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Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) (Video - Main Version)

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Beyoncé's official video for 'Run The World (Girls)'. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BeyonceSpot?IQid=B... As featured on 4. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Beyonce4iTunes?IQi... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/BeyRTWplay?IQid=Be... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/4BeyonceAmz?IQid=B... More from Beyoncé Halo: https://youtu.be/bnVUHWCynig Dance For You: https://youtu.be/PGc9n6BiWXA Kitty Kat: https://youtu.be/yahNg-mJ4p8 Follow Beyoncé Website: http://www.beyonce.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beyonce Twitter: https://twitter.com/beyonce Instagram: https://instagram.com/beyonce/ Subscribe to Beyoncé on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/BeyonceSub?IQid=Be... More great Classic RnB videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=Be... --------- Lyrics: Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Girls! We run this mother (yeah) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run this mother? Girls Who run this mother? Girls
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Text Comments (230125)
Hilal Aydın (1 hour ago)
That head shake .........her hairs..........that perfect lipstick ..............I’m dead 0:50
Ragga x Chat (2 hours ago)
Jolly jene jenno
Kenan Karic (3 hours ago)
So fucking good😘❤️😘😘
Who's listening in 2019? I know it's not just me
Ms. Rosa A (9 hours ago)
Yes we have babies and we don't have to.
Serenitee Raevyn (9 hours ago)
I am the biggest fan !!!!!!!! 2019? Yay
Nicolas Garcia (11 hours ago)
*I thought Shrek ran the world*
Préscillia Bébi (14 hours ago)
Who Run The World ? Beyoncé !
Αγσγσ Δξξδιδ (16 hours ago)
What is happening at the end?
nvrfearalexizhea88 (17 hours ago)
This was the first Beyoncé song I heard
Mary Olukayode (20 hours ago)
2011 Who runs the world 2019 *egg*
Vinoth Kanna (21 hours ago)
2019 I liked this song earlier, till I see the real face of "Feminism"! :D
aroopkanti bose (21 hours ago)
K Ramos (22 hours ago)
I love the message but I wish she would make a remix as far as the beat goes...
Rob Gls (23 hours ago)
2019 And Feminism still creating hate on women. This year starts the downfall of women's rights. If you are a real man be sure to follow the pence rules. Brofist!!!
Lena Rubelt (1 day ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Dr. Jones (1 day ago)
"My persuasion can build a nation" "You'll do anything for me" Implies you have to seduce a man in order to get what you want. This isn't beneficial for anyone involved. This is my problem with feminism, it doesn't promote equality and it's a complete contradiction. It did great things in the past, and many areas of the world still need it. But does the west still need it? No! My belief is that men and women should work together to empower each other and have healthy relationships which aren't co dependent. Fulfilment should stem from within. Beyonce has millions of dollars and lives in luxury. Your average feminist has a one bedroom apartment and shops in the cat food/meals for one aisle. Chalk it up, it doesn't sound too empowering to me! 😅
Stephanie Traver (1 day ago)
Beyoncé is amazing and cool
Vera Santos (1 day ago)
James Simmons (1 day ago)
Is that Luke jame?
abidamn (1 day ago)
I always think that this song & clip would've been a great soundtrack for Mad Max: Fury Road.
Sayed Ahmad (1 day ago)
At the end of the song all girls salute the men because they know If men had not created and paid for the world and YouTube and music and poetry the language and everything that exists they wouldn’t be able to enjoy this music. So it is men who runs the world.
J Brto (1 day ago)
Iconic Hymn I love❤
Who still watching this rn February of 2019
Betania Ramosshitt (1 day ago)
i see mans butt hurted in this comments, i have to laught
Romeo’s Distress (1 day ago)
🦋🦋2019 ??🦋🦋
Shylasprincess St (1 day ago)
Ariah Daniel (1 day ago)
Paul Enos (1 day ago)
Her name is an anagram of Obscenely woken. MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. She worships the devil.
Jada Myers (2 days ago)
Who run the world?
Selena Oren (2 days ago)
Boys are not beter dan girls but girls are not beter den boys and girls ar the same
MarkSwat (2 days ago)
Who run the world? Girls Me: AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
bān chäcķ (2 days ago)
Who run the world? SQUIRRELS!!!
TaZhané Claude (2 days ago)
1:43 Didn’t know Luke James was in this video 😮
月浪マリア (2 days ago)
Esperanza Ramirez (2 days ago)
Auctavio (2 days ago)
this is literally the best song in this planet I don't take rebuttal.
Punto Gaming (2 days ago)
How can kitchens run the world?😂
Allie Calderon (2 days ago)
Grips so run the world
K Richards (2 days ago)
BobaGreen (2 days ago)
Sometimes I just want to be nobody at this point. What about equality?
jimin's smol hands (3 days ago)
Pearl Lewis (3 days ago)
Girls !
Kick Kit (3 days ago)
Dogs : woef! woef! Cats : meow! meow! Retards : 2019? 2019?
Angel Dominguez (3 days ago)
When Girls get disrepected by men
Michelle Durham (3 days ago)
I love that song.😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Foreign Ashley (3 days ago)
2019 ??? This Is Still A Banger 🤟🏽😊
Alexis Grady (3 days ago)
Sexism is real man this is terrible
Alexis Grady (3 days ago)
Women power!!! Love yourself ladies!!!
