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Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed PS Vita | PlayStation TV Video Review

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This is my video review of Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed. You can also read the text version of the review on my site, if you'd rather. http://vitareviews.net/
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Text Comments (21)
M-M Gaymer Show (14 days ago)
I started this game and I like it, however the combat is fairly frustrating. But I will be sticking to it.
Frikismos (1 year ago)
El anime me dejó como wtf? Pero me agradó
zhilal lul (2 years ago)
りん夏目 (2 years ago)
not talking about you,Reviews 2 go, just the haters who think their better than everyone else which their not because their only mer human.
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
Is The Game Open World Like GTA and Can I Drive ?
りん夏目 (2 years ago)
i've already beaten it twice on the vita version and its my favorite so far.
りん夏目 (2 years ago)
no, it is open world though, you cant drive because your fighting on the streets... its more of a fighting rpg type in my opinion.
Lawrence Maza (3 years ago)
I have this game on my Vita, and that damn frame rate keeps turning me off. I end up just stop playing every time I give it multiple chances. I mean, what were the developers thinking!? Did they even test play there game!? No one said "Let's have a low res option OR decrease other effects to make it it play well/let's make new models to make it more playable"
Samescape (3 years ago)
Great review until they said "the weapons in this game are everyday items that you use everyday, but you wouldn't necessarily use them as weapons" wtffff ff filler wording
ChocoYoshiウィリー (3 years ago)
I wonder if this game has a difference with the PS3 version. Thanks
ChocoYoshiウィリー (3 years ago)
Ok, thank you
Reviews 2 Go (3 years ago)
Other than visuals it's the same game
Boromir Thefreeman (3 years ago)
Awesome game! I bought it a week ago and besides the 3-10 sec loading screens the combat,story really compensated that problem.
aasm7 (3 years ago)
6:28  Kimi Raikkonen easter egg? lol maybe his sister?
Nonscpo (4 years ago)
I bought it at launch and honestly I havent played it in ages. I got frustrated with the load times, and the difficulty early on. The story seems interesting and I was impressed at the start. I'll probably play it on my PSTV but I cant play it anymore on my Vita. I was expecting a GTA anime experience and this game dodnt fully live up to my expectations.
TheShadowBrigade (3 years ago)
+Nonscpo Don't forget the combat..... takes ages to complete even a single battle
Stephen Allen (4 years ago)
Valahalla Knights 3 and Monster Monpiece strangely happen to be 2 of my favourite games on the Vita..  O_O  not for the reason people think honestly!
Stephen Allen (2 years ago)
+Jimmy a Geek No, vk3 is more like those Pc MMO's, but single player, and a lot more basic. ^_^
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
Is Valahalla Knights 3 is Like Skrim
RushGAMING ! (4 years ago)
Cool Video, and Awsome Review! keep up the good work :D
Mike C (4 years ago)
Great video, keep it up bro

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