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Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) (Video - Main Version)

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Beyoncé's official video for 'Run The World (Girls)'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BeyonceSpot?IQid=B... As featured on 4. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Beyonce4iTunes?IQi... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/BeyRTWplay?IQid=Be... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/4BeyonceAmz?IQid=B... More from Beyoncé Halo: https://youtu.be/bnVUHWCynig Dance For You: https://youtu.be/PGc9n6BiWXA Kitty Kat: https://youtu.be/yahNg-mJ4p8 Follow Beyoncé Website: http://www.beyonce.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beyonce Twitter: https://twitter.com/beyonce Instagram: https://instagram.com/beyonce/ Subscribe to Beyoncé on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/BeyonceSub?IQid=Be... More great Classic RnB videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=Be... --------- Lyrics: Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run this mother? Girls Who run this mother? Girls
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Text Comments (227810)
Buddha Bunny (2 hours ago)
I wish Beyonce would do a music video on the floating garbage island in the sea... Wake people up cuz they sure don't listen to me...
Reof 221 (4 hours ago)
Duc Nang Nguyen (5 hours ago)
Wi r there to boys with beonsay
chandra sekar (7 hours ago)
that dislikes from men
Bhuvan Bam (8 hours ago)
*Who is here after isha ambani's wedding? I didn't know about her existence before the ceremony.*
Preston Massaro (11 hours ago)
I Just Came for Beyoncé in the Sexy Yellow Dress at 2:35!
Who run the world??? No one because I believe in gender equality🤗
Rfgtuy Spears (14 hours ago)
rumbo al 2019 love
fabian michelsson (16 hours ago)
Girls cannot run themselves, this is sad
The Black King (17 hours ago)
Beyoncé had 6 writers and 4 producers just to write this simple music, Freddie Mercury wrote alone and used just one producer to write what? Bohemian Rhapsody, and nowadays it still a mystery how he could do this alone (Obs:I'm not a fan of Queen just because of the movie, I listen to then since I was 5, now I'm 29)
Kefale Fenta (18 hours ago)
, היא היא כוכבת הגדולה בעולם יש לה 121 מיליון עוקבים באינסטגרם beyonce
Elle Cost (18 hours ago)
Woman Power! ❤
Owen Dombrowski (19 hours ago)
The people who actually rule the world are the bourgeois.
Kaê Salles (21 hours ago)
Brasileiros cadê vocês?
Carole. T (23 hours ago)
TOFO TOFO ❤the year of 4
KIM-LEE SCOTT (23 hours ago)
hi Kim lee my name is Kayden Jonas
Andrew PerezYT (1 day ago)
We all run the world now that's equality!
Deepa Bakhru (1 day ago)
It’s true
Araziyah Smith (1 day ago)
Mariela Ardiles (1 day ago)
que mala cancion
cheikh seck (1 day ago)
Ilove beyonce
Lamb Chop (1 day ago)
TayJon El (1 day ago)
I love this song so much you go Queen B 👑🐝🐝🐝
Eunice L0p3Z (1 day ago)
Houston, Texas baby😍 Like if you’re from Texas😍😍too
trisha shanejeffree (1 day ago)
if ya’ll really want equal rights, then don’t be mad when i hit you back.
Fausta Fortelli (1 day ago)
So powerful when she starts sing: we run these motherfuckers!!!! The reality it's a little different, but anyway I like the song!
Jasmine Garner (1 day ago)
adasandell (1 day ago)
Lovely horse 🐎
Dark Hustler (1 day ago)
In what way is this women empowerment?
D i n a B e a u x (2 days ago)
inlove how beyonce has every woman on her side !!
Bryan Sutherland (2 days ago)
she gotta be the sexiest girl on the planet wow!!
AJ Hopej (2 days ago)
I never understood why she done that head turning thing moving her chest
Harsh Gupta (2 days ago)
Anybody after her performance at India and Asia's richest Man's daughter's wedding ?
Rifat Islamie (2 days ago)
This is why modern music suck
Bodoland Boy Thapa (2 days ago)
The Fees if atif Aslam is Higher than u Idiot
Bodoland Boy Thapa (2 days ago)
She thinks india is poor country Abey Gadhi Ki Olad We can hire Justin Bieber Nd U R Just A Low class Singer 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Vlad Baje (2 days ago)
It's easy to make girls to be stupid)) they follow emotions. + Trump is rude with women Feels like there is some idea spreading around. People have to be busy and separate, thinking about rubbish.
JalapenoCheetos (2 days ago)
Girl Power is a myth. It’s hilarious how you say “girls run the world” when in reality you have to beg males to let you have any rights
Hayley Hazen (2 days ago)
anyone else thinking about liza koshy?
Leon ramos (2 days ago)
Girls don't rule the world. Name 3 country's that girls rule
Who runs the world? *Nobody*
Fabiula Estevam (2 days ago)
oumaima hachimi (2 days ago)
love it
Edenian King (3 days ago)
Who else came for Liza koshy 1:41 your welcome 🙏
Mokarram Khan (3 days ago)
Who is here after Ambani’s wedding ?
alian ki (3 days ago)
Wonder if there’s men who listen to this
akhlaq ahmed (3 days ago)
who run the world Deez Nuts Ha Gotem
M e w n i (3 days ago)
Siempre amé esta canción y nunca supe cómo se llamaba ni quién la cantaba, qué alegría siento JAJAJAJA
Manish Dharaiya (3 days ago)
*_She alwayys on point 😎 stunning person good msg <3_*
Isabella Efimov (3 days ago)
MonkeyBoy (3 days ago)
Except for everything important.