Jennie Flores (3 days ago)
Get it Beyoncé
Olympia rosedotter (3 days ago)
Like the song but not the actions
ijhjyg hhjuh (3 days ago)
Colette Renou (3 days ago)
Amanda Daniels (3 days ago)
Looking back at this in 2019 and i see that it hasn't even reached a billion views I'm so dissapointed
Valča Luková (3 days ago)
Lindsay Elin (3 days ago)
My anthem 2019 For my daughter💕
User 4569 (4 days ago)
Men drive your ambulances, connect your calls, pay your fees, risk their lives to save you, fight wars in other countries to protect you but nah men and women are equal bcz girls run the world yolo
User 4569 (4 days ago)
Imagine if a man sang this song and the genders were swapped in the lyrics. Yep there would be a worldwide outrage even though it's literally the truth
User 4569 (4 days ago)
Music is truly dead
Jak Sparow (4 days ago)
*Beyoncé président 2019*
Selma Cunha (4 days ago)
Best cantora
srishti aasi Ananth (4 days ago)
Honestly who run the world (girls) and all they do is dance with a bunch of size 2girls like if this song is to represent woman then u really have to start being inclusive I mean the msg is powerful and especially empowering to the woman who do not have even the basic human rights but does the video represent what we are as woman no it just represents Beyoncé bomb dancing skills
Lauren Thomas (4 days ago)
The Hunters of Artemis's theme music ladies and gentlemen
Digonto Saikia (4 days ago)
Danielle KM (4 days ago)
I feel so proud of being a woman
nya ! (4 days ago)
it's funny how people are still commenting on this video on how "anti-male" it is when it really isn't. "this third-wave feminism is toxic towards men and promotes female supremacy" ....? where?
Carina Davis (5 days ago)
'Houston Texas Baby' Any Liza Koshy fans out there! 13/Feb/2019
Carina Davis (5 days ago)
+Ionezio why you causing hate? thats just unnecessary
Ionezio (5 days ago)
I think there's none here, but good luck searching somewhere else 👍
Paul Aby (5 days ago)
Ommgg look at 2:27???
Mary Kay (5 days ago)
Monifa Murray (5 days ago)
2019 anyone??
la dz (5 days ago)
damnnn 😭😍
Gregory Sims Jr. (5 days ago)
Well its kind of boys to because without boys you know doin gthere things to girls they wont have babies just sayin if you ask me
Leonartist (5 days ago)
this song gives me a head ache
JAMS for SALE (5 days ago)
girl ARMY 🖐
Sofia Alatorre (5 days ago)
Bikramjit Ray (5 days ago)
Who run the world (humans)
tea (5 days ago)
first time she says girl, when the song actually starts 0:50 🤠
travisca araninta (5 days ago)
i love this song👍👍👍 don't like clip video👎👎👎👎👎
Naice Musika😻❤ Like 🖒❤
it's me (6 days ago)
this song made me feminist✌️
That Off-Button (6 days ago)
I found this message not really convincing
MURA TALES (6 days ago)
major lazer
Eliel Eliakim (6 days ago)
February 2019??
leydi henao (6 days ago)
That squirrel vine ruined this song for me Who run the world!? SQUIRRELS.
Jordian Pinheiro (6 days ago)
Como alguém tem coragem de não chamar ela de uma Deusa
Beiby Godel (6 days ago)
Wooow....lagu ini sangat perfect Dari lagunya itu Saja sudah sangat bagus plus aransemen musiknya Dan juga vidionya Serta dancernya yang Sanjay mendukung sekali dibuat Sangat apik skali sehingga terlihatnya perfect skali,Beyonce memang Salah satu penyanyi terbaik dunia yang gue suka,Beyonce is the best,congratulation Beyonce,I wish your is the best for next, salaam Kenal Dan sukses untukmu Dari fun's beratmu,gue suka Dan ingin dapat menyanyikan lagumu,ok thank u ditunggu ya garapan video Dan Lagu terbarunya, see you again byeee... I love u all.... muuuaah.... Love...love.... love
The Lord Is My Keeper (6 days ago)
Yeah well my channel has sooooooooooooooopp much truth YOU PEOPLE NEED to see!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER MORE THAN YOU KNOWN!love you gotta see what's being done to you in your houses!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!!
Aeveneg Notyalc (6 days ago)
They was talking about you so bad I had to come back & see a true 👑 👏✊💪👼👀👂👼👼🙏🙏😇😇😇👌
Chiamaka Ilonze (6 days ago)
2019? Ayye girls run the world.
Dylan C (6 days ago)
all the self entitled women and girls in this comment section make me lose a brain cell each time I read another comment of theirs. "they don't know how amazing we are nur nur nur" I mean cmon if you're so amazing how come it's always been the men who do all the work, build the world from the ground up, make a civilized world, whether for the better or worse, and just do everything in general. Women are just there to complain about it all as they fuck multiple men at a time arguing about which girls a bitch and who fucked who. I would be fine with girls becoming more "powerful" and "independent" if they weren't a bunch of foolish idiots. Call me sexist but I'm calling out the world for how it really is. Men do all the work. Women just complain and whine till they get what they want. For example, this video and song. 20 lbs of makeup + bitchy attitude + low iq levels. if i met this bitch biance in a survival situation I could beat her ass up in an instant... and they say they could rule the world? they can't even fight. they can't think. fuck off you dumb vagina monsters
sovana Jackson (6 days ago)
2018 What no 2019 YAAAAASSSSSSS
Very Cat (6 days ago)
blcak cat (6 days ago)
Why people think that if they want to support one group they have to hate the other..that's just sooo sad..
Mario Russel (6 days ago)
Who run the world girls, who run the girls BOYS.
Aydee Machado (7 days ago)
2019 kien poray
OZEL SS (7 days ago)
Ce sont les femmes qui dominent...
DumpsiteMemery GachaQ (7 days ago)
Both women and men are great period

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