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Alexander McQueen | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Alexander McQueen | Spring Summer 2016 by Sarah Burton | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)
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AngelGirl (9 months ago)
The most beautiful show I've ever seen.
Terry Liu (1 year ago)
McQueen no more..... As beautiful as this is, the brand has lost its aggressiveness. The daring vision that challenges the audience is completely gone, might as well call this some other brand~ Too bad he's not here to agree with me anymore...
Jhordan Tutorials (1 year ago)
since mcqueen was died this brand is dying...😫
Gilles (2 years ago)
no matter who they would have chosen to design for mcqueen, people would have critisized that designer. same with dior. i think sarah has done a great job so far and i'm sure she has a lot more to offer
Todor Sergiu (2 years ago)
I don't think someone said Sarah is not good enough or stuff, What she does looks great and cool, but the vibes, the eccentric things, the music also... everything was different with Mcqueen. He was different.... what we see now is somehow the same with all the big brands
Elena Britko (2 years ago)
I think this is not right that this brand make clothes like this. its not Alexander's style. miss him😭
klaus vosmer (2 years ago)
no,the epoch of neofeudalism is past. the versailles personnel buried long ago
klaus vosmer (2 years ago)
I explain the neofeudalism for opened. the court of versaille sends greetings
Anne Margarette Polo (2 years ago)
Galactically amazing!!
Gods Eye View (2 years ago)
Lee McQueen shows use to give me energy and inspire me, Now everytime i watch a "McQueen" show its like being at his funeral. Sad and very depressing :(
German Corro (2 years ago)
paris or new york?
Genevieve Cissokho (2 years ago)
the Word collection beautyful design perfect
Super Le (2 years ago)
So beautiful
Julio Cesar (2 years ago)
The designers that are designing for the Brand of Alexander McQueen doesn't have the ideas and talent as he did. He was unique and no designer can replace him
Asteri ETERNAL (3 years ago)
Great-great-grandma's clothing! Eeeek!
蔡哲 (3 years ago)
I'M Missing real Alexander Mcqueen
Nixie Flinx (3 years ago)
It will never be the same mcqueen
Diane Alden (3 years ago)
Elegant, graceful, romantic, wearable. One of the better collections, some unique fabric designs, wish I could find ...the graceful birds, loved that look. Pants and coats, want them all. Superb.
En Vee (3 years ago)
they look like cult women who needlepoint and make explosives
karipap pusing (3 years ago)
people. is it just me, or the models really are aneroxic. can never telllll---since they're in the Industry.... exploitation of woman I'd say.
Vikthor Rodriguez u
Vikthor Rodriguez (2 years ago)
its just you....Kari
Quyn Ishtar Zurhorst (2 years ago)
Anorexic and most of them are teenagers. Terrible statement for our society. Elevating children into an adult world, making them abide by adult work practices and codes and simultaneously denying the real woman's body. This aspect of the fashion industry is pure exploitation.
Allan Gradus (3 years ago)
what is the music?
Bridget S (3 years ago)
In the beginning it looked like straight jackets and each kept getting more free feeling. Very woman power.
croitor2009 (3 years ago)
this designer must have a very boring life....
J CH (3 years ago)
ULALALA sublime et formidable toujour. Bravo
Nancy Willett (3 years ago)
Really, doesn't impress, looks like bad costumes from a really low grade movie.
Rose Alaia (3 years ago)
Elegant !
Natalia Katalitskaya (3 years ago)
what a disappointment!
arlichar11 (3 years ago)
wow just amazing... because they are high fashion, but still realistic that someone can actually wear
lovepotionsinc (3 years ago)
One of my favourite McQueen shows of recent memory. That embellished denim frock coat is everything.
muneebah yunus (3 years ago)
I don't really see what is similar to what McQueen made, I'll miss his breathtaking shows, I just feel like the person making these dresses now cannot take his place, I don't like this anymore
muneebah yunus (3 years ago)
Some of the dresses were amazing, but just not something McQueen would do
lSUPAlsonic (3 years ago)
it will never b the same...
lazer58 (3 years ago)
Star Wars meets Little House on the Prairie.
Tania rodriguz cazares (3 years ago)
Fui Futurus (3 years ago)
Fabulöso 🤗
x x (3 years ago)
Nils Frahm´s music adds magic to the show
KILYO (3 years ago)
This is SO pretty and I fucking hate it. Lee was unafraid to make something so feminine yet so aggressive, something so beautiful it was terrifying. These are great looks, but they in no way hold up to the McQueen title. Maybe all that's missing is some showmanship... and some new silhouettes... and some better styling...or... Maybe just too refined for my taste? I don't even know. I just don't feel anything whatsoever looking at these clothes. There's no message and there's no story- it's pretty faces in pretty dresses, which we've all seen and I for one don't want to see this anymore. SARAH BURTON should have her own line under her own name, because I truly believe she is gifted, but I want some wild fierce imposing otherworldly megaglam savagery- she isn't capable of delivering that. GIVE IT SOME LIFE OR IM GIVING IT THE "GOODBYE". sorry I just wrote a book.