Yani Jones (3 days ago)
Beyonce, cardi b, and Shakira should do a collage. That would sound dope.
Reverse Dipper Pines (3 days ago)
I wanna hear the male version of this song
Phuk Yu (3 days ago)
I really dig the makeover Beyoncé did for the oldest profession
FeelGood Within (3 days ago)
Superb 👌
Pites Pi (3 days ago)
Beyoncé is so are god Singer but this Song is Bad
malichaba lekhoaba (3 days ago)
Gril rule the hole whole
Bernie Kennedy (4 days ago)
Hossein Nazarian (4 days ago)
just say girls run the world and be happy... no matter how is the real world
Primordial Vengeance (4 days ago)
Could women make the big decisions when it really mattered? Like dropping 100 mega tonnes of TNT onto a foreign capital city to exterminate millions? Cause if they can't, they better leave it to men. Not everything was meant to be rosy and nurturing, the real world is cold and dark and blood saturated. I know your female feelings disagree vehemently, but that's why ruthless and antagonistic males run the world. Nurture was never supposed to win out.
Primordial Vengeance (3 days ago)
+ɓʀɛɛzy In what way baby?
ɓʀɛɛzy (3 days ago)
Girls run the world baby
Anjel Williams (4 days ago)
Ohhhh beyonce is y girls started wearin those dresses lol I dont like theis song just came to watch this video She is very entertaining she really b workin
lakirah quimby (4 days ago)
girls rule
Alia Tejeda (4 days ago)
Wow I don’t know Beyoncé dose it
Don Jean baptiste (4 days ago)
Jean Cornet (4 days ago)
Omg beamcey is so mi lifeee
Keanon Kalmeyer (4 days ago)
Who tf disliked this video!!!!!!!!! 😰😰😰
Jacqueline Kajuna (4 days ago)
Run the World (girls) 2018
salina chouinard (5 days ago)
this song always gives me confidence to wear red lipstick and get over my ex
luise .potterhead (5 days ago)
YuAlves Gamer (5 days ago)
ALGUEM EM 2019 BRRRRRsssss!!!!!
1:50 რა ჯენდაბაა თბილისიო
aeri satsuki (5 days ago)
Girls really runs the world
Ujjwal Sharma (5 days ago)
You are great
Dianna Harris (5 days ago)
Every woman needs a little Beyonce in her personality. I am not going against men but every woman should be strong, beautiful and independent in their life and stop depend on others to give you thing. sometime people who you depend on can miss treat you bad and step all over you. be yourself cause love come from you first
VioletBombshell (5 days ago)
an AnThEm
Vauxel (5 days ago)
A queen must rule an army of strong soldiers Beyoncé is that queen and America is the army Said my friend Ikr
kookmin tus patrones (5 days ago)
December ?????
maliya freeman (5 days ago)
you know Liza?
Amo muito❤
Valerie Gamble (5 days ago)
Beyonce doesn't need all of this encouragement
Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu (5 days ago)
This happens when girls run the world
Albert Souza (5 days ago)
Samia _ (5 days ago)
2:27 :O
Eddison Tollett (5 days ago)
I'm a man and I love this song.😍🤩😎.
Crispy Crimes (6 days ago)
Lol I remember when I knew this whole dance😂😂
Bruni Silva (6 days ago)
Quandíno Mayhemś (6 days ago)
Gaby Matterazi (6 days ago)
This video is so inspiring, thanks Queen B for indrouce myself to feminism
Ana Tinoco (6 days ago)
Beyonce you rock
Before Illuminati lol
Sarah Macena (6 days ago)
Christina Boss (6 days ago)
Women’s run the world, like men’s or not, but we do need you to🤗
Corentin Mauger (6 days ago)
T'a quel age
Camila Pereira (6 days ago)
Fase del mais magrinha
D O G O (7 days ago)
Who eat the apple first? GIRLS! Who made the world shit? GIRLS!
MSP Cøcønut (4 days ago)
Who is a girl too? YO MAMA!
ɓʀɛɛzy (6 days ago)
What is fictional? The Bible!
Msizi Ken (7 days ago)
I can't run the world that too much 😂😂
Quandíno Mayhemś (6 days ago)
Msizi Ken lOl to much stress just imagine how meany people you’ll have to fight and yell at to get in line your voice would be gone on the first day of running the world lol 😂
sheila rengel (7 days ago)
Clementine Marsh (7 days ago)
I remember watching this year's ago
RockyGarlic 8375 (6 days ago)
+Clementine Marsh well Violentine will always be better then Gabentine, Gabentine was a trashy ship
Clementine Marsh (7 days ago)
+RockyGarlic 8375 clewis is better
Clementine Marsh (7 days ago)
+RockyGarlic 8375 oh I just realized xd
RockyGarlic 8375 (7 days ago)
+Clementine Marsh 😑look at my god. Damn. Profile pic. UUUUUUGHH. We both have clem in our picture
Clementine Marsh (7 days ago)
+RockyGarlic 8375 um hi
Sebastian Sarion (7 days ago)
“Houston Texas Baby”
Payton Gardner (7 days ago)
No bill Cosby runs the world

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