago)
부러우면 지는거라는데 졌다 너무부로워 죽기전에 딸하고여행이라도다녀왔으면좋겠다
teruo90325 (8 days ago)
village funny video (8 days ago)
मुंह से सुपारी निकाल कर बात कर
Jahid hasan (8 days ago)
abdul khan (9 days ago)
abdul khan (9 days ago)
talkfever chat
austine243 (9 days ago)
This guy looks like his breath smells bad
Noor Alom tahmina (10 days ago)
Yeah very nice ....NT
Aman K.c (10 days ago)
lembassadeur François (10 days ago)
Fake no Muslim
Sargis Vardanyan (10 days ago)
can you stop flexing on Saygons money
Vatti Vspavankumar (10 days ago)
Hi smart guys..Plz give employment of me.
Patrick njuguna (11 days ago)
花梧栢 (11 days ago)
Your sister is so beautiful!
ChadDaPlayer Gamer (11 days ago)
How many is your bugatti
Me too
باتمان COC (12 days ago)
اتمنه تسوي مقطع واحد بالعربي والله حنا العرب ندعمك دعم خورااافي
Jorge Salazar (13 days ago)
Im in love with such gorgeus lady she deserves this and more !!
KINGJAYJAY (13 days ago)
8:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Malik 33 (13 days ago)
Nice video Men ur mom and ur sis are soooooooo beautiful also Saygin is a very nice and cool guy❤
Meet Music (14 days ago)
Please change your Beard style..You look very bad
Pravin Mayekar (14 days ago)
Song in the intro?
Punjab Pb26 khanna (15 days ago)
Hi how are u
Akhil Akku (16 days ago)
Parisa Beira 💕
gamer hack (16 days ago)
Himanshu Girotra (17 days ago)
Lana was looking 💥💥💣💣 in this video
Wolf X (17 days ago)
You should see how homeless people live!
Tej Badoye (17 days ago)
i look poor but not
MahFuj - TheGoldKing (17 days ago)
sid wrestelmania (17 days ago)
in the end it all doesn't matter
Amir Sohsil (18 days ago)
Waow amazing
Neelam Malik (18 days ago)
It's awesome
Joe Days (18 days ago)
Take a shot every time he says "Private Jet"... We get it bro. It was a private jet. It ain't yours so calm down and enjoy the ride from your much generous friend who can afford the rental in the plane.
Joe Days (18 days ago)
That awkward moment when you film your sister and start yelling "Oh my God, oh my God". Creepy bro. That's your sister. Stop pimping her to get views. Even creepier is showing your sister walking into the airport as you play "baby girl you so damn fine tho', in trying to find out if I can hit it from behind tho"!!!!!!!! Y'all got problems my boy.
Julian Aranas (18 days ago)
I liked, subscribed and hit the notification bell to you and to Saygin
Alson Dhital (19 days ago)
I am rich then you I have some Lamborghini and two jet plane
Eduard Juma (19 days ago)
I like the vlog
Sahial 143 (20 days ago)
Please help poor people don't spend money on enjoy one day you missed...
oBRSRAFI Johubh (20 days ago)
HappyBirtHDay iLoveyou kuwait Hai
aditya mallick (20 days ago)
Yaaa...it so crazzy feeling.
Elizabeth Gonzalez (20 days ago)
You're not all the way up, you're high
Anamika Roy (21 days ago)
Escort lana ......
Mintra Parawee (21 days ago)
I am very very poor poor women 😥
Mintra Parawee (21 days ago)
Oh!!my buddha!!!from thailand
Ashutosh Jha (21 days ago)
I can't afford such luxuries but still i am much interested to watch such videos......Love you brother from India.......
Shourya Vagyani (23 days ago)
10:28 Showoff
Well since i was born into wealth because of my brother im not jealous one bit like almost everyone here
ADAM KHAIRUN (23 days ago)
Alismu ngopo mbok ketok ngono le?
Herni Sriwiyasih (24 days ago)
woooow this is abundance
Android Apps Games (24 days ago)
what is your source of income?
Your mother more then beautiful of your sister 😊
Vinod Panikkar (25 days ago)
Hey I am your subscribe r I see you r all vedios but the god will bless you ok then by
Courtney Fisher (25 days ago)
I like the jet
Lil Drip (25 days ago)
anakyn koerniawan (25 days ago)
Masha Allah..
Abdul Salam (25 days ago)
I. Love your Video
mohammed Irfan (27 days ago)
A billionaire with #gold digger family...
Harooni Cvzx (27 days ago)
You don’t have friends haha just kidding
A M (28 days ago)
ملايين المشاهدات فقط من اجل التمتع باختك القحبة
shuji ko (28 days ago)
I need to work hard 10x to have a .01% of money they have.... Life is a bish
Joeylyn Davis (1 month ago)
Woooow that's really amazing you so cool guys I really want to there.
JM MOTIONLESS (1 month ago)
sooooo beautiful, wish to go that kind of place one dAY
Tnaesh Stones (1 month ago)
Nice bugatti. 👍
Humaira sarwary (1 month ago)
A rich man with a rich heart.Brother Sygin yalcin
Disha Amin (1 month ago)
Best part 7:24 - 7:28
Blake Lisser (1 month ago)
The funny part is they try to act rich but his sister has a Michael kors bag my moms Chanel bag cost more my Gucci ace sneakers cost more my Gucci belt cost more I’m not jealous I just don’t like people who show off and they don’t even have the money to afford it don’t fake it !!!!!! Because last time in one vlogg you said you bought your mom a $10,000 LV bag I googled the bag it cost only 3,250 what a fucking lier
Chren Vet (1 month ago)
Dear brother if you have enough time please come to visit Cambodia. I'm looking forward to see you.Thanks.
jarlut11 (1 month ago)
Gold digger!!!!!
INDIAN ARMY (1 month ago)
Dont show these money because u have no knowledge about money
INDIAN ARMY (1 month ago)
U have lots of chance help for poor peoples
Hussain Pervaiz (1 month ago)
I love movloggs
Tunisha Islam (1 month ago)
He has over attitude.
Gustavo cardoso (1 month ago)
Esse é Playboyzão pra caralho !!!
Beverly Aures (1 month ago)
Ali Mohamed (1 month ago)
he You Muslim Right
Nur Acca (1 month ago)
I have watched all of you videos it was amazing .
Serina Hernandez (1 month ago)
Sorry mo mo but I hate your laugh it's like a lazy happy laugh it's like a desperate laugh sorry mo mo that's just how I feel no hard feelings
siva akil (1 month ago)
My banking send money mee aloso happy 50:leksh Indian money mee my flmy njoy ing mee veri .poor plzzzz
siva akil (1 month ago)
My feel yr very very lucky
siva akil (1 month ago)
Very nice yr flmy tumchu happenes
siva akil (1 month ago)
Plzz help mee very poor mee my life not happy mew

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