Kansas Bashkir (3 years ago)
I thought the clothing was very pretty, feminine and elegant. But it's ironic that the models are so emaciated when they are taught to walk with a graceful swaying motion that is evocative. I would prefer to see these gowns and outfits on women who are more like the rest of us.
majdoub (3 years ago)
fuck the models are toooo skinny, this is coming from a guy who is obsessed with skinny bitch fashion
he most beatifuls best gowns of the year1 certally!
Philip Crystal (3 years ago)
bravo sarah burton.
AIDA MARIA Maria (3 years ago)
AIDA MARIA Maria (3 years ago)
Elizabeth Booth (3 years ago)
Fantastic show!!     are we sure Alex is gone?  perhaps it was a hoax and he lives and breathes still.   :(   ... sincerely though....     Sarah Burton has done an amazing job of keeping the spirit of McQueen alive.  and this spring summer show is exquisite.   love it love it love it
Frances Riddiough (3 years ago)
skulls R.I.P.......thank goodness. loved it.
Athena Delmar (3 years ago)
What song is this? Love it. Need it.
Betzy Maya (3 years ago)
Some of the clothes look like what jedi masters would wear in a fashion show. Anyway I will always miss what the real McQueen would have done
Omgirrl (2 years ago)
+Betzy Maya right there with you.
croitor2009 (3 years ago)
+Betzy Maya OMG indeed!!!1
jo wilson (3 years ago)
This collection was beautiful, but they should really shut down this house. The spirit is gone. There's not emotion like there once was. The collections are repeating styles bad and there's not too many dramatic pieces. she should just focus on her own name now
Thrillingist (3 years ago)
Ricky Chen (3 years ago)
The pieces are so cohesive and it's a bad thing because even last season's clothes looked like they belong in this collection. You could take all of sarah's past collections and stick them together and they would just look like one cohesive collection. The problem is that Sarah is afraid to try new things, probably. And Sarah's designs are the same every season... same frilly stuff, tight waists and solid colours throughout. They need to either put in a new creative director or close the house. Same thing is happening at the house of -Thierry- Mugler also. I miss the 90s fashion....
Ricky Chen (2 years ago)
+Consrignrant is it that hard to differentiate an A from an E? I honestly don't really care if she's making money or not, the design of the clothes are boring and do 0 justice to the McQueen label.
Consrignrant (2 years ago)
+ Ricky Chan....You don't shut down a business after someone has invested millions and by the way, McQueen under Sarah Burton is finally making money.
Omgirrl (3 years ago)
+Ricky Chen God Mugler was so talented. And the shows, as catalogued here, were amazing. Allegedly, he left the garment side of the industry under pressure from his backers who felt that his designs were too 'costumey'. Post Lee McQueen, nothing has been even remotely interesting from a design perspective. And Ms. Burton has lost Lee's silhouette. . .where is it? She does get points from me for this being a Jenner-Kartrashian-free event. So miss Lee and Isabella Blow. .. RIP>
Jonathan K. (3 years ago)
We miss you McQueen. 😔💘
Ric Owens (3 years ago)
If I see another ruffle from Miss Burton........I'm going to scream. Enough already can we see something new and fresh from the Haus of McQueen.
AnandTech (3 years ago)
Unwearable trash. There is no design but ugly decorations. Lingerie-inspired looks with unflattering lines and cheesy nudity.
Danny Her (3 years ago)
where is the wild beauty?
Jessica Jung (3 years ago)
Natalie (3 years ago)
I dig the gold fringed tops, the long menswear coats, and the lace gowns with appliqued birds.
avacos21 (3 years ago)
1:55 stunning!
haybalesandwhiskey (3 years ago)
I'm thinking Miss Haversham before she was jilted.
J. Bee (3 years ago)
I would call it more a tribute rather than new Spring Summer 2016.. I can see this echoing Winter of Culloden 2006, The Birds 1995, Dante 1996 collections ... Sarah is definatly talented, but I feel like she is very restricted with what she can do.. There was no, there is no and there wont be anyone like Lee... I still cant believe we don't have him anymore
Tina Rider (3 years ago)
Magic and sad...
熊紫薇 (3 years ago)
all I feel is impressed elegant and confident, very classic
AmeRicanItalian Israel (3 years ago)
This lady has kept the exquisiteness of the Alexander McQueen of old.She is superb.Loved it.I read that she was his right hand man(woman) when Alexander was the designer.Excellent.
Davon Jeffers (3 years ago)
speechless! http://www.facebook.com/lavishchicboutique09.
-jade Grioli (3 years ago)
beautiful white and or cream dresses...lovely
Charlotte Richardson (3 years ago)
McQueen and always mesmerising...
