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New Product Launch: Marketing Project - Pepsi Twist

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This project was based upon re-launching a product which didn't have much success before. A group of marketing students from FAST University (Islamabad) were giving this project in which they were suppose re-launch Pepsi Twist in a new appealing way to capture the eye of the target audience. In this project, the group of students also introduced two new additional flavors of Pepsi Twist. The video shoot was by #KanwalHaqqiPhotography.
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funny point (1 year ago)
i also got project can you help me out
M Saad Ali (2 years ago)
At least the Characters Tried their Best Performance Specially (Harrum) ..... Best wishes for the Successful Girl Keep Working Hard You Are True Hard Working Person #Harrum_Noor .... :) #KanwalHaqqi weldone

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