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Hauling corn stalk bales/ Happy Thanksgiving/farm girl/ family farm

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Just a some clips of our annual corn stalk bale hauling and jumping. Hands down one of my favorite memories as a kids was jumping bales with my siblings and cousins. Now we just have 4 times as many to jump!! It's great bedding for our animals and then when we are "done" with it it gets hauled back out to the field with the manure and provides vital nutrients for the soil!
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FarmBoy (2 years ago)
I subscribed to your channel, looks great!  Please subscribe to my channel as well!
007TruthSeeker (6 years ago)
Thanks, Farm Girl, for this video. Congratulations, too, of course, on starting your own little farm family it appears. I grew up in a small farming community, in which our family had the Allis-Chalmers dealership and repaired all kinds of equipment with a machine shop. The life on a farm taught me what the word "work" actually means! Good luck, mozel tov and God bless you and those for whom you care.
i remember doing that with hay bales lol i never could get up there very good
Bruce Rogers (7 years ago)
I love all of the videos you post on here,congrats on your engagement one lucky man for sure.you sure put all of them pretty girls to shame nice to see someone as down to earth as you.Keep up the all the great work you do. Bruce
Ticky66MN (7 years ago)
I just love seeing the family playing together! Thanks for sharing! I used to do that with my friends when I was growing up on the farm too.
thunderstruckdodge (7 years ago)
Congrats on the BLING!!!
fast turtle (7 years ago)
nice i must try that ;)
charles jommik (7 years ago)
Merry Christmas farmgirl,, luv ya
280813jb (7 years ago)
Thanks so much for sharing. How do you prepare the corn stalks for baling? Do you use a swather or haybine to cut the stalks off and put them in a window row for the round baler? Congratulations on your engagement. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012. I grew up on a small dairy farm in eastern Canada but the farm when I was 20 but continue to help with spring planting and fall harvest until a few years ago. JimB
Combat Archery (7 years ago)
Keep up the great work...
todd otto (7 years ago)
will there be a wedding video soon ?
kookiemoose (7 years ago)
What a wonderful family. You all have a great Holiday season.
wood cutter (7 years ago)
Looks like fun! I hope someone helped Mom up there!

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