Katy Kaiman (3 years ago)
Lily Truong (3 years ago)
Beautiful collection! I really like the music, too. Does anyone know titles of those songs?
renee martin (3 years ago)
Mr. McQueen would have never done those shoes!!!
Aerielle Rojas (3 years ago)
Omigod! Amazing! I want everything! ok, so maybe not everything... but still!
Michael (3 years ago)
really hit and miss some moments that captured the feeling of McQueen, but some of the cuts made some of the looks feel dowdy. sorry to say but I think the house should have closed after he died. It's hard not to compare.
Christian Iannelli (3 years ago)
+MR Mabuse Eh Sarah Burton was working with Lee since the beginning really, I don't know if you could get anyone who knows him better to be there. That being said I do agree about the outfits. Some are hits and some are misses, but thats something you've got to accept when the original has passed away, it wont ever be the same. I personally can't think of anyone who could step in for him but Sarah is the closest bet!
Michael (3 years ago)
+Dygsdoll I agree. I hope they find an artist who has the tailoring skills like McQueen had as well, although I also have mixed feelings about Maison Margiela even with galliano at the helm. Anyways McQueen set a high bar with his vision.
WeLoveEasonChan (3 years ago)
What an incredibly romantic collection! Sarah Burton has polished off much edges, and injected much curvatures into the silhouette; the chain-works are royal and sadistic at the same time, the reconstructive works and tattered qualities of the ruffles are stunningly feminine, the mirror-beading and what seems like metallic-embroideries resemble indian-princess. This collection is destined to get loads of red-carpet and award-ceremonies mileage! And those hairs are surely gonna be covered in every magazine! Yet, bags and shoes have apparently subsided...
samatt2002 (3 years ago)
so sweet but not McQueen
Shaun Noble (3 years ago)
I just cant get excited about MCQUEEN collections like I did before, I have felt myself slowly growing away from the brand since he passed.. MCQUEEN shows currently do not have the same WOW factor as they did when every detail of the show was from the man himself. :(
theodorakisedu (3 years ago)
+Shaun Noble Totally agree with that!! It´s only the name, the spirit, the art, the greatness so far away!!
Dennis Sandoval (3 years ago)
The bird gowns were splendid!
Erica Ladd (3 years ago)
omg favorite collection
cdwadams (3 years ago)
Romanticism is truly back at McQueen. This was heavenly, all the ruffles and pleating. So feminine and still with that British stiff upper lippedness. It reminded me of so many of the things I loved about the brand. I can't help be emotional about this show. Divine!
mrblf652 (3 years ago)
While these clothes are ok, I wonder how great they would have been if McQueen was still alive.
Irkajavasdream (3 years ago)
LOVE the body jewelry and sheer fabric. The lace is gorgeous. Nice to see it didn't follow EVERY trend this season.
Eduardo Castellon (3 years ago)
The black dress at 7:46 (?) was amazing. I Love Sarah Burton's work. I love the leather ruffles, too.
Arwen McArrow (3 years ago)
Sorry because I'm ignorant, i just love fashion, and I know I'm feminine. I think Alexander would be so proud of this art work... I'll follow this tendency as summer inspiration. It brings back the eternal feminine soul, romantic, modern , timeless ..
TheThelandofsmiles (3 years ago)
This is so beautiful. I can't stop watching
marom27 (3 years ago)
No Mcqueen anny more
ed (3 years ago)
coffee spilled table cloth
wsharp2005 (3 years ago)
What is with the bare breast look?  That would not bode well in the south.
Harlem Alexander (3 years ago)
Nils fhram - says
Iulian Andrei (3 years ago)
Sarabande 2.0? Whimsical, beautiful!
Allan Manzanares (3 years ago)
It certainly was a beautiful show. It was exclusively focused in the collection itself, with Master McQueen's signature (belle epoque, razor sharp tailoring, emotional power, raw energy, and the yuxtaposition between fragility and strenght). It had all the elements that make the clothes Alexander McQueen designed when he was among us so distinctive, and this makes total sense, considering that Ms. Sarah Burton was his right hand; however I feel that this show did not try to "imitate" or "copy" Alexander McQueen's essence unsuccessfully; it was 100% Sarah Burton's essence instead. The simple styling, which was intended to make sure that every outfit stands out, clean, ethereal; but with the rawness and those complex feelings Master McQueen used to design his pieces. McQueen's DNA is there, but it was played in an honest and clear way by Sarah Burton. Congratulations!
Collin Dixon (3 years ago)
wow... What a beautiful collection. Those evening dresses had red carpet all over them. It must be hard for SB though, because everyone harps on about what Lee would of wanted... Who knows what he would of wanted now, maybe if he lived, he would of found a pure love and this is the collection that would of manifested from that pure love?
Rachel (3 years ago)
He didnt want those style when he wasnt die
babyface072 (3 years ago)
schrap72 (3 years ago)
The floral gowns reminded me of the wedding gown in Cinderella. Very pretty.

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