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A.V. Travels To Ghana, West Africa

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A snippet of my 1st couple of days in Ghana, West Africa of a 4 week trip. Visit Avdoeswhat.com for the other cool moments. Within 48 hours I got my hair braided for an AWESOME price! Holla #teamnatural A.V. Does What!? A lot. This is my DIY channel to figuring out everything in life! Yes that is right you guessed it all of life's burning questions will be answered here. Maybe not all but some for sure... I hope. I love art, crafts, food, travel and I love to do it all myself! Oh and I love 90's hip hop as well. Nothing says glitter and glue like Poppa and Puff. Craftin' for the 99 and 2000s!
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Ariel Cherie (5 years ago)
lol @ only slight differences between you and amber rose